Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So, as I never have anything to do, I get bored. A lot. I decided to take some cell phone pictures to show you guys what I do all day long.

This is the view from my parents' room

This is my new significant other, Lipton extra sweet iced tea.

Here's... you know... 85% of my face one day.

This is my sister and the plea she has for all the world to understand... that she is not a lesbian.

The cat did this for probably 20 hours a day when it was ridiculously hot.

I like to see what the world looks like from her point of view.

I sleep until noon. I was fake sleeping in this picture, though.

Here's me with my only form of communication anymore... the computer.

Pink kitten heels!

I'm not smiling about the casting!

My copy of "Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead"... it's like... what am I supposed to DO with this??

I got my hair cut today. I brought back the bangs (as you may be able to tell) but I LOVE them. For some reason I slept for like 12 hours last night. I was sooooo tired and I have no idea why. It's not like I DID anything.

Tomorrow is the scripps national spelling bee!!! I am SOOOOO excited!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Man, I am even more excited about Porthouse now than I was 20 minutes ago.... because not only will I be living with Allison... but ALI AND JESSIE, TOO!!!!!!!!

I don't think I could possibly have better roomies... this is so awesome.

I went to pick up my sister last night and they replaced our air conditioner this morning. We went out to eat at Damon's for dinner and then had ice cream from Cold Stone. Yay.

I think it's supposed to cool down tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to the pool at some point. There have been like ten thousand children there every day up till now, though, so we'll see.

Me = boring.

Monday, May 29, 2006

I don't get upset often. I mean, it really takes a lot to ACTUALLY upset me. So, when I DO get upset, I think I feel the need to "punish" whoever made me that way by talking about it ad nauseam... and hoping that he or she will hear this at some point, realize that they are one of the FEW people who were able to make me feel this way, and regret their actions.

This never works... because sadly enough, the world does not revolve around me.

I also try to make everyone else feel what *I* feel so that they'll hate them, too.

Basically, what I'm saying here is that I need to grow up.

Or that people need to stop being assholes to me. One or the other.
If one thing is true, it's that I have been 100% full of angst as of late.

Please... excuse me....
If you want to waste 15 minutes (I timed it), I filled out 4 surveys. Thanks to Dix Huit, Cleric and John Popa for providing them

Sunday, May 28, 2006

So, it was finally hot enough to turn on the air conditioning... and it's totally broken. And it's so damn hot in here.... milk was a bad choice.

Since it's a holiday weekend, we're thinking it won't be able to get fixed until TUESDAY which sucks so much because tomorrow is going to be even hotter. Me and kitty just keep laying down on the floor because we don't know what else to do. It's even worse with the windows open. I'm wearing SHORTS. I only wear shorts in two cases: if I have no other choice (like today) or if I am on my way to a pool or something.

And I'm almost out of green tea.

I got a call from a best buy today to set up an interview... but now I don't even see the point. At the earliest it would be another week before I could start which means I would be submitting my two weeks notice (since I am leaving for Porthouse on the 25th) after working there for one week. That's just stupid. I am so mad the OG. I mean, the guy told me I could transfer... if he would have just told me the truth when I first talked to him I would have applied for other jobs here earlier.

I wish this apartment complex had a workout room.

I would really like to get some GOOD news sometime soon... you know, to hear something other than "Sorry--you're not gonna be playing your dream role this time", "The air conditioning is broken", "We're already over staffed" or the one I know is coming any day now, "I'm in a new relationship."

Can't someone tell me that I've won a million dollars? Or that they want to take me on an all expenses paid trip to Disney World? Or Lipton would like to give me a year's supply of extra sweet iced tea? Or even that someone would like to transcribe the song "In This Room" for me?

I also want realistic things to happen, along with the unlikely ones listed above.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

So, over a month after my audition, two weeks after my callback, one week after it was down to me and 2 others, 3 days after it was down to me and ONE other I finally found out...

I didn't get cast.

I really don't need to tell you how disappointed I am.

She said it had nothing to do with my talent. She said my voice was perfect for the role and that she was sure I'd play it some day. She said "And I'm sure you'll get good roles up at KSU this year"--- yeah, right, like THAT'S ever happened. She said it was totally based on my AGE, because she went with the older girl. She's about 10 years older, and obviously there's no comparison.... and just IM me if you want to know more.

I called Jon. He is PISSED.

In other news, I picked up some ribs today for my mom and felt odd walking through the supermarket holding a big slab of meat.

Friday, May 26, 2006

"Jaded Era" is really good. Kira and I did "Guys and Dolls" together and it ended up being her last year at Kent, which is too bad because she was hella cool.

I really miss my friends. Like... a lot. I wish it were a month from now or that I had something to DO here to keep me away from the computer. I have really good intuition... I'm not an idiot. I can tell something is going on with... someone I used to know...

I used to think I was totally ok being alone all the time (and I don't mean in the "single" type way... I mean in the absence of other people PERIOD type way). I have realized lately that this is not true. I need people. WHY I thought I was ok being alone all the time, I don't know.... I mean, I like people so much and I get along with EVERYONE. I miss the people.

I think invisibility cloaks are a REALLY bad idea. Can you imagine in like 50 years when they perfect the technology and people are just sneaking into houses or spying on people... well, I mean, spying on them WORSE than the government is spying on us, now? Pandemonium, I tells ya.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I am trapped in Kent because of tornado warnings and I had to go the ksu library computer lab... and I am STUPID.

Note to self: Ignore all profoundly risky instincts. They are NOT GOOD IDEAS.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cedar Point was a lot of fun today. The weather was PERFECT and since half the world doesn't realize the park is open every day yet, there was hardly anyone there. The only real LINE (and it was only 30 minutes) we had to wait in was for the top thrill dragster (which I finally decided I was brave enough to go on) and then, when we were about to get on, it broke and we didn't get to ride. The Millennium force was closed too, which SUCKED SO BAD so I was kind of disappointed. To make up for it, we rode the Magnum 8 times. That was tons of fun, but now I have "Magnum Thigh"; a condition where the safety bar of the Magnum hits in the same place so many times that it hurts you really bad the next day. I also have "Raptor neck," "Wind face," and... sunburn. (Not a lot, though, since I was tan to the extreme.) We also got trapped on the Raptor for about 20 minutes. Luckily we got to RIDE it before it too broke.

I think I am allergic to the sea. This is really bad, as I love the sea and kind of want to live near it for ever. I never had any problems at school or growing up, but when I moved to LA it started and it's been happening up here as well: stuffy nose, watery eyes, lots of sneezing... I thought it was just the smog in LA but MAYBE I was wrong.

My whole body hurts from today. I feel like I've been beaten up.

So, Taylor won AI. I wasn't surprised... I don't think ANYONE was surprised. I actually liked this finale more than I have any of the other years... and what the HELL was wrong with Meatloaf??? I was so uncomfortable during that song! He was so ridiculously far off pitch (and I actually thought he was about to walk off stage in the middle of the song) that I had to ask my dad if there was anything medically wrong with the guy. And now, I find out he has Parkinson's so... uh... basically, I'm a jerk. Mary J Blige and that Elliot guy were great. I really liked it when Prince came out, though... what a cool surprise. And then... there was Clay. And I think he had cheek implants... and his hair looked ridiculous... and that guy's reaction was priceless... but still, Clay can really sing.

I have to take my sister back to kent tomorrow, so I'll be kind of around for a while. I mean... sort of. Most of my friends are away right now, anyway so.... this message is kind of useless.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Well, *I'M* voting for Taylor. I kind of thought they both sucked, but he sucked less. I HATE "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and generally become furiously angry when people sing it.

Jen and I took the cat out for another walk today which was fun. My dad took us to Fazoli's for dinner. Tomorrow we are going to Cedar Point, which I am really excited about.

I found out that in 1990 Sherie Rene Scott was in the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Coming Out of Their Shells Tour." She played April O'Neil and had this big power ballad which you can listen to here. It's a HORRIBLE song and it's hilariously funny (in an unintentional way), but she SOUNDS great, despite all the stupid lyrics and melody and stuff. I told Jen it was going to be my new best 16.
Nothing has really been going which is obvious in the lack of updates. However, if I DON'T update people might think I've given up on the blog... which is never going to be true since I am The Founding Mother of the Blog.

After many car rides west with my dad, we decided to go east on Saturday, to Vermillion. There isn't anything there, but we did go to a chocolate store and I got a lipton iced tea. Let me tell you, friends, the extra sweet tea is AMAZING. Later that night we got Chinese food and a bird dropped a fish in the backyard. Example one of nothing going on.

On Sunday we went to the giant eagle with my mom. We had chicken a la king for dinner. Example two of nothing going on.

Yesterday my mom and I drove to Brimfield to visit my grandma and to take my sister back here for a couple of days. I talked to Dan and he said a certain someone had told a certain director that I would be an excellent choice for the role of Cathy in a certain musical I've been talking about nonstop. I was... surprised. In a good way. It has led me to believe that maybe everything DID change.... still, this is example three of nothing going on.

Maybe something will be going on soon. I stayed up WAY too late last night. Sometimes you just gotta quote Anchorman with your sister until 6am. That's a good enough excuse, right?

Monday, May 22, 2006

I think I sort of just... accidentally... electrocuted myself. I mean, it wasn't a LOT, but I definitely wasn't expecting to do that. I was trying to unplug this lamp using one hand and my ring finger hit the metal part of the plug and viola. Minor arm electrocution.

It didn't feel good. I don't suggest trying it.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Ok, so the past half hour has been.... nice. :)

I checked my email and had gotten an email from the L5Y director telling me that they're still deciding on the guys and that they can't cast Cathy until they have the Jamie. It is me and 2 other girls (both of whom are VERY good) left in the running. And then, like literally 5 seconds after I read this, Jon called to tell me what HE knew and to see if I had heard anything. I guess they called him the other day and asked him a bunch of questions about his past rehearsal procedures and experience, etc... he said they were stuck between him and one other guy... we talked for a while, then I called my sister, then Jon called me AGAIN because in the short amount of time I was off the phone with him, the music director called him and asked him to come in tomorrow to work through some stuff. So, this makes ME happy because I was the only one who sang with him, but you never know... Jon said he would call me if he got cast either way, so at least I won't be left in the dark for the rest of my life. He said also he asked the musical director "Have you cast Cathy yet?" and he said "You can ask that, but I can't answer." which makes both of us think that they DID.... or at least they have one specific girl paired up with each guy and they just need to decide on the guy. Oh my God. I want this so bad. I am so glad the dream isn't over.

They might be casting it tomorrow evening.

Please resume your good thoughts and best wishes. :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I never really watched "Will and Grace" but I decided to watch the finale tonight... and I am kind of mad I never watched the show. I mean, it was very funny and I really love Grace's hair and Megan Mullally is like... ridiculously talented. Anyway, I don't think I have ever seen a show end that way... you know... in the future. I thought it was really creative, especially since a lot of people wonder what would happen to the characters after the show is over. And I liked how the kids got together... I knew they would. :)

I had an interview today at a department store that begins with "S" (I don't want to say the name for... you know... legal reasons). It was fine. People find my energy and excitement over EVERYTHING funny in job interviews. It hailed on the way there. When I got home and it had stopped raining, I sat at the window and watched the rides run at Cedar Point through binoculars for a while. You can see the Perry Monument really well too, despite it being really far away.

What a weird life I have right now. I watched an amusement park from 5 miles away through binoculars for 15 minutes.

My dear Allison, I would LOVE to write a book... I just need some initial idea inspiration. That is the hardest part for me. Ha, maybe I should just write about myself. It could be very "Sex and the City"-esque. And I bet, if I wrote a book before Jim did, it would REALLY piss him off. :)
I filled out three surveys last night to keep myself occupied. It took FOREVER. Read them. There will be a quiz later.
Alisa, 30 seconds ago, after viewing the bio for the hippies from the Amazing Race: "OH. MY GOOOOOOOD."

Dad: "What?"

Alisa: "Those hippies went to Burning Man!!!!"

Just.... damn it.
What ever happened to common courtesy? What ever happened to letting people know things so they didn't drive themselves crazy wondering?

I don't understand why some directors NEVER inform people that they weren't cast, and don't make the information available ANYWHERE. I mean, couldn't there be some kind of information on the website or SOMETHING? God, there comes a point in my life... it happened when I didn't think I was going to work at Porthouse... when you just want to KNOW, either way. Yes, you would rather have it go in one direction, but to keep you hanging... ugh... it's just the worst. The WORST. I JUST WANT TO KNOW.

And the people I assume DID get it are so internet stealthy that it makes my life really difficult. In the stalking-type way.

And... the whole "I just want to know" thing applies to other things/people in my life right now, too. I feel like I am treated like a child by like... everyone. NO ONE will tell me things that could possibly upset me... like I'm going to freak out or something. Really... I mean, yes, I'll freak out about stuff, but it does NOT come immediately. First is the eerie calmness... the freaking out comes later. So, really, it's best to tell me stuff and then go away or something so you miss the freak out.

God... anyway... my mom and I took the cat for a walk today. We're such a bunch of hippies, taking the cat for a walk. It was going well until she got scared by the cars on the road. It was actually sunny today (until it rained, later). I liked it.

We also went to this Seafood Buffet (as many of you know, I do not eat food from the sea.. luckily they had chicken) for dinner, which was nice.

And yay for the hippies winning the Amazing Race. As always, it was the only episode I watched this season... but those hippies were cool.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And MORE pictures... this might be it for a while....

(stolen with permission from Ernie)

Ernie and Ryan

Christine. Doesn't she look AMAZING? She's actually got a shaved head under that wig...

Ernie and Sydni. Best. Costumes. Ever.

Practice for Cleric's talent portion of Omega Man...

The always popular Kelly Meener

Kayce "Stunning AND Amazing" Cummings

"Touch Me" action shot!

Before I took off my clothes. And pissed off for some reason, apparently.

Allison, doing John's makeup before Omega Man...

Brooke, Marissa and Jessie... whose dress I am INSANELY jealous of.

So, I went to the OG and they have NO openings right now for servers OR hosts. I heard some of the actual employees complaining about how they get sat one table and are then cut. The GM said he'd call me if anyone quit or something, but I'm thinking my chances aren't too great on that one. So, I wrote down a huge list of places I want to apply at (and DID apply at some) and I'm gonna get on that like... nowish.

It finally stopped raining for a couple of seconds today, too.
Oooooooh, more pictures to steal off facebook.

Alright, now these would have been posted along with the OTHER Interbelt pictures from our AIDS benefit, but I didn't know they existed until tonight.

This is basically me and Bret... doin our thing

Me, telling him to touch me.

Singing about how he probably isn't touching me, yet.


I suppose he was just being a gentleman.

I don't know what is happening on the floor behind us, but I heard it made people uncomfortable.

I watched "I (heart) Huckabees" today and I really liked it. I think Lily Tomlin is just generally awesome, though, so.... there you go. According to the weather report, it will stop raining approximately never.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Look, it's like I discovered how to use a computer with i-tunes and photoshop all in 20 minutes...


"Oh, crap, the boss is quiting.... WTF do we DOOOOOOOO?????"

Apparently we had to quit, too.

Man, I do NOT look good as a chef.

The Spelling Bee episode was on today. I really want to see the Bowling one, though... that one was soooo funny that I laughed out loud WHILE taping. You'd think I would have known better.

For some reason I totally forgot to write about this, but a week and a half ago I got a call from casting asking me to come back to do the show the next day because they were doing another chef episode. I obviously couldn't, as I am.... not there.... but I was kind of delighted that they remembered who I was. I called Leona later that day and found out the details... she had said Beth mentioned me and how it sucked that I moved.

Anyway, so, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. I didn't do too much today... dad and I were going to go for a drive but it was raining too hard, so we just got dinner instead. I did make a ton of iced tea, though. That'll be great later in my life.

My back hurts SO BAD from moving. The muscles are just.... gone.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Here I am in Huron! Wooooooo...

Ok, so callbacks. They went really well. REALLY well. I felt really good about.... everything. And I THINK (I obviously have no idea), unless she goes with the "newlywed" casting route (I won't name names, but I'm sure you can figure it out), than I have a really good chance. I just don't think it would make sense to cast newlyweds, despite how talented they may be. It seems kind of opposite of the whole point of the show. So, if you're into it, please pray for me and if you're not into it, send me good thoughts and "cast her" brain waves to the director.... I just want this so bad.

Anyway, the drive up here was surprisingly short. It's probably because I was so filled with adrenaline from the callbacks. Let me just say, for the record, I HATE moving. Unfortunately I have to do it like 3 more times this year still. I am happy to be here, though... I mean, the best summer of my life was spent in this town.

But soon, the best summer of my life will have a new year attached to it.... SUMMER '06 JCS STYLE!!!!!! It's not JUST Dan, it's Dan, Allison, Ali, John, Griffin, Jessie, Patrick, Anya, EvB, Emily, Adam, Meg, Megan, Beth Baker, Jessica, Justin, Chris, Dana, the other Dan, TK and who KNOWS who else!!!!!

Ok, I have a phone call to make....

Friday, May 12, 2006

Well, look. I did get to update. I am sure you are all... so relieved.

I just had my last day at the Falls OG. I am so glad. I started to get really sad there today, not because I will miss ANYONE I worked with... but because I won't miss anyone I worked with. I have never felt more useless and alone then I did there... which may be why I hated it so much. There was only one manager I liked, no one ever really tried to get to know me or anything, a lot of the people were jerks... it just sucked. And then today... this one kid asked where I was going... I told him about JCS, etc and he asked when and where it was going to be performing, so I wrote it down for him... and then I saw it in the trash a couple of minutes later. I mean, why even ask, you know? I realized fully that there is MAYBE one person who works there that will notice I'm gone (besides the kids i went to high school with) and that makes me feel bad.

But really, I must be filled with some serious estrogen lately because I have been an emotional nightmare.

I had to write Lara a message today telling her that she hurt my feelings yesterday. It was so weird... I was just about to leave MSP when I heard the voices of some of my favorites, so I went to go look and Lara, Griffin, John, Jessie and Brooke come around the corner. I was all excited (I'm like a puppy in that respect) and then it was like "What's wrong with your face???" "Alisa, did you DYE your hair?" "You're killing yourself, you know." and I was literally backed against the wall like "uhhh.... I don't know what to say to you folks right now..." I felt really horrible about myself for the rest of the day, but for some reason the look on Lara's face made me more upset about anything else. She felt really bad, and I know she didn't mean to hurt my feelings... it was just a weird situation. I just have a lot going on right now, and I'm usually pretty easily hurt, so ... yeah.

So, moving sucked. I got all my boxes down before Rob got there, so I was already exhausted (it's never good when you sit down and the room is moving BEFORE you move the furniture) because of all the steps and the heat/humidity, but luckily we were able to get the furniture down without too much trouble. Some random guy off the street did have to help us with the bookshelf, though. EVERY time I've moved someone random has helped me carry something. Unloading was a LOT easier, although there is definitely no room left in the storage unit. When I got home I was so tired and hungry that I ate a pot pie, like 8 cookies and then some Ramen noodles. I felt really sick after that.

I did end up sleeping on the blanket floor... it wasn't comfortable but it could have been worse.

Tomorrow is the "big day." I hope I feel better then I do today.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ok, so I haven't watched American Idol all season, but let me just say something. This Chris guy.... was good. He was really the only good one on the show. Therefore, I am not at all surprised he was eliminated last night. It wasn't the case last year, but every other year... think about it. EVERY other year the best singer in the competition was in 4th place. Latoya, Tamyra... and uh.... the second season doesn't count, either. So, apparently, this happens every other year, and I stand corrected. HOWEVER - I now hate this show, and am very glad I didn't watch it.... even though, despite my hatred, I will probably watch another entire season before the 10 year contract they have with Fox is over. And for THAT I hate it even more.

I am getting my Uhaul today at 5pm. woooo. Last night it was so hot in my room that I went out at midnight to the two local giant eagles to see if they sold fans.... which they did not. It sucked real bad. Before that, though, I watched "The Family Stone" which I didn't know if I would enjoy or not, but I REALLY did and "The Dead Poets Society" which I had seen before, but it's good, so I wanted to see it again. Sometimes I hate that movie, though. Especially when Neil's parents find him. Their reaction is horrible. I mean, it's GREAT acting, but it makes me... just.... I can't even describe it. The feeling I get while watching that scene is the worst feeling... ever.

I just took Bryan Guffey to MSP and he was in NYC this morning and got hit by a cab. He's ok... and sorry, but that story is really funny.

I just said goodbye to Jon Mazur, possibly forever, in the computer lab. I hope I DO see him again... we've always been good friends. Well, except when I was in California. And that time we sang a duet together.... that was great. In the words of Ryan Washabaugh, "When I die I would like you and Jon Mazur to sing harmonies for me in Heaven." Will do, my friend... will do.

So, since I didn't shower yesterday, showering TODAY was like the most amazing thing ever. My hair is.... it's indescribable. You should see it. Really. I'm really excited about it.

We're moving all my furniture out tonight and I'm wondering whether I should do a makeshift floor bed out of blankets or see if Grandma will let me stay over. I am sure she WOULD, but I might not know what is going on in my life until later tonight, when she's in bed. I definitely don't want to sleep on the floor from Friday-Saturday because of a certain callback I have that I kind of need to be perfect for. I feel as though sleeping on the floor would hinder my performance in some way.

I am SO excited about Porthouse this summer. I wish it were starting sooner than 6 weeks from now. I mean, I have the feeling that I haven't had for three years.... I call it "The Huron Feeling." I bet this is because of the excitement about Porthouse starting AND the fact that I am moving to Huron for those 6 weeks.

If I don't get to update tomorrow (which I might not---- I'm supposed to work in the morning and the computer lab closes at 5pm) I will "see" you all on Saturday after I get to Huron. Cheers to having at least 2 days off COMPLETELY with absolutely NOTHING to do but watch the sea* out of my parents' window!

* Yes, when I say "the sea" I am referring to Lake Erie.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Apparently all I do anymore is blog with pictures.

"Alisa you look so creepy in that tube." Yes... yes I did.

My favorites. (Griffin and Ben)

There is NOTHING hotter than this. (Ernie and Yolanda)

Because we are in LOVE.

Ok, so I have.... problems. I spoke of how I've lost everything lately.... but today it got worse. Today I turned off my alarm and didn't reset it and woke up half an hour before I had to be at work and THEN I forgot to ask Jill for the money she owed me from our party and she left and I won't see her before I leave... so I lost out on $8! Argh! What is wrong with me lately??

My jury was fine yesterday. I belted "Not a Day Goes By".... yes, belted, my friends. Now, normally one would think that is an awfully risky move for your jury where they teach you to never belt and hate belting... and you still have a semester with these schmoes so you wouldn't want to upset them.... but I just didn't care. I care so little about what they think of me that it's kind of funny.

My room is almost totally packed up for my half-move tomorrow. I feel as though I can't bear to put my TV and DVD player in storage because if I DO I will be sooooo bored until I move. I don't think I could deal with the boredom.

I think that I would like to rent "Say Anything" tonight. I love that movie.

Well, Britney's pregnant again. I guess this gives me more ammo if there's another Masquerade Ball. And did my fellow PITNB readers see that thing about Jessica Simpson almost putting her dog through the airport x-ray machine? Hilarious.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I just got back from the most magical evening.... ever. Just... ever.

So, I asked Ryan and Griffin if they wanted to go to the OG with me tonight, and they did so we planned to meet at 5:30 in the green room. When 5:45 came and Ryan still wasn't there, I called him to find out what happened. I woke him up with my call, apparently he had passed out sometime around 5pm after a night of "heavy partying." He said he'd be there in 10 minutes and then called me when he was about to pull into the parking lot to tell me he was afraid he was too tired to drive. We knew at this moment that this was going to be a night to remember. He DID end up driving, and we listened to a band called Faun Fables which Griffin and I just laughed at at first.... but then grew to love. Apparently they do this weird, fairy tale performance of politically/imaginative songs in costumes and stuff.... and it all sounded just crazy at first, but now I REALLY want to see it. I feel like such a hippie. I highly the song "Carousel and " on their website.... I am obsessed with it.

Ok, so then we got to the OG and this one guy (I won't mention his name just in case) was our server and he was just.... terrible. I mean, he was really the worst server ever. He kind of threw all the teas on the table, tried to take away our stuff before we were finished with it, yelled questions to us.... we were just laughing so hard. However, of all the plates he took away from us and the race between him and the boys to see if they could get the food in the take-home container before he took the plate away, he never cleared a single glass off the table. At the end of our meal, after he actually threw the mints at us, there were literally 9 empty glasses on the table.

We also had a great laugh about the fact that Ryan was in the "Larry Chair" (the armless chair) and I reassured him that they don't have a special code for those who can't fit in the regular chairs (because he CAN!) and I laughed so hard that I cried a little. It was just so hilarious.

This post might not be funny to anyone else except the three of us, but it was SOOOOO funny to us. I couldn't even wait until tomorrow to update, I HAD to do it now.
Soon we will find out if you can pass a class by guessing on every question on every test. Very soon.....

I have my jury in 3 hours. Woo.

Wow, I just signed on to my flickr account and there was some kind of Goethe quote. How... odd.

I am really mad at the guy on the cell phone in the computer lab right now. Usually I don't care, but there are signs for no cell phones EVERYWHERE and he is just so distracting.

I would really like to go to the OG sometime this week with my friends (like tonight or tomorrow night, because I am moving on Thursday), so if you would like to join me for the last days of discount, let me know.

Alright, so yesterday I went with John and Griffin to Hooligan's (I think that's what it's called) and John got his ear pierced. They were going to get tattoos, but the artist guy wasn't there. I thought about getting that one piece of ear pierced, but then I considered the fact that it would hurt, so I didn't. I already have SIX piercings anyway. I think that's weird for me. Anyway, I chronicled the whole thing on my cell phone.

The Chronicles of John Getting His Ear Pierced

Looking good, my friend... looking good.

Griffin and the ZOMBIE

Rob, the piercing guy

"I'm such a goof ball!" (No, he didn't actually say that.)

About to make the first pierce....

You can tell something horrible is happening based on the look on John's face...

This picture scared me because he looks as though he's about to throw up.

For some reason I forgot to take any pictures of the finished product. What is wrong with me?? What a bad chronicler I am.

After that we went to the mall to buy earrings and I bought a pair of little hoops since I never wear earrings in my first piercings and then later that night, at Grandma's, one of the hoops went down the drain. DAMNIT. I was really mad. Now I have to go back and buy another pair because I really liked them. Growl.

Alright. So I have a problem. I lost the bottle that I always had my iced tea in.


Have you, or anyone you know, seen this bottle at any point after Omega Man on Friday? That's definitely the last time *I* remember having it.... unless I left it at Guaca Mole's. I am really sad that I keep losing these things. First the bottle, then the earring.... who am I, Marissa?

(If you don't get the reference, Marissa is my friend who loses things a lot.)

Anyway, as soon as my jury is over I am done with school, so that's exciting. This semester has been really awesome, though, so it's kind of sad. I wrote Ben this letter on Sunday night and I cried the entire time I was writing it. I love him and will miss him so much. Yes, he'll be here over the summer until he and Ernie move.... but still.

Ok, that's all I got for right now.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

And now the BANQUET is over. Jeez does life just keep... passing us by...

Everyone looked stunning. I got there, of course, 2 hours before most of my friends did. Ryan and I wondered why the mic wasn't working for about 30 minutes, and then Paul fixed it in 2. I then proceeded to drink a lot of punch and eat a lot of carrots, because that ticket was $18 and I was going to get my $18 worth of food if it was the last thing I did. Eventually everyone came and we had a grand time. I really love the awards part. I was crazy. I screamed for like... everyone. And not just "woooo" I screamed stuff like "John Moauro is the best.... guy!" and "GRACE!!!! I LOVE GRACE!!!!!!!" Actually, I pretty much said that I loved every single person who won. But, I did, so it was okay. Dr Bank's speech at the end made me sob like a little girl and then I went up to tell her how much respect and admiration I have for her and she said to me "You're a very smart girl. Use it. Rise up." It's not like when my MOM tells me I'm smart or a high school teacher or something... this was Dr. Bank. The smartest person... just... ever. And now I feel quite obligated to do something and indeed... rise up. I almost didn't go to the funeral because I felt like I needed to sit at home and come up with some sort of game plan for rising up.

But, I DID go to the funeral and yes, we did put the "fun" back into "funeral." Well, I mean, except for the time limit for speeches... what was that all about? Allison let me borrow her extra bathing suit so I was in the pool for a while (which was 90 degrees... it was awesome). Nick Horton came, which was fun. I also found this plastic shark in the pool that I used to scare people.

When I got out of the pool I found that my clothes were totally soaking wet and so I tried to dry them with a hair dryer... and then blew a fuse and the whole house went out. I was resigned to a life of wet pants and then someone else came in the room (let's say her initials are... JAB :) ) and started to dry her pants with the hair dryer and then the fuse blew AGAIN and we just sat there, laughing hysterically in the dark.

I left not too long after that, one of the few sober people at this party to begin with, and then I went to bed. And now it's the present. So, here's the first round of banquet pictures (I am sure there will be more to steal off facebook soon)

Sydni, Jessica, Me, Griffin and John

The coolest table in the ballroom. (standing) Haven (who wasn't actually at our table but is still cool), Griffin, Jessica and Sydni and sitting John, Allison (doesn't Allison look AMAZING???? She is so stunning), Me, Beth and Eric

A random picture of me, care of Beth

The beautiful Grace and Damian

Another cool table featuring Best Newcomer Chris, Marissa, Beth, Lara and Rick

Dana, Bethany and Me

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Alright. Sooooo... Omega Man was only the best thing that ever happened to me. It was so wonderful that I feel like I don't know what I am going to do with my life anymore. I was looking forward to it so much and now it's.... over. At least I have the Banquet tonight.

Anyway, so I got there hella early last night, but it did pay off at the end of the show. We sat in the front row and I think I cried the entire time. The drag number was just ridiculous. Darvin looked especially hilarious. I really, REALLY enjoyed Dane's talent and Otto's... jeez. Lara and I were sitting there holding each other because we were afraid he was going to die. I can't BELIEVE he wasn't in the top 5. All the boys looked amazing in the formal wear part of the competition and Danny's "farewell performance" as the reigning Omega Man was SOOOOO funny. The top 3 ended up being Phil (who was surprisingly hilariously awesome), Cleric and John was the winner. After everything was done there were like "Oh we have these t-shirts" and Griffin throws one into the audience... and I threw myself to get the t-shirt. It was truly a mistake to do so. I mean, I got it (after everyone yelled at Rick to give it to me), but the back edge of the chair went between my back ribs and I hit my funny bone AND my thigh on the arm rest. Everyone A. Thought I was drunk (obviously I was not. I just do the things normal people do while drunk ALL the time) and B. kept asking me if I was ok... which I AM.... but it really hurt. Kind of a lot. And I have this big bruise on my back and I'm really kind of lucky I didn't break any ribs. It reminded me of two years ago at the banquet when they were like "the first person up here gets a door prize" and I ran like hell and couldn't stop and just ran right into the table. I am... so smooth.

So, after the show, a bunch of us went to Guaca Mole's (which is the stupidest name for a restaurant EVER) and I was afraid we were going to get kicked out and then we went to this place Michel's for karaoke. I sang my OTHER signature song "Part of Your World" and dedicated it to Anton Chekhov. It was only slightly fun as my body was really starting to fight back for the stunt of earlier and I was getting really stiff. So, I went home shortly after I sang and then watched Anchorman, which I had never seen before, but was really funny. I feel like I need to see it again, though, because I was so tired I think I missed some stuff.

And today I just have some banquet getting ready for to do. I would really like to put some highlights in my hair before it, but I doubt I have time. Well... maybe I have time. I do have like 3 hours. Who knows. I like how the banquet is "our" prom.

Ok, here's some beautiful pictures from Omega Man that I stole off of Danielle's facebook album.

All the competitors.

Danny, Danielle and Griffin.

Opening Drag number with Darvin, Gabe, Dan, Dane, Cleric and John.

More opening number...

And even MORE opening number (featuring Gabe and Dane)

There is NO ONE who has more fun in their major than we do. And props to EvB for being the absolute coolest faculty member of all time (and an AMAZING improv rap artist!!!!!!) and supporting all of our weird endeavors. He and Dr. Bank.... I don't think anyone is as student oriented as they are. That is so awesome.