Tuesday, September 27, 2011

6 months later....

I'm so sorry. I never have time to blog anymore. I could make time, but..... no.... I couldn't. Working at only Fossil has made it a lot harder to be on the internet all day. I have no time to online window shop or constantly update myself on the weather happenings.

Here are the important things that have happened:

1. the Soho pop-up shop closed, thank God. It became the bane of my existence.
2. I went back to 5th Avenue. Yay!
3. I worked on 2 more productions of The Water Dream, one at the Peter J Sharp Theatre in midtown, the other at Shakespeare and Company in Massachusetts.
4. I performed in the NYC premiere of Ginna's one woman show, The 12 Dates of Christmas.
5. I'm currently about to open a sketch comedy show called Guilt and Fear. This weekend only!
6. This makes 5 shows this year (6 soon, because there's one more reading of TWD coming up in December) and I haven't been to an audition all year. I'm some kind of lazy actor success story.
7. We went home to Ohio for a few days and it was wonderful.
8. We went to Staunton for Johnston and Lindsey's wedding and it, too, was wonderful.
9. John Harrell is my favorite actor ever. Martha Jane said I looked like a boy (even though I was wearing a pink polka dot dress). Eliot has become even awesomer. Jenny is the best dress maker in the universe and she is also SO PRETTY.
10. It's almost my birthday month. SPOOOOOOOKY TIMES!!!!!!

If I can figure out a way to blog from my phone, maybe I'll be able to do it more often. Or ever. If not, please follow me on twitter at twitter.com/slceostyle for more timely information.