Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mysterious fall

Blargh. I am so busy at work today that I might not have time to actually write this. Now THAT is busy. For here. Apparently it rained a little bit and it's cutting off our phone service and making the computers run hella slow. Yesterday the phones were down the entire day, today they just keep cutting in and out. Obviously this makes us useless when it happens.

It has suddenly become Fall and I love it! Everyone looks better when they're not sweating. It also gives me the great opportunity to wear more clothes, which means... more layers. YAY! Fall will end and go back to hot again in a couple days, but we are loving it right now. It will come back for real eventually.

So, Chris and I moved our stuff from Ohio last week. The trip was pretty smooth but man were we tired. I only got to see my parents for about 4 hours before I went to sleep (since I had to wake up at 5am... again) and my sister for, like, 2.5 hours. We went to Rocknees in Kent and she showed us her brand new (for her) "big girl" apartment. Strangely enough, Chris used to live in the same apartment complex, back in 1992. It was HIS first apartment, too.

Anyway, we didn't even run into that much traffic until we were trying to get on to the George Washington Bridge, which took about 45 minutes to get through since we didn't have EZPass. The actual unloading of the truck was relatively okay, too.... we had some issues getting OUR couch through the door, but it happened. Chris did have to take off the door, though. His friend Manny and his girlfriend helped us. We repaid them with pizza.

Unpacking has been great. We had so much stuff that I totally forgot about (like a measuring cup). The other day, just because I found our big pot and frying pan, I made corn on the cob and tacos. I love our little apartment right now. I'll love it more when we're totally done unpacking, but I still love it a lot.

Tomorrow is MY FIRST DAY OFF IN 2 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo excited. I am going to get a haircut and we are going to Ikea (to get a bookshelf). Maybe I should get a pedicure, too. Oh man. That's crazy talk. This haircut is pretty necessary, though. I haven't gotten a REAL haircut since February (just my bangs trimmed) so the ends of my hair are looking stupid. I have a groupon for a lunch bakery in Astoria so maybe I can convince Chris that we should go THERE, too. Tomorrow is also Ribs Night at the Brooklyn Ikea. I won't be having any but I am SURE Chris will. I originally wanted to go to the beach or something on my glorious day off, but it's gonna be too cold. It looks like I am going to have a day off next Wednesday, too, so maybe if Chris also has off, we could go then. After summer returns.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mailing machine fail

I just used this mailer thing that seals and stamps envelopes for you for the first time and I swear the administrative assistant sitting across the hall from the room must think I'm a moron, now. So many things went wrong: it jammed like 15 times, I sent a big stack through in the wrong direction, the finished stack got too high and the mail went flying all over the place.... it was like an episode of I Love Lucy. Apparently I should become a secretary just for the hilarity.

We are going to Ohio! For 24 hours. I will be happy to see my family but I wish we got to stay longer than we are staying. It's going to be a rough 2 days. We're flying into Pittsburgh to pick up the truck, driving to Kent and then Huron, loading the truck and then leaving early to get back to NYC relatively early. Then we have to unload the truck. BLAH! At least we'll finally have our stuff. I am SO looking forward to having my real nightstand back instead of the clothes hamper I've been using. PLUS, our dining room table, couch and ottoman, rug, half our clothes, books, instruments, kitchen EVERYTHING and, of course, Halloween and Christmas decorations. We have FOUR closets in our new apartment. FOUR! It's pretty awesome.

When we moved in there were already these butterfly foot grip things on the bathtub floor. I have this butterfly picture that I have traditionally always hung in the bathroom, also, so I decided to make butterflies the theme of the bathroom. I went to anthropologie searching out butterfly doorknobs. I was sure they would have them, and in typical anthropologie fashion, they, of course, did. Anthropologie is always there to make my ridiculous dreams come true. They are perfect. I had no idea WHAT they would look like, but I was sure they would have them. Plus, they were on sale for $3 each. THREE. DOLLARS. Now I've started thinking it would be a great idea for me to give a ridiculous theme to every room. I could do owls and birds in the kitchen, butterflies in the bathroom and trees everywhere else. PERFECT! If only we had a garage.

I have a big bruise on the back of my calf and I don't know where it came from. The fact that it hurts makes it even more mysterious than it already is.

Man. I am so excited for fall. I just want to be able to wear more clothes. I have perfected the art of layers. Even 1 layer seems like it's too much half the time this summer. Well, today is the exception. Today's weather is perfect after yesterday's humidity festival. And, obviously, today is the day I work both jobs and have a 10 hour day. Someday I would like to have 1 job (and rockababy). I miss the free time. I switched someone at work yesterday so I could have a morning shift and hang out with Chris and it was the best decision ever. Well, one of them. I definitely cooked dinner. I also definitely sat on the couch watching a show about NY's parks.

On Saturday night Chris and I ate 5 Guys and then travelled out to Flushing to play miniature golf. It was fun! I totally got a hole in one on the last hole. I was still like 15 over par, but who cares. We both only hit the ball into the water once. When we were leaving a gentleman with no neck asked us for money! Well, actually, he didn't ASK, he just tapped Chris on the shoulder and held out his hand. Maybe he couldn't speak because of his lack of neck. He was actually pretty terrifying. He creeped over to us so slowly and silently that I was afraid he was going to push me onto the tracks. If I ever make a horror movie, he will be in it.

My first day off in 2 months day off is slowly but surely approaching. I will find out for SURE if it's a day off when I get my schedule (which should be today, but who REALLY knows), but I don't know why it wouldn't be. I never get scheduled on Wednesday unless I can't work another day and next week is the first week in a month where I don't have any conflicts. So, it would be awful and probably ironic if I DID get scheduled. I hope I don't. I want to, like, do something amazing. Or at least something that is not work.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

feelin' hot, hot, hot!

Whew! Wow. I can't believe that it's been a week since I wrote that short post, because it feels like it just happened. I am insane. I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to move on Thursday. I mean, it was fine, but listen to my last week:

8/3: Work 2 jobs--10 hours
8/4: Rockababy, work 1 job
8/5: Work 5 hours, move into new apartment for 6 hours
8/6: Callback, work 1 job, rehearsal at night
8/7: Rehearsal from 12-9pm
8/8: 8am Work meeting, rehearsal at 10am-3pm, performance that evening
8/9: Work 8am-1pm, 2pm performance, 8pm performance
8/10: Work 2 jobs--10 hours

AHHHHHH!!! I've been going insane. We don't have internet in the new apartment yet but it hasn't been so bad since I've hardly been there for something other than sleeping. At least we got our new TV. I did get to watch 2 episodes of "Friends" on DVD.... one of those days. I needed my Friends... and they were, like always, there for me.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing the staged reading and although the woman from Ave Q didn't end up being in it (she booked a movie. a MOVIE!), the woman who replaced her was wonderful, talented and very, very nice. There were other Broadway people, though... so... there. I decided I would sing alto in the ensemble which I haven't done in YEARS. I haven't sung alto since, like, 1998. I'm usually not actually good at alto.... I'm better at a 2nd soprano or a soprano harmony that's above an alto melody, but this was fun. Anyway, the audience was full every performance and I got to spend time with Adam, who I hadn't seen in about 5 years, and Alana, and I made other new friends, so it was great.

My callback on Friday was ok, although it could have been better. Actually, for the first time ever, it would have been better if I would have sang LESS. They told us to bring in 2 songs, 32 bars EACH. That is SO MUCH music for an audition. They wanted belt and soprano from me, so I sang the song I auditioned with and decided on a whim to sing "Think of Me" from POTO for the soprano. This, too, was something I haven't done since 1998. I would never, ever normally sing that song at an audition, but I decided to look at the lyrics in a different way... a way where Christine was being very passive aggressive about how angry she really was. And, textually, you could argue that point. But in 32 bars, there is only so much passive aggressiveness you can play before it gets old. And it got old to ME so I can't imagine what it was like for them. My other song was good, though. It didn't get old. Oh well. In all honesty, had i actually gotten cast in this show it would have been amazing and annoying at the same time. The last 2 performances surround Ginna's wedding on October 10th, which is something I would NOT miss (especially since I'm singing in it). I would have had to rush to Staunton and back and it would not have been fun.... it would have been do-able... but very stressful... and now, all not getting cast means is that I can take a fun train trip with my husband. Yay. :)

In other news, I like our new apartment! I haven't been able to unpack... and I won't REALLY be able to until we get our stuff from Ohio... but it actually feels like my HOME. The neighborhood is so nice. They have brick sidewalks and cars actually YIELD to you when you're crossing the street! I didn't know what to do the first time this happened. I was thinking, "WHERE AM I????" The annoying families of 20 apparently all live at my old subway stop so I haven't had to deal with them and being at the end of the line is AMAZING! You always get a seat on the train, you don't have to wait in the heat, if the train goes express you totally WIN and underneath the station is a restaurant called, "The End of the Line Cafe." How adorable. The only problem with our apartment right now is that the wiring in the house must be very, very old because the neighbor's air conditioner, which must be like, 50 million BTUs, sometimes makes our lights dim. And the microwave or fan do the equivalent of "dimming." My dad is worried about what this would do to our TV or computers and I don't blame him. We're going to have to call the landlord. We're also going to have to call him because the old tenants left a couch and dining room table. Right NOW it's awesome, because our couch and dining room table are in Ohio, but it won't be awesome in a week when we have our stuff there. Maybe we could sell them. I wonder. Money for nothing is the best kind of money!

Monday, August 02, 2010

it took too long to find the q18

Last Thursday we signed the lease for our apartment! Hooray! I think we're actually getting the keys tomorrow, too. The old tenants moved out on Saturday and the landlord just had to go in and make sure things were a-okay before we moved in. Of course, I have to work the entire day tomorrow, and most of Wednesday but we're still planning on moving in on the 5th, even though I have my callback, work and then rehearsal on the 6th. Well, and I have to work on the 5th, too. And so does Chris. So, it's gonna be crazy. But we have to make it happen!!

Today we went all over the place and what we ended up with was a new TV (for when we get TV!), a rolling cart (a good one, too) and some foot pain from walking almost all the way from Woodside to Astoria. We were going to get a microwave, too, but we wouldn't have been able to carry it back. I'm too weak.

Right now I have a migraine which makes me sad. It also makes it hard to think about continuing this post, so I think I will leave it at that for now.