Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm sick AGAIN. I don't know why... my nose has been running the last couple of days but today I feel like I have the flu. My whole body hurts. Man... WHY?

The kitties are so cute. Yesterday they just wanted to smell eachother (Chloe wanted to play) but today they are ONLY play fighting. They're not hurting eachother or anything, and I'm watching them carefully to make sure no one gets hurt. Simon is so... chill. He just sits there and this tiny kitten attacks him. It's funny. I love him.

I have to work at 5:30, but i SO do not want to since I feel like crap. Leona doesn't think I should go... and I probably shouldn't because I'll just get more people sick... but I kind of have to. But man... I don't want to. At all.
Ok, Christy, Charlie and Danny (I know you read this!) I need your addresses. I have your home address, boys, but I need your current mail receiving addresses. Email me or comment and I won't post it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Man, yesterday was so stressful. I worked in the morning, which was stupid but luckily Nick let me not come in for my night shift. I wouldn't have, anyway. I didn't want to call off during my last week, but I was going to because I needed to help Jim with kitty and getting stuff ready (and no one would pick up my shift). It was such a waste at work, too. I didn't make 15% on a tip THE WHOLE DAY. Mostly 10% and then a few 11-14%s. Man... I was so unhappy. Ryan helped me out by working 8 hours so at least SOME of my night shift was covered, but Nick didn't seem to care anyway since we had enough people on. And that is why I love Nick.

So, anyway, I helped Jim load up his car and then we loaded kitty up and kitty was SO SAD to go back in the cat box. Jim and I said goodbye ( :( ) and then I started to drive back to my place. I sang to kitty to make him feel better, which worked for a while... until he had to go to the bathroom. And, you know, when a cat's gotta go, it's not like he can hold it. So, he did... and then he started FREAKING OUT because he's one of those cats who WILL NOT be near the stuff (he runs the second he's out of his litter box). He's already scared and confused, and then he's trapped inside a small box with his own crap... I think you would do what he did next, too. He threw up all over it. I'm practically crying by this point.. I felt SOOOOO BAD for him. The only good thing was when he threw up I was pulling into my complex, and he also stayed out of it. I ran him upstairs and let him out (let him out without the litter box, because I couldn't stand for him to be in there any longer), ran to get the litter box and then got his food and his perch and stuff. He stayed under the bed for a couple hours. I was so afraid I had traumatized him for life. I'm still kind of scared he won't ever go back in the cat carrier... but he's ok now. Kellee came in to meet him and he came out. He explored my room last night and today he's exploring my living room. He seems very interested in it, too. Today I'm gonna try to introduce him to the kitten for real. We showed them to eachother last night, but kitten was not ready for THAT jelly. Simon just wanted to smell her and she definitely wanted to swat at him. He'll be used to the whole place by then, so I think it'll be ok. I want them to be friends and cuddle together because that would be the cutest thing ever.

I don't think I have to work tonight. I put up a note saying I'd pick up shifts, but no one signed up (because if they wanted me to do it, they should have called me by now) so I'll check for sure and then... stay here. I don't want to work, anymore... especially since I'll be working every other day this week, including OG AND MG on Friday and Saturday and I want to go to an audition on Thursday night. So, as you can see, I need my rest, haha.

Jim called at like...2am. They still hadn't left yet. Apparently it's a 14 hour drive, so I hope they left not too long after that. He's not taking his car anymore, which is good because I'd be scared of him driving into the night with no sleep. I hope he calls me again before he gets there because I will have NO contact with him until he gets back. They're gonna be in the middle of the desert so no cell phones, internets... nothing. Which reminds me, if anyone out there REALLY needs to talk to him (i'm talking like, emergencies, not about your hair or something) call me and I'll call Eric (who isn't leaving until Thursday, and would be able to get him the message by Friday) but if it's after Thursday.. sorry. Dix_huit, I'm talking to you, here. Don't go try and contacting Jim, again. He won't be there. ;)

I'm gonna buy some groceries today. Yay.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JIM'S MOM!!!!!!! She is, by far, the best mom of a boyfriend ever.

Also, happy birthday to Cameron, who will probably never read this. I baked him a cake.

I can't believe Katrina. What a bitch.

Last night after Jim and I talked about lunch, we ate it and then we drove to the pch and up into Ventura county. We went to Mugu point for a while then turned down Topenga Canyon to get back. I wanted to take Muholland (because it has the best views in LA) and we did... but we apparently took the weird, side street part of Mulholland... which eventually turns into several miles of dirt road and then dead-ends. I was laughing the whole time. Jim was not. I don't think that was the REAL Mulholland... but I am determined to drive from Hollywood to where ever Muholland actually DOES go, someday.

Oh, also, Jim bought me a rose at the gas station. That proves it was a real date and not just boredom. And then, later, we went to Denny's.

I have come to the conclusion that there are some people who go out to eat for the sole purpose of bossing someone around and making them feel bad, because they have someone who does it to THEM. Those people need to GET OVER IT and leave me and my homies alone.

Today Jim and I ate crackers and cheese. And kitty is sleeping behind the computer. Awwwwww.

I'm excited about Jim leaving for Burning Man, actually. I am just so SICK of that guy. Hahahaha, just kidding. I'll probably worry about him a lot since he'll be completely unreachable. Tomorrow kitty is coming to stay at my apartment (YAY!) where he'll enjoy the comforts of carpeting and central air. And no ants or other bugs getting into his food and/or personal space. He'll probably never want to leave.

My sister got her ear pierced in NYC. I'm still jealous. I would post the picture she sent me of it, but I can't yet. Maybe I'll get her to send it to my email address and THEN I'll be able to do it. Oh man... also, Jen saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels on broadway... and not only does this show have Sherie Rene Scott (my vocal twin) in it, but it has Joanna Gleason (my, uh... idol) in it. I am SO JEALOUS.


Ok, that seals the deal. I have to go to NYC. Before this cast leaves. Maybe I'll start a fund. It's amazing how one show renewed my interest in broadway shows. Just now.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm killing some time, waiting for my laundry to finish so's I can go meet Jim and talk about lunch. Not eat it... just talk about it.

So, those of you who are receiving birthday gifts, you'll be happy to know that yesterday I bought the necessary supplies. It didn't even cost that much, which is also nice. Not that I should brag about how much I DIDN'T spend... but I am. I think you'll all find them to be perfect.

Wow. Imagine this. I already knew I wouldn't be able to get financial aid because of the lack of credits that I could take during a semester (which makes it impossible to go to school this fall) but I just got a letter from PCC saying I don't qualify for ANY financial aid... even if I COULD go to school full-time! That seems... impossible. I mean, I have no money, my family has no money.... what is going on here? Will I ever be able to finish school? If I am, will I have to work 6 jobs to pay for it? These answers and more coming soon...

We had a MG meeting today. It was full of a lot of screaming things (Macgrill rocks!) and clapping for the various people there to help open the store. I think it'll be good, though. The only downfall is that we're supposed to tip EVERYONE out. And I am not kidding. Everyone. Except the cooks, dishwashers and managers. But they'll probably want some $$$ eventually, too.

I'll update again later. I need to go check on the... laundry.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Jesus He Knows Me"ByGenesis

Pretty poor quality... but I thought the timing was right. Sorry to overload you all with the members of Genesis.

So, I MAY have found a new roommate for when my lease is up. My friend Dustin may need to move or may have a roommate moving out, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things work out. Because i'm poor. And believe it or not but there aren't a lot of studio apartments in LA for <$600. (which is sad.)

And yes, Dustin is gay. AND he's a republican. EVERYONE wins!

Other than that, I worked for a while today... and yesterday. My sister is in NYC right now. LUCKY.

Tonight is taco night! Woo! That will certainly be delicious.

Man, I feel like I had a lot more to say. Oh. Well, I am feeling kind of down lately. It's just that I'm not DOING anything. Dix huit, I think you can relate (I only say that based on your last xanga entry---not because I think you suck or anything). I can't go to school in the fall because of the MG. That's all there is to it. To be eligible for financial aid, I would need to take more classes than I have time to take based on the availability I gave them. Ugh. So... I have to wait till the spring semester. AND... I mean, jeez. I am definitely not doing anything productive. I'm not in a show, I can't afford acting class or voice lessons (I have promised myself that I WILL start dance classes again soon because I HAVE TO)... I can't even afford to get my headshots printed, let alone do an agent mailing. I'm so not... proactive in my "career." But it is REALLY HARD to be. I wish I could have a real job.

But I hate real jobs, too.



If I think of what else I wanted to say, I'll post it later. For now.... I leave you with this message.

This is all for now because I have to get ready for work... but MAN. Check out the trailer for the new HP movie. As much as I dislike the movies, this one is looking a-pretty-pretty good. Very LOTRish.

I liked this book A LOT, too. Hopefully it's better than the third movie.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Whoopsie daisy!

What's even better is the John Stewart commentary from the Daily Show.
I haven't given you guys a real update in... as many days ago as Saturday was. Probably because I was "soooo busy."

Let's see. On Sunday I did NOTHING. I talked to my sister for a couple of hours about HP and my theory... and then I couldn't fall asleep until like 4am. And that sucked.

Monday I worked a double. I made my $20 in the morning, called my parents, sang in my car in the parking garage (that was fun) and then I went back to work for 2 hours as the breaker. Then Jim and I went to Target and then to Bennigan's in Glendale. He bought a whole bunch of stuff for burning man next week. Eating so late, however, gave me bad dreams.

TODAY, though... today was the OG employee party. It was fun except for the really awkward beginning when Nino showed up to say goodbye to Amber. That was weird for ALL of us. After that, though, it got good. Paul is really funny when he's not our GM. I told him "I like this new improved Paul so much better." I took a bunch of the gifts. That was good. :)

Then I went to work and made $65. I took this party of 10 (which is auto-gratuity) and they only ordered 6 entrees to split between all of them.... and one person came in late so they had me RE-HEAT THE LEFTOVERS for that person. It was, perhaps, the most ghetto thing ever. Jimmy (not MY Jimmy, but Jimmy at work) talked to them in Korean, but I don't know Korean. Obviously. He said "I'm from a Korean family and even WE don't do that!" Not to them, though. I didn't mind except for the fact that they asked at a really bad time. I still made $32 off them so I don't care. It was funny, though. And weird.

I got really sunburnt at the party today. I just noticed that.

Tomorrow, if I can get a couple headshots printed, I'm going to go to an audition for Knott's berry farm's Halloween.... show. Or some sort. That'll be fun. Of course, I'm not likely to get cast, since I never get cast anymore, but it's worth a shot.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I wish I wouldn't have wanted to read Harry Potter until all the books were published. I just finished 6... and although I already knew (thanks to the tactlessness of some people) what happened, it STILL sucked and it was still heartbreaking and what is even WORSE is what Harry says to Ginny at the end. Jeez. That makes me MAD. I can see why he thought it necessary... although I hope it doesn't pan out. And I hope I'm being discreet enough.

However, I am happy about Tonks and Lupin... but still sad about Sirius. He was the BEST.

And yes, I know it's not real. But that doesn't mean it's not sad.

My bookmark is lonely.
When work sucks and you're not feeling so great.... there's nothing like The Flying Spaghetti Monster to cheer you up.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Grrrrrr. I just went to put $5 on my laundry card and the machine stole my money. I am mad. I called and left a message since this has happened before. I'll go down to the office before I leave for work today, too. When you're as poor as I am, $5 is a BIG DEAL.

Yesterday I worked a double... and I made a cool $10 during lunch. Wooo... hoo. I was breaker at night, so that $10 is already gone, seeing as though I had to eat yesterday and pay for parking.

Jim and I went to Chipotle and Cold Stone after work, which was good. I got low fat ice cream. Hahaha. I'm sure the fact that there is brownie, chocolate chips and fudge in the mixture will cancel that out. I actually like frozen yogurt and the low-fat ice creams, though. I don't know why.

Well, Lauren left this morning, which means I have the room allllll to myself for the next month. Hooray! Not that I mind having a roommate, but I also like... having my own room. I've been looking into studio apartments around town.... since I'll be working in the valley I think I might actually have to STAY HERE (which sucks)... but at least it's cheaper. Well, not "here" as in archstone because yes, I HATE HATE HATE ARCHSTONE (despite that article), but "here" as in the valley. However, I found a really cute studio in silver lake for $600 last night... I'm sure it won't still be there by the end of September, but a girl can dream. Dream about living near her hair salon....

Dear Christy,

I would like you to come visit. Please accept my offer. You can bring Tom. He seems pretty ok. ;) I don't know what we'd do, but I'm sure it would be a fun time in da city.

Your friend and associate,

I found this list of the 100 greatest progressive rock albums last night (i don't know who made the list, but it was there) and look who got the #4 spot.... GENESIS. And not just genesis, SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND. It beat out Dark Side...... holy crap. Not many people I know have heard "old-school" (as I like to call them) Genesis, with my fav Peter Gabriel, but they are AMAZING. And weeeeeiiiiirrrrddddd. But mostly amazing. Go listen to them on your i-tunes. Here are some suggestions:

Firth of Fifth
The Musical Box
Supper's Ready
Harold the Barrel
Anything from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Man, even their artwork is cool. "Old School" Genesis, you get a forever thumbs up from me.

And thanks again to will and mike from introducing them to me back in 11th grade.

Oh. Wow. I just noticed Lauren left the lamp she bought for the room. I hope this means I can keep it. I could really use that for the rest of my life.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Sledgehammer"ByPeter Gabriel

Only the greatest video ever.... EVERYONE loves Peter Gabriel. God, wow.... he was so ahead of his time. I think if I could meet anyone alive... it'd be Peter Gabriel. He's so freaking awesome.

I think I'll do a new video for a couple of weeks... until I get tired of looking for new videos.

Tonight at work I made $50. I had a party that was supposed to be 9 people (automatic gratuity added on) but only ended up being 7 so the tip was left up to them. The bill was $187... I got $25. It could have been WAY worse (I was FREAKING OUT because they had so much alcohol and I didn't want to not be able to tip out enough) but since that was only 13% it could have been better, too. Tomorrow I work a double, breaker in the evening.

I filled out my FAFSA today, with my mom on the phone. That was fun. Last night Jim and I went to the Macaroni Grill in Burbank to see what it's like. It's definitely a step up from the OG... the food is better and it seems "classier." I also finally watched the harry potter 3 movie... it was ok. I mean, the books are WAY WAY better. In fact, the movie was really absurd. And very short. It was Harry Potter, the abridged version.

Jim loves little Chloe kitty, too. She climbs all the way up your leg. How sweet.

Man, don't you just love that Crazy Crab (below)? I do. It was the most hated sports mascot ever. He was with the Giants in 1984. He would run sideways across the bases to boos from the stands and kids throwing things at him. That is AWESOME. I do a pretty freaking sweet impression of a crab which I will one day show you, if I ever find out how to get a video on here, and ever MAKE the video.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Crazy Crab

Crazy Crab

I love me some crazy crab.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005



LOOK AT THIS KITTY!!!!!! She is so sweet. She loves to climb people's leg when they're on the computer.. She's just adorable. She runs and jumps and does all kinds of cute kitty things. She also just sits on your lap. She's like... perfect. And so cute.

I worked a double yesterday. At night I had a party of 35 from the Geffen Playhouse. I wanted to talk to them... but I couldn't really do that as their server. So... I didn't. Ed told me last night he was talking to the artistic director of the place he's doing Urinetown (he's also in the show) and he asked Ed if I was pissed that i wasn't cast. Ed said I wasn't HAPPY about it and Ryan said he had no idea why I wasn't cast, they thought I was better than the other girls. Ed told him how we joked about "we come as a package deal" and Ryan said that would have actually WORKED and I was like "nooooo! why can't we go back in timmmmmme???" Of course, if they would allow people to come as a package deal... than...that's kind of weird. But it is refreshing to know that I don't suck and it's just them who suck.

Anyway, Sunday I finished Harry Potter 5 (as I said) and I was sad. I started 6 yesterday on my break and I'm about 200 pages in. I was so concerned about their OWL scores.... Jim and I went to Mel's on Sunday night (Tribe wasn't having service, they were just watching a movie) and I spent way too much money. But the food is soooooo good.

Too bad this kitten isn't mine and that I'll have to say goodbye to her in a little over a month. She's just so cute.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ugh... why won't he just meet with her? I realize he is not expected, nor HAS to do anything, and it is certainly within is rights to ignore her... but WHY? If someone wanted me to talk to them that badly I'd just do it, no matter what it meant. Jeez.

And that neighbor.... he's crazy. If that's Texas, I have another reason why I never want to go NEAR Texas. It was a little hard to take him seriously, however, when he couldn't even speak English correctly. (which is ironic, since so many of the people here who can't speak English correctly are the ones who want people speaking other languages to get out. Of course, I don't know it if's true about this guy. And I digress...)

Sigh... you know, I had this table from Ireland the other day. At the end of the meal, I wanted to talk to them about Europe. I'd REALLY like to go there someday (especially Ireland) but I'm afraid if things stay the way they are now, it'd be bad. I'm afraid people would be like "stupid American" and tell me to leave or something. Not because they're elitist (because I think WE are the most "elitist" country in the world) but because of how much we've done to MAKE them feel that way. They... understood and said "In Europe it's different." From what they said, people are LESS likely to hate you. Who knows. It just sounds like Europe may be a better place to be, what with all their affordable health care and such. I guess it's probably hard to be materialistic when clothes and "toys" and things are SO expensive. But sometimes... in the middle of the night... when I think about my life... I think I'd give up my things to be able to go to the doctor.

Call me crazy.
Finished Harry Potter 5...

Not Sirius!!!!!! :( :( :(

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Some little girl at one of my tables liked my little girl barrettes.

I made $70 tonight after tip out. It was no yesterday, but it could have been worse, I guess. My second table snapped their fingers at me, which made me furious, and my last table only tipped me $2.54 on $25, which made me pretty angry, but oh well. That old, crazy lady who accused me of tampering with her food was back today. Lauren was her server. She was equally as crazy to Lauren, except she didn't think Lauren did anything to her food. That woman is CRAZY.

Jim and I went to Jonnnie's earlier, and we just got back from Denny's. I'm really tired from work. Luckily I have tomorrow off to rest... and READ. We were gonna watch the Harry Potter 3 movie today but it got too late. And Blockbuster didn't have it.

We're having an OG employee party the week after next. I am SO EXCITED. Today Amber sent out a ballot for Funniest, Most helpful, Most outgoing and Best overall employee. EVERYONE voted for Pedro for the last category... including Pedro. She said that those of us who are leaving soon will only "win" if we win by a landslide.... but she also said "and I think you'll probably win for funniest." Although I don't agree... if anything, I'd say most outgoing. I dunno. Anyway, I hope I DO win something (because I looooooove to win things).

Kellee is getting a kitten tomorrow!!! Now I'll have kitties everywhere!! Yay!

I want to go to Melrose tomorrow... but I think I'm too poor. I think this week, however, will be the week where I buy the supplies needed for the birthday presents. I don't have any bills due until the end of the month, so I should be ok to spend a little on what I need. I don't think it'll cost much anyway.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

PS - I forgot to mention that I've taken to wearing little girl barrettes in my hair. I'm quite fond of them.


There sure is a lot of red in my hair... I don't notice until I see it from the top... in a cell phone picture...
My friend Will got married today! Yayay!! I remember when he proposed... and how I was rooting him on. Now he's all married and such. I say, CONGRATULATIONS.

I'm obviously not there, because the wedding is in Kansas, but I did look into going... and flights to Kansas are surprisingly expensive.

Last night I made $100 before tip out. I couldn't believe it. That's only the second time I've made $100 in one shift there. I walked with $83, but still... wow. I didn't think my last table was going to tip me (they were so... strange. The guy looked like a 1976 disco king/used car salesman and the woman was wearing blue lace-like pants that you could see through) but they did, and we were all shocked, and the kids ran around me and tried to sell me packets of salt. He said "I've got a packet of salt and a packet of pepper. How much will you give me for them?" and I just looked at this kid and was like "Well... I don't need any salt or pepper, so I wouldn't give you anything for them" and walked away because those kids were ANNOYING.

Maybe I've been reading too much Harry Potter, but I felt a sudden urge to rise up against our managers and their shifty, shady ways. I guess it's a good thing I'm leaving there in 3 weeks.

So... *I* thought things with me and Jim were great. Except a couple fights (and we hadn't fought in a LOOOOOOOONG time before the other day) I was always really happy and I told everyone (when they asked) that things were great and etc etc etc. However, apparently Jim feels differently. I guess he's not excited about the relationship anymore, which was really surprising and I wouldn't have been able to tell at all. Yesterday I told him i wanted to talk to him... and what *I* wanted to tell him was that I really didn't want to lose him. Not that anything had to HAPPEN because of this, but that it was just... true. Because i don't. And then he goes and tells me this stuff he's been feeling (and telling a lot of people other than me, who was totally in the dark) and I'm just like... wha? Normally if something is really wrong, *I* would know. Like, you know, I would feel like something was wrong, too. But not now... and so I'm really surprised and really NERVOUS and I'm not quite sure what to do. I'm just filled with all these person doubts now... and I'm wondering what must be wrong with me. Jim is the one bad at relationships (his words, not exactly mine. Although it does make sense since he doesn't keep in contact with any of his old friends and not even his family that much) and I am generally GREAT at relationships... and it seems if one of us is going to have a problem, it would be me... But it's NOT, and the fact that it's not me is really making me crazy. Am I really just blind to things that are going on or is there something (or somethings) wrong with me that this keeps happening?... Ugh.

I also realized yesterday (well, I mean, it didn't take a lot of deep thought or anything. It was pretty obvious) that maybe %5 of my potential is being used right now. Before all the OTHER news came out, that was another thing I told Jim... because I don't think he would have stayed with me if he didn't think I was POSSIBLE of doing anything (since I'm not currently proving it) and to tell him that I could feel the time would arise soon when I WOULD be doing something. I don't know why I feel like that, but I do. I think I'm going through a phase right now. A children's literature phase. My own life is SO boring and SO stupid that I am living vicariously through the Harry Potter and Narnia kids.

Anyway, so... I don't know what is going on. I think that's the story of my life.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I realized that a lot of people who I have never met (and presumably will never meet) read my blog. That's cool... although strange, because I'm not really all that funny or interesting unless you know me. And even then it's to be debated.

I worked a split today. I only made $65ish for the day. I think my life could be better.... and yet, it could be worse, too. The restaurant has cooled down a lot since it was 85 degrees the other week. Thank God. I hated having sweat dripping down my face when talking to my tables.

During my break today I was eating with Ryan... and he told me about this dream he had where he was dating one of the Olsen twins. He said it was so great and she was such a great girlfriend... and when he woke up he was overcome with a great sadness and depression. Then, later, he saw an issue of In-Touch (or something) and it was talking about Mary-Kate's new boyfriend and he said that the depression swept over him all over again as he was reminded that he was never her boyfriend and never would be. This whole conversation was one of the funniest things I've ever heard. Finally I slammed my fork down and said I couldn't deal with it anymore and he just left. It was so funny.

Jim's apartment got sprayed for termites yesterday so he had to evacuate kitty, who received the pleasure of sitting in jim's office all day. I went up to Pasadena to hang out with kitty who mostly just sat on the couch. He was NOT happy to travel, though. It was so sad to hear him inside the cage. He is ok NOW of course, but it was bad for a while. Anyway, after I helped him get back home I wanted ice cream from McDonald's and since I didn't want to drive there, I told Jim I'd buy him some if he drove. So he did, and then we realized we were really hungry, so we got food.. and then we ate the food and then got into a fight because of Jim's lack of sensitivity over my family's financial situation. I cried a lot. I tend not to talk about things that REALLY upset me... and I doubt any of you really know the whole story (except, of course, my sister) but maybe someday I'll tell it. It's really sad, though. Most of the time when I tell people this story they cry. Really. Well... maybe because the last person I told it to was Justin... and he is more emotional than most people I know. But still! I bet I could make at least one of you cry.

My whole body hurts. I don't know why.

I'm like... 40% done with Harry Potter 5. I am getting mad at the book, though. Harry is acting like such a jerk. And I'm mad at the ministry. Jeez. I suppose, however, that I'd be mad under his fictional circumstances, but I don't think I'd scream as much as he does. As I told Jim "I thought Harry was better than that."

Jim got last minute tickets to see Sigur Ros tonight. I stayed at work.

God, I can't imagine my life without Ernesto. He is so freaking hilarious. I wish I could videotape him. Unfortunately he's a vampire so he won't show up on film. I'm gonna miss him sooooo much when I go to the MG.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Stole this from one of jimmy's friends...

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

You can really tell we took i-70 here, huh?

We really should have gone to Maine on that road trip....

I finished Harry Potter 4 yesterday. WOW! I don't even know what else to say about it because it was REALLY good. I started 5 (a book I have fond memories of because of Huron and that crazy jason mcdonald). Yesterday was also, obviously, my sister's birthday. woot.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Ok, so the following people WILL BE RECEIVING BIRTHDAY GIFTS... sometime soon:


("soon" being as soon as I get supplies and the time)

The following people will NOT be receiving birthday gifts:

the queen of england
Dr. Dre

Ok, soooooo... I started Harry Potter 4. God, I am such a nerd. I was thinking about it in the shower today (obviously this is the only time I have to think, since the rest of it is spent in these books) and my ideas of fun include singing in a choir, rehearsing a musical, reading an adventure book, writing on this blog and PRETENDING. Almost everything I like to do involves something that isn't... real. My imagination has gone crazy. The other day ALL i wanted to do was build a fort. I was thinking about how much fun it would be for us at work to have forts in the back of the restaurant and play some kind of game. Man. That WOULD be fun. Sometimes I wish I liked to go out.... ever... I think I'd be closer to my friends.

I haven't eaten a real meal since Friday night. I really need to get on that.

Ok, Christy, I didn't know you had a birthday on the 1st of this month. Had I of known that, I would have said something along the lines of "today is Jim's cousin Christy's birthday! Yayayay!!! Happy Birthday to her! Everyone LOVES Christy!!! YAY!!!" I just added you to the list of people receiving birthday gifts when/if I get the supplies and time. All I need now are... the supplies.... and time.
I had a comment the other night from someone named John (not THE John, but A john) saying he thought a 10% tip was good. It's expected at my restaurant, but a 10% tip is VERY BAD. 15% is acceptable, but 20% is STANDARD. 20% makes a GOOD tip... anything less is... tears.

I would have updated yesterday but I literally have spent every hour that I wasn't at work the last two days (or sleeping, or showering, etc) since I got my package from my mom, reading Harry Potter 3. I finished about an hour ago. I only got about 40 pages done before work yesterday, then halfway through before bed and about 70 pages left before work today, and then I finished it. Obviously. Now I can start the 4th book. :)

Harry Potter has been haunting my dreams (just like that pig did, last week). The night before I got the package I dreamt of some kind of Harry Potter-esque scenario and last night I did, too. My mom also sent some mega M&Ms, $20 (where'd she get $20!?!?!) and a letter... and since mom officially told me "the news" in the letter, I can actually talk about it... so no, Jen, you can't get mad, now.

So, my parents are losing their house. They can't afford the mortgage and I think they have <6 months until the sheriff comes back. I already knew, but if I WOULDN'T have known, the way my mom "told me" would have been the worst way to break something to someone, ever. "just so you know, we're losing the house..." I was never surprised... in all reality, I think I'm a little relieved, because I know my dad won't have to sleep on his office floor anymore once they are forced to move... but it's really weird to think about how I no longer have a home. I can "go home" for Christmas, but I don't know where i'd be going. I mean.... this is REALLY it. I'm REALLY on my own, now... and to everyone who thought it was a mistake for me to move, now I'm sure you can see why I really didn't have a choice to begin with. I knew this was coming... there was no use pretending it wasn't. My mom will always be ok... I'm sad for my dad because I think he probably feels like this is THE biggest let down he could ever do. We know it's not his fault. I just feel bad..

And I don't think anyone knows what is going to happen to Jen, as she has at least two years left at Akron.

Anyway.... I made a little over $55 tonight, Jim came to visit (I gave him a coupon) and I went to Justin's party for approximately 20 minutes. I made him a goodbye card. Ernesto wrote "I love you justin" and drew a bleeding heart... *I* love ernesto. And Justin.

And that Harry Potter.

EDIT: Oh, also, I did get my hair cut, my heart has been acting normally pretty much (I've determined it feels like fluttering... it's happened about once a day since the first day it was happening) and cook Hugo accidentally elbowed me in the stomach today and managed to knock the wind out of me. Coincidentally, this was the second time that happened in a week (Jim did it earlier) and next time, I'm just gonna force myself to puke on whoever does it to me. Somehow.

Friday, August 05, 2005

I only made $30 at work again tonight. Bleah. One lady tipped me $3 on $35 and was, like... IMPRESSED with her tip. She gave me a $100 bill and said "Just make the total $38.." and smiled at me. I was like "uh.... thanks." I also had one of our new hosts and her three friends at one of my tables. Her discount was $13 and the bill was $45... they tipped $8. I would have expected that if one didn't work here... but an employee tipping less than 20%?? WTF? I think that sums up my olive garden life... I can't even get 20% from people I work with, let alone anyone else... because people are cheap bastards when they eat at our restaurant.

I HAVE to get my hair cut tomorrow. I don't have enough money to do this, but I have to. It looks ridiculous. I wish my hair would stop growing so fast. At least I work night shifts tomorrow and Saturday. Hopefully I'll make more than $30...

Leona is trying to get me a stand in job on "the suite life." I don't know if it'll work (they want a boy for the job, but leona is pushing for me because I am, in her words, HILARIOUS and good at physical comedy), but that'd be pretty cool. Ed is once again going to try to get me into Urinetown. I guess the girl playing Becky Two Shoes keeps missing rehearsal and not telling anyone. *I* would have come to rehearsal. I also would have been able to carry the soprano part OR alto part. THOSE FOOLS!!!

Pedro SAID he applied at the MG. I really hope he did. I love Pedro more than anyone at work and that is saying a lot since I love everyone at work SO MUCH.

Jenna saw my rocky horror pictures and she was astounded by how different I look. She said it was probably because she mostly sees me in my work clothes (and I added "...and not a leather corset.")

Friday (technically today, I guess) is Jim's brother Charlie's 23rd birthday! Woooooo! Happy Birthday to him. I will be sending the brother birthday cards shortly. My sister's birthday is next Tuesday. She'll be 20. Wow. Weird. I remember when I was 20. It was only two years ago....


Thursday, August 04, 2005

My head hurt most of the day so I didn't do anything besides go to orientation for the MG. We don't start training until the 27th, then we have a week off, and then we start again on the 2nd of September. I have... a lot of time to do stuff.

I just downloaded windows media player ot the computer, even though there isn't any sound. I'm sure I'll get speakers SOME DAY...

Last night Jim and I went to Target for him to buy stuff... and then to Baja Fresh. It was good. I got the first of my packages today...for some reason the new shirt didn't ship, but the pants did. I'll have to look into why that is and if they're still gonna charge me for 2 day shipping. There was sooooo much stuff i want to buy at Target (I didn't, though... obviously) and I made Jim follow me around to humor me. I wish I would have lived in a dorm... ever. It would have been so much fun to decorate.

Tomorrow I work at 4 but I feel as though I want to do something before then... but we all know I don't have enough money to do things.

Ugh... my head still hurts. I should go to bed.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I just took the longest route home from work ever.

I took Beverly Glen to work today because it's faster, so I thought it'd be fun to take it home. And THEN I got to Mulholland Dr., which I've never taken before, so I thought that'd be fun to take, too. So I'm driving around Mulholland and the view is really nice and blah blah blah.. and all of a sudden I notice I'm no longer on Mulholland, and on Coldwater Canyon, on the way back DOWN the mountain... but not towards the valley, towards the city... again. And when Coldwater dumps me off on Rexford and then on Sunset... I am about a MILE from where I got on Beverly Glen from Sunset to begin with. SO... I just went home. Look at the map and my ridiculous route.,+ca&ll=34.101997,-118.400345&spn=0.059011,0.116764&hl=en

Ok, that was dumb and a dumb post. Oh well. Work was fine... I made the $20 I knew I would. Woo.
Well, I made $75 at work today which is good since I thought I'd only make $40 over the next two days. :) Hooray. I get to eat this week! Sort of...

I still can't believe I got that gift certificate. It was a like dream come true.

Ok, so, what I'm about to say is really really... odd. The other day I was asleep and having this weird dream and all of a sudden my heart started to beat so fast and hard that it woke me up. I thought it was just something that happened in the dream. Maybe it was, I dunno. Anyway, today, all day, I've just been standing there or whatever and my heart will start to beat really hard for a couple seconds and then go back to normal. It's happened like 20 times today... at least. I haven't had any hot flashes or anything but I did get dizzy ONCE. I have no idea why this is happening. I'm not stressed out, it never happened when I was actually doing anything, I EAT and stuff... I'm a 22 year old female who is not overweight and is active... it just doesn't make any sense. I should probably go to the doctor. I hope I actually have the insurance I signed up for. Maybe it'll stop, though... Or MAYBE it's some kind of weird heartburn that is... weird. And heartburn. I mean, maybe I'm exaggerating. Or not. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON.

EVERYONE is leaving the OG for the MG. That makes me very happy since I love them all so much.

Ok... I just checked online, apparently I DON'T have the health insurance that i KNOW I signed up for in November. I KNOW I did this because I made such a big deal about it. Now I'm a little mad. I get direct deposit so it's not like I get to see my paystub (especially since our managers never give me my paystub) to see if any money had been taken out. Well that sucks. Man... so I guess I'll, uh.... definitely have to sign up for some insurance with the MG. I haaaate Darden. I hope I don't die because of them.

Growl. I KNOW I did that.

Ok, whatever. I am so done with those bastards.

In other news... well, I guess there is no other news. We did try to make up a new happy birthday song, today... maybe we'll actually perform it sometime. Maybe we'll actually finish making it up sometime, too. I also scared Jenna in the parking lot. It was hilaaaaaarious.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Thanks, "?"


Someone DID send me a target gift card! I was totally kidding, but holy crap, does this come in handy! WOW! Thanks "?"! Thanks a million times!

Wow... well... that's just amazing. I was able to pick up a shift on Monday night (which means I'll be able to eat this week, haha) so tomorrow I work a split. Wow. God REALLY DOES provide! (uhh.... duh)

I've been listening to the Beatles for like the last 3 hours. If you didn't know, the Beatles are the greatest band of all time. I started to think about how much awesomeness they produced and then I cried a little. They're just so... awesome.

I went to tribe and my stomach started to hurt. And then, jeez, well, Kayla was running the show and she had people express thoughts through art on this one passage... and the only thing I could think to draw was a picture of a pig, who i named "A. Pig." I told Jim to hang it on his wall, but he won't do it. It's pretty funny. This pig has been haunting my dreams. I almost got out of bed last night because this pig came to me in a dream and I felt the strong urge to draw it. WTF. That's probably the weirdest thing I've ever said.

I just ordered my target clothes for work, so yay. Wow. I still can't believe that. Thank you again, anonymous person. That's definitely one of the most surprising, best-timed and nicest gifts ever. :)