Monday, July 16, 2012

be a kid when you're a kid

This is gonna make people hate me, but I don't care:

I am so glad I am thin NOW as opposed to being really thin in high school/college.

Listen, man, I was never fat and I was never more than a size 8, so it's not like I went through some kind of struggle to get here. My life has been EASY. However, what's the POINT when you're younger?? You don't have enough common sense to use your thinness for good, rather than evil.

I was looking through old photos last night, and I realized I have never felt prettier in my life than I have the last couple of years. Some of it has to do with the fact that I only break out now at certain points in my menstrual cycle, some of it has to do with being a size 2, some of it has to do with being married to the best guy ever and some of it has to do with eating habits and KNOWLEDGE.

So, kids, stay kids. Eat right, but don't worry about being thin when you're a teenager. If you're thin THEN and gain weight later, you'll just be filled with regret. Most of your life is spent being an adult and that's the only time it really matters. Just enjoy not paying rent when you're a kid. And, also, learn how to speak, because I am sick of hearing/seeing things like "Doorbell don't work" and "I seen it at [such and such a place]."