Sunday, June 29, 2008

i love peter gabriel, too!

Chris and I just got back from seeing WALL-E with our friend John Pasha, who is in the resident troupe, and it was SO GOOD. I mean, it was just so, so good. I cried like a little baby at the end and I cried for no real reason at the beginning. I don't think I closed my mouth the entire movie. It's not news that I love kids' books and/or movies (especially Pixar) but I don't even think this should be classified as a "kids' movie." I don't know what could be more appealing to children than adults. It was wonderful. Really, just beautiful and wonderful and everyone should go see it.

We've been fed for free a couple of times this week. Today was the NEH welcome picnic at the MBC campus so we had dinner and cake there. Last night was Ginna's birthday party and I had way too much sugar. I was house assisting with Solomon and we both got these iced mochas before the show... holy crap did it go right to my head. I wasn't so much hyper as I was dizzy and extra scatterbrained. It's 100% because I didn't eat dinner until 10pm. Too much caffeine and sugar, nothing to balance it out. After the show I ate dinner but then I had two mini Twix, two s'mores and half a piece of cake at Ginna's. It was a lot of fun, though. She had hula hoops. Oh, and, the funniest part of the night was when we looked over at Matt, who was sitting on the blanket where all the candy from the piƱata had fallen, and eating it (licking candy wrappers and everything) all by himself. It was hilarious. On Friday the a group from UVA was here and they threw an opening night party for the resident troupe at a restaurant in downtown. I ended up making friends with Dennis and singing the last scene of Rent for Rene. I also told everyone about Shakespeare's inside joke in Shrew (it's a throw back to Two Gents), including Ralph, who founded the theatre, and everyone agreed that it HAS to be an inside joke. Someday, if you're lucky, maybe I'll tell you, too, of my discovery.

The box office was a pretty stressful place Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Thursday it was supposed to rain so I wore my rain boots and then everyone made fun of me. By "everyone" I am also including patrons of the theatre because someone said something along the lines of, "Well THERE'S a fashion statement!" as I was wheeling the bar cart through the lobby (I was also wearing a dress... but the rain boots MATCHED the dress so it was nothing but practical). I kept saying they wouldn't be laughing when it started to rain... which it of course never did. Everyone laughed at me and I didn't even get to rub it in their faces when I had dry feet and they did not. It was just a bad night. Plus, in the summer the boots get really hot.

Tomorrow we are getting paid and I can't wait. We HAVE to get the kitchen cart this week... we only have enough counter to hold the dish drainer and that's not enough. Perhaps we'll also buy another fan. I am going to get my hair cut, hopefully tomorrow. I haven't gotten it cut since we were in Jefferson City, MO in March. Now that I have no hair requirements I think I might bring back my bangs.

I love having days off. It's really good. I also love having internet access. Thanks for joining me at this, the new blog location.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Start coming here again!!

After thinking about it for... TENS of minutes, I have decided to come back to blogger for my regular blogging. Why? Because tripod really sucks. People haven't been able to comment for YEARS and I might as well combine my blogging efforts into one hosting network. So, this is it. I am even going to change the link on my stupid homepage that no one ever goes to. It's DONE. I am now owned by google.

I don't have to work until 6pm today and that is AWESOME. I slept for like 11 hours last night just because I COULD. This morning Chris got up and ran at like 7am and at 2pm I jumped rope in my room which was just... really sweaty. I thought about running for a couple of minutes but... hahahaha... that didn't happen. I DO want to run again, though... mainly because I have a place to run at. I'm no longer getting exercise at work so I should do SOMETHING other than my 10 minute walk 2-4 times a day. I like walking to work... I'd like to be able to walk to the grocery store, too.

This old blogger blog is funny. I stopped posting in the summer of 2006 right after I started dating Chris. Apparently when I started dating him I stopped copying my posts from tripod over here... so there's this big gap of blogger history. If you were to read this blog you'd see the waning days of my sadness turn into sudden normal-ness. That was a good summer... the summer of '06. Actually, it wasn't just good, it was the BEST summer ever. I was so tan, I got in to the rec center for FREE, and I was living and working with my best friends and we were all performing in Jesus Christ Superstar!!!! I'm telling you, life couldn't have been better. I miss them all except Chris, who I still live with. And I'm not sad, I'm engaged. Hahahaha. Life is weird. And what's even weirder is that I'm forcing myself to start drinking and liking DIET COKE!!!! Right now operation Diet Coke seems pointless, like it will never succeed... but clearly anything can happen in one lifetime.

So, my poor sister has a parasite living in her intestines. I hope she doesn't give it to my grandma. My dad is also sick (hopefully not with a parasite) and is getting his heart shocked on July 3rd. The hotel is open but they thought more rooms would be open by this weekend, so they booked them... but the new rooms won't be ready yet. This is a problem. I think opening a new hotel must be really stressful and my dad has only had one day off in the last month and a half. This can't be good for a man with heart problems.

After I jumped rope today I made some iced tea and as I was about to take my first, delightful sip I noticed that the glass had a big crack on it. I threw out the tea (and the glass) but it really upset me because I had used all the ice and can't have any tea until the ice is ready, which won't be for a while. What a stupid reason to be upset. My sister has a PARASITE and I'm upset about iced tea.

I want to go to the beach REALLY bad. I knew listening to the Beach Boys would do this to me.

Ok, that's it for right now... I'm going to see if I can move the last post from my old blog over here to even things out a little bit....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This is week two at the box office. Luckily I have more of an idea of how to do my job. I still ask a lot of questions, but that's just me. I'm really looking forward to doing stuff with the gift shop. We're out of like... everything. And *I* want to get some new t-shirts or something. The "baby doll" tees are too short unless you get a large or extra large and then they're too boxy.

I've had to wake up at 8am almost every day. Those of you who know me know that this is.... not my favorite thing to do. I better get used to it, though. I went to bed at 11:30pm last night and still woke up tired. I'm one of those creepy night people who get everything done at night (even exercise) and now I CAN'T. Oh well.

I saw Measure for Measure last Thursday and I was so surprised by... everything. I saw this play at Kent in 2002 but I didn't care then and had no idea what happened other than someone fell in love with a nun. I REALLY liked it here! The scene where Angelo was threatening Isabella and trying to BE with her was AWESOME! I was so proud of Rene and Sarah... I mean, it's not every day when you turn to your fiance next to you and say, "this scene is AMAZING!" while it's going on. Or maybe YOU do. I don't know. What I DO know is that I really ended up liking the play a lot. It's really messed up. I mean, it's like the most messed up play ever. The messed up-ness makes it really interesting, though. It's funny and WEIRD and still relates to very current issues. Good job, Shakespeare. Good job making your plays relevant FOREVER.

Yesterday the cable man came and now we have TV AND INTERNET!!!! It's so exciting! We were going to get Verizon but the satellite couldn't be installed because of the trees across the street. We called comcast that day and they came the next. Verizon was going to take over a WEEK to install everything. Hooray comcast... although I've heard they suck in other areas. We will see. Actually, I'm SURE they're going to suck all the time but at least they came to install the stuff really fast.

Chris and I went to Daniel's house on Monday and visited his new dog, GOBBO (awwwww!) and also did laundry. I miss Daniel. I miss everyone. I uploaded my pictures from the last two days, you can view them at Here's a pretty one...