Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sometimes my head hurts. right now, for one.

We went to that concert the other night. It was pretty great. Chris's friend Mike took us backstage and showed us what he does (all the video for the band) and then showed us the touring buses. He was leading us across the back of the stage while the house was open and I was literally giggling out of embarrassment. Like, "oh my god, you guys, people who see us would think we're important and we're NOT! hehehehehehe!" The show was great. We did not meet Mr. Dave Matthews but I didn't really expect to since Charlottesville is his hometown and he has other people to see there (although you can bet I had a script prepared if I did). The lounge was alright. There was free food. It was in the cafeteria of UVA. I told Chris I was going to get a bowl of cereal.

Parking was $20. That is HIGH. I guess it's ok, though, since that's all we paid for.

I am lobby sitting right now and annoyed with how many people come to any MLitt project or show over an hour late. Then, when I tell them that it began an hour ago, even if it's just to get them to keep their voices down, they get all snip-snappity with me. Whatever, yous.

My right contact has been bothering me for days. I should probably just change them, especially since I'm planning on changing them on May 1st anyway, but I want to hold out for some reason. That is stupid. I should just DO it. I keep them in a month longer than I'm supposed to and I'm sad that they're uncomfortable by the end of the 2nd month? Dumb. Well, I can't change them right this second since I'm at work so I will have to lie in the bed I made for myself.

I can't get into AI this season. Well, maybe I should say that I DON'T WANT TO get into it this season. Everyone is so bad! Every time I watch it I am embarrassed for them. I don't like that red haired girl even though the judges think she's amazing, the guy who can sing but is so over the top just CONFUSES me and everyone else is boring. Plus, I HATE that new judge. She's CRAZY. Last season was good. Season 3 and 4 were GREAT. This season sucks. If I was ever on AI this blog post would be all over the internet and people would criticize me for it.

You know what I am not looking forward to? Assigning seats. I do feel it to be necessary for this wedding of ours but I fear it is going to take more than the hour or so Chris seems to think it will take. I have also not even started vows. I had an idea while falling asleep a couple weeks ago but nothing has become of it. I was telling Josh the other day that I think they're supposed to be directed ONLY to the person right in front of you... but in my mind I can only think of them like a speech, with explanations. I guess they can be whatever I want them to be, right? Probably...

Friday, April 17, 2009

i like cookies

Any time a dog show is on TV we always watch it. I don't know why. They are always the same dogs and usually one of us falls asleep and the other wakes [him] up to be like, "YOU'RE MISSING THE WESTIE!!!!! You've REALLY got to see this dog!!!!!!"

Tomorrow, for the first time since December, I am not working the show on a day that I am working and there is a show. I am opening, which means I am working 9-5. What's funny is that Chris's friend works on the Dave Matthews Band tour doing some kind of tech stuff and he offered Chris some free tickets for this weekend. I didn't think I'd be able to go because I assumed I'd be working the show... but I'm NOT. Which means tomorrow I am going to see DMB for FREE with some FREE lounge passes, also!!! I am excited. It is going to be pretty great. I don't even know what the "lounge" really is, but I can only assume it's... you know... awesome.

Man, listen. We're getting effing MARRIED in 2.5 weeks. It's so crazy!! Yesterday was the RSVP deadline so we have numbers and are getting food figured out (we're going to be having a PASTA BAR on Monday!!!), favors figured out, final hair things ordered, ceremony beginning to get planned out (you'd think this would have been something we would have started with before now) and I've been reading my Disney books like it's my job. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD!!!! Oh my gosh. Sometimes I have these moments of "Two weeks from today we're going to be at Animal Kingdom. But OH NO!!!! THREE WEEKS from today we're going to be back home!!!!!!!" Chris told me I couldn't be sad about leaving before I even got there. It's not going to work. I want to live at Disney World. Anyway, besides going to Disney World, we are also having a wedding first and I think it is going to be a really fun time.

Today during Hamlet some old lady took a picture (which you are not allowed to do at our theatre or any other professional theatres). When I saw the flash (yes, not only a picture, but a FLASH picture??) I thought at first that a light blew, especially because none of the ushers saw where it came from. I was talking to an usher about it when a man in the audience came up and told us who took the picture. I watched her from the side until she started aiming her camera to take another picture and then I literally RAN down the stairs,wearing a dress and high heeled boots, in the middle of the show, in a theatre that keeps the lights on, thrust myself past the couple on the end of the row behind her and made her put it away. She looked kind of pissed at intermission but seriously, it's not MY fault she didn't listen to directions. The cast was really happy that I did. A couple people came up into the lobby to tell Solomon, who was the house manager, in case he didn't already know, right after she took the original picture and then they were like, "Great job reprimanding that old lady!!" I was like... yeah. I told her. NOT ON MY WATCH, LADY!!

Speaking of cameras, we had to buy a new one. When Chris went back to Ohio somehow he broke our old one. At some point those rechargeable lithium batteries that can take like 200 pictures came out... but I didn't know about them until, say, Monday of this week. I always assumed we were still using AA batteries in all of of cameras. I am very HAPPY that these new batteries exist because AA batteries, whether or not they are rechargeable, still only take like 20 pictures before they're done. Anyway, so we saw these new, amazing batteries and figured it'd be worth it to get a camera that took it instead of the AA batteries, even though the latter would be cheaper. I love our new camera. It's super thin, super light, still holds our old memory card, 10 mega pixels and will apparently take 200 pictures before the battery needs to be recharged. It's also PURPLE. Chris loved that aspect best.

Monday, April 06, 2009

grizzly countenance indeed!!


Holy crap. Can you believe the difference?? The beardo picture was taken Sunday March 29th, the middle on Tuesday the 31st and the last one today. I never really minded the beard until I saw it now. When he came back from his haircut on the 31st I was like, "Oh my GOD! You look so good!!" He clearly looked at least 10 years younger (and no longer like a homeless person). Now he just looks like a kid. I never want him to grow that beard again! Man!! I just about fell out of my seat when I saw these pictures tonight. It's ridiculous and hilarious. Please don't make him grow that again, anyone.

Today we had dinner at McAlister's, which was great. I really like rosemary bread. I felt no guilt about eating it which made it even better. I like to be able to eat without guilt (something that doesn't happen if I go to, say, KFC).

Yesterday it was above 70 degrees, today the high was over 60 and tomorrow it is probably going to SNOW!!! That's stupid.

I did just find out Chris and I are not going to have the same day off during the month I'm working at Heritage. I'll have off on Sundays, he on Mondays. Boo. At least it's only a month.

....annnnnnd, that's all I got.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

i need to go to bed. really.

Chris is in Ohio right now. He's coming back on Sunday morning but he's not here NOW and when I see him again I might not even recognize him! He shaved today (it's still Friday to me) for the first time in over 2 years. Even seeing him with a regular beard length the other day was shocking. THRILLING, but shocking. I literally stared at him for half an hour. I usually stare at him for a while, but this was an extreme amount of staring. He looked no older than 30. You will laugh at me for saying that, but it's true. He has such nice skin!

On Monday we went to see "I Love You, Man" in Harrisonburg. Now, of course, it is playing at the theatre within walking distance, but it wasn't then and then was when we wanted to go. It was great! It was the first movie I've seen since December. Jeez. That's dumb. Anyway, it was very funny and you know how I love that Paul Rudd. If you DON'T know, here's your answer: i love him a lot.

Oh man. I got stuff in the mail today from Disney World. I am STOKED. Not only do we get a $15 credit at Planet Hollywood for food, we get a free piece of merchandise from their store! Chris asked if they sell Planet Hollywood TVs in their store. They probably don't. Oh man, though. I can't WAIT to go to Disney World. It is going to be the best time EVER and my only concern the entire time (hopefully) is going to be the stupid NBA playoffs. I CANNOT have that ruin our honeymoon. That LaBron James is something special and I need him (and the rest) to play their ASSES OFF so that we're not like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Not on our honeymoon, guys. Please. Cleveland needs you. I need you.

I took advantage of Chris's absence today by going to TJMAX. I always feel bad when he takes me there. He doesn't mind but there is nothing for him to look at so I'll find him in the back looking at books he doesn't REALLY care about. This way I had all the time in the world!... or, all the time until I had to go to work. I am not all about all the long dresses that are all over the place. I said "all" three times in that sentence. They are everywhere and all I want to do is find short dresses and skirts. I am going to be the only girl showing my knees this season. It's going to be scandalous.

Also, why is it impossible to find a bathing suit that does NOT have a halter top? I wouldn't mind a halter except they really hurt my neck. Even boleros hurt my neck. Maybe this is my own problem, but seriously. Help me out, companies. You want business. I'll give it to you if you will give me a bathing suit with shoulder straps instead of a halter top.