Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I still have this blog, even though I haven't said anything in 11 months. I'm still around. I guess I just got busy (as if I wasn't busy before).

Let's see. Since I last updated I...

--won a contest to sing on the cast recording of Pippin in the "No Time at All" chorus, and it was so much fun
--got new headshots
--filmed an episode of a web series that will hopefully be premiering SOON and I am so excited that it kills me every day when the episode is not up, yet
(this web series revolves around one of my all-time favorite Broadway performers, so it was literally a dream come true for me)
--performed at the New York Musical Theater Festival with The Water Dream and had a fantastic time
--have been taking Musical Improv, which I loooooooooove so much
--finished (regular) Improv 301 at UCB
--read 4 of the 5 Song of Ice and Fire books
--moved from Astoria to Sunnyside
--bought a new couch
--got pillow covers for the pillows on the couch
--sat on the couch

SO, clearly tons has been happening. I've also been running a LOT because Chris signed us up for a 5K when we're in Disney World next month, and I figured I didn't want to pull a muscle or get a stress fracture or something, so I better train for it.

It feels kind of silly to train for a 5K because it's only just over 3 miles.... but I hadn't run since 2008. So, yeah, I needed to train.

I did 60,000 sit ups last year. Oh! And I had to have a mole removed because it was abnormal. Now I have a scar. FOREVER! Don't ever go tanning. Wear lots of sunscreen. The sun gives you both life and death, so be sun smart!!!

My brother and his wife had a baby, and someday I will meet her (she's in Ohio and I am... not). I look forward to that day.

This winter was the worst winter in the history of time and everyone knows it. I got really depressed and couldn't/didn't want to do anything. Although, now, when it's finally starting to get nicer, there are so many people out on the streets that I miss the days when I didn't have to fight crowds to get into work.

And, of course, most importantly, (like I said above) I am going to Disney World in 34 days and no one has ever been more excited about anything, ever. I saved for 5 years for this trip and it is going to be MIDDLE CLASS EPIC. We still can't afford Deluxe epic. Well, maybe we could have, but we could have only gone for half the time. But, Middle Class Epic is better than Value Epic... and guys. Watch out. Disney World + Alisa = FOREVER