Tuesday, September 27, 2011

6 months later....

I'm so sorry. I never have time to blog anymore. I could make time, but..... no.... I couldn't. Working at only Fossil has made it a lot harder to be on the internet all day. I have no time to online window shop or constantly update myself on the weather happenings.

Here are the important things that have happened:

1. the Soho pop-up shop closed, thank God. It became the bane of my existence.
2. I went back to 5th Avenue. Yay!
3. I worked on 2 more productions of The Water Dream, one at the Peter J Sharp Theatre in midtown, the other at Shakespeare and Company in Massachusetts.
4. I performed in the NYC premiere of Ginna's one woman show, The 12 Dates of Christmas.
5. I'm currently about to open a sketch comedy show called Guilt and Fear. This weekend only!
6. This makes 5 shows this year (6 soon, because there's one more reading of TWD coming up in December) and I haven't been to an audition all year. I'm some kind of lazy actor success story.
7. We went home to Ohio for a few days and it was wonderful.
8. We went to Staunton for Johnston and Lindsey's wedding and it, too, was wonderful.
9. John Harrell is my favorite actor ever. Martha Jane said I looked like a boy (even though I was wearing a pink polka dot dress). Eliot has become even awesomer. Jenny is the best dress maker in the universe and she is also SO PRETTY.
10. It's almost my birthday month. SPOOOOOOOKY TIMES!!!!!!

If I can figure out a way to blog from my phone, maybe I'll be able to do it more often. Or ever. If not, please follow me on twitter at twitter.com/slceostyle for more timely information.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

nothin' to do

Today I was waiting on the platform of the 1 train and this guy walked up to me. I HATE it when people I don't know walk up to me while I'm on the train platform because I'm always afraid they're maniacs who are going to push me onto the tracks. This guy said something about 79th St and when I slowly (and hesitantly) looked in his direction, he wasn't even looking at me. Sometimes it takes me a minute to understand what people ACTUALLY said, and when I finally realized he was asking if the train went to 79th st, I was totally startled. He kept apologizing for starling me, but I wouldn't have been startled at all if he would have said something like, "Excuse me, do you know if this train goes to 79th st?" I didn't even know he was talking to me at first. He said something about how he knew New Yorkers didn't like to be talked to but I "looked like I knew what i was doing." Which I do. HOWEVER... come on. New Yorkers don't mind being talked to by SANE PEOPLE, it's just that most people who try to talk to you on the platform or street are definitely not sane people. They're either homeless, on drugs, crazy ramblers, or trying to sell you something. None of those things are things I want to be involved with. So, you just tend to ignore everyone. You have no choice.

But most people here are probably HAPPY to give you directions. I know I am. This place is confusing as hell, but the more people who know where they're going, the LESS people standing around in the middle of the street, blocking foot traffic.

So, I got promoted at Fossil and am finally able to go down to ONE FULLTIME JOB!!!!! Amazing!!!! I'm still doing Rockababy, but that's just one day a week. I wouldn't know what to do with 2 days off every week. Plus, you know, I really love doing Rockababy, and it's not hard or stressful, so it's not like REAL work. I'm just so happy that I am going to be able to leave work and not have to go to another job. When I'm done working, I'll be TOTALLY done working for the day. My days will go from 10 hours of work (with an hour travel each way and an hour break between, total 13 hours) to 8 hours of work, hour lunch (hour travel each way, total 11 hours) AND I'll be making more money. I get 2 hours of each day back.... and that's 10 hours a week. I still have 2 days left at the box office but then I'm gonna be hooommmmmeeeee freeeeeeeee! (I'm also happy to be working with Fossil, because I love them and I love working there.)

My sister is coming to town this week. It's going to be fun. We're going to visit Harry Potter at the Discovery Times Square Museum. (I think we are... I am hoping we can get in for free.) She is taking the TRAIN. It's going to take forever. Hopefully she's not comatose by the time she arrives. She wants to go see Obscura because she's crazy. Other than that.... I don't know what there is to do. I'll probably just take her to Astoria park, hahahaha.

I may or may not be getting sick. I hope it's may not. I am subbing 4 Rockababy classes this week AND Jen is coming here.... I do not want to be sick. Maybe it's some kind of new allergy. Or maybe lack of sleep (just last night... the night before I was ASLEEP at 11pm). Just hopefully not sick.

My girl Haley killed it on American Idol again. Man, i hope she wins. Oh yeah, also, Chris's friend, Tony Pulizzi, who played guitar at our wedding, is the lead guitarist on the show this year. They went to high school together.... Tony is one of Chris's best friends. We were watching the results show the other night and Chris just keeps saying, "That's Tony. THAT'S TONY!!!" I thought he meant on the phone or something. I was thinking, "so answer it, weirdo." Then he said Tony was on the TV and I understood. And frankly, it's pathetic that I didn't recognize him before. I have a million pictures of him from the wedding and half the time he's the ONLY one on the stage with the performers. I was even wondering what it must be like to be the lead guitarist on AI when little Haley sang to him the other night. AND, the Paul guy gave him a shout out MID-PERFORMANCE ("Tony on the gee-tar!") and the camera went right to him.... and I didn't notice. Well, to my credit, I wasn't expecting him to be there. I never recognize people out of context, anyway. It's pretty awesome, though. Chris is THRILLED by the whole thing. He called him immediately. Now I feel like I should look for Tony all over the place on TV.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

it's hard to post in March

The weather has been stupid and it's only going to be more stupid the next couple of days. It's going to be a rain/snow mix tonight. All I can do is hope that once this weather system passes, the winter is DONE. We are below normal for this time of year and winter needs to go away and pick up sticks. Serious spring abandonment.

In other news, some of the American Idol contestants are really good. I really love Haley Reinhart. She is like everything I want in a contestant on American Idol. I hope she wins. She would be the most fun winner of the show ever. In other reality TV news, Richard Blais DID win Top Chef last night and we ("we" being everyone in the world) were thrilled. If he wouldn't have won it would have sucked. Also, in REGULAR TV news, Michael's engagement to Holly on the Office was one of the best TV engagements ever! Good job. I laughed and cried.

See what I have been reduced to, winter???? I want to go outsssssiiiiiidddddddeeee!!

Chris turned 40 on Sunday. We had a good day which involved lots of food and good times with Ginna and Sheffield at the Bare Burger of Astoria. I got him a pair of shoes, new jeans, a bag, a groupon for a massage, tickets to a Mets game, new sunglasses and a keychain! I went all out, huh? That's probably more gifts than I've ever gotten him, combined. (Thanks to the extra paycheck in March for making this possible.) He was happy. If you can't go all out on someone's 40th birthday, when can you?

We did have a day of almost 80 degrees on March 18th. The 17th was really nice, too. I was doing laundry that day and the temperature kept going up.... by the time I was going to pick up my clothes I realized it was totally unnecessary for me to wear a jacket or sleeves at all. I wish it would have stayed that temperature... forever.

I painted my fingernails light purple because it reminded me of the color I used to wear in high school and because it's the only thing I can control about spring. I just can't wait to go by the park and suddenly there will be leaves everywhere. It's going to be the best day!

I feel like I have no clothes to wear but it's obviously not true. I have just exhausted my winter wardrobe. I am both sick of wearing the clothes and have worn them much more than normal because I must just own less winter clothes (strangely... since I'm from the north. I guess it's wishful thinking). Sigh.

Retail is so weird. We are starting to get summer products and SPRING hasn't even arrived for most of the country, yet. It's making my completely obvious and frustrating Spring Fever even worse.

I mean, what if spring NEVER COMES???? What if it's cold, windy and rainy and then suddenly it's 90 degrees and humid until it's cold, windy and rainy again??? What if there is no longer a spring or fall?? What if that is the new "normal" (thanks to Climate Change). WHAT IF IT IS???? You can't prove that it's NOT...

I am going insane. I miss spring so much.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

i always need a snack

Whoops. I forgot to update for a while. I knew I needed to I just... didn't.

Well, in the past month I've become somewhat obsessed with hummos. I can't stop eating it. I guess there are worse things I could be eating all the time.... like ghosts. I've been eating it mainly with carrots (but sometimes with pita chips) but then there are these times... like right now... when I just want to stick my whole hand in and scoop it out. Mmmmmm.... weird, grainy mush....

Groupon's cat has been particularly funny the last couple days. One of my favorite quotes was from the guide to swimming which ended with the tip:

•Never swim alone, and always remember—whether you're being safe or being sorry, the most important thing you can do is just be.

I love that cat. So funny. Humor has really changed from hitting people in the face with a pie to the groupon cat. Everything is absurd. Well, everything *I* like, anyway. I did not like James Franco, though. I think I knew what the Oscar people were trying to do because I INVENTED that quirky duo. Or maybe I stole it from Gracie Allen. But either way, it would have worked better with someone else. Like Andy Samburg. Or the character of Ryan from the Office. OR BENJAMIN LINUS FROM LOST!!!!!!! James Franco just... sucks. He needs to go away forever.

The Soho store is getting a little busier. Yesterday it was beautiful weather and a lot of people came in... today no one came in until 12:30pm and I was leaving at 1pm. I'm now splitting my time between the 5th Avenue and Soho stores. It's gonna be better this way. I'll get the same amount of hours that I need and be able to do the reports I used to do. So, I'm happy.

My friend Jenny from high school was in town this weekend to see Bon Jovi with some friends and it was soooo good to see her. Everyone who knows Jenny loves her because she is the best. I took her to VYNL (because every time I visited NYC someone took me there) and we had a grand old time. I hope they didn't get lost on their adventures. New York can be scary.

Yes, it's true. New York CAN be scary. And, for the most part, I hate all teenagers. HOWEVER, today an older gentlewoman fell up the staircase next to me in the Times Square station and literally every teenager and young man around ran to help her. She was fine... it was just slippery out... but it was SO NICE to see all those boys stop to help her. Good job, teenagers.

I got this unsweetened White tea with mint at the store and it's kind of gross. I mean, it tastes like tea flavored toothpaste. I thought it would be better because green tea with mint is awesome. White tea, you lose.

Have you heard about these crazy people who think the world is going to end on May 21st? It makes me nervous that there's going to be some kind of mass suicide or that, on May 22nd when the world is (knock on wood) still here, they're gonna start attacking people. I mean, they are CRAZY. I don't understand why people believe the guy who says that's judgement day. If I remember ANYTHING from the Bible, it's that no one will be able to predict when Jesus is supposed to return. But, I guess people will believe anything. Plus, I think those radio and TV stations with extremely conservative, 24/7 Bible "preaching" are brainwashing people for real. There is no other explanation than brainwashing for their level of crazy.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot. The day after I last updated Radiohead announced they had a new album out and that it would be available the following Saturday. I, of course, lost my mind, and pre-ordered it asap. And then... on Friday morning... they announced it was available THEN! A day early! I lost my mind again. Radiohead kills me every time! Some people are speculating that it could be a secret double album (second part to be released later) and I hope that it is just because it's such a clever IDEA. I love them forever.

Chris has a birthday coming up. It's a big one. I am feeling pressure (not from him, from myself) to make it good because when I asked him what he wanted he said, "To age backwards."

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today I got off the train at 72nd St and I smelled Spring. You know what I'm talking about. There is nothing else that smells like the first couple weeks of Spring and I can't describe the smell (other than saying it smells like MY happiness). It's not really here yet, but it's above 40 today and the snow is melting or trying really hard to melt. (Some of the snow, like in my neighborhood, was piled so high that when it started melting, they started finding dead people inside cars. DEAD PEOPLE! They're also finding Christmas trees, pages of pornography (seriously, this stuff makes the news) and, of course, tons and tons of dog poop and garbage.) Although every weather forecast I see is different, the one I'm choosing to believe is the one that says it could hit 50 degrees tomorrow. Fifty. Degrees. I wouldn't have to wear my earmuffs.

Fifty degrees is a heat wave compared to the rest of the last 2 months but I saw, perhaps on Thursday, it COULD get up to 58. That's dangerous territory, my friends. Clearly no one wants it to be 60 degrees more than me, but whereas I wouldn't have to wear my earmuffs, other girls, mainly college girls, would feel as if they didn't have to wear PANTS. It's that whole freedom from being cooped up for too long mixed with their obvious desperation to make boys like them (which they will.... for a while). I can guarantee you, if it gets to 58 degrees this week, you're gonna see someone walking around in shorts.

I'll only do that inside when I'm pretending I'm on a beach in Hawaii.

There was some psychopath arrested on the 3 Train yesterday after stabbing like 10 people and killing 4. He went on a stabbing spree through Brooklyn. People saw him creepin' around the subway tracks Saturday morning and called the cops. They arrested him at Times Square, but not before he stabbed a guy in the head and neck between Penn Station and TS. I was going to work and saw on Twitter that the entire 1, 2, 3 line had been basically shut down from 96th St down and I was thinking, "What on EARTH could shut down a line that far???" All I had to do was search "penn station" into Twitter and I found the answer. I LOVE TWITTER. It is single-handedly the fastest way to get news on earth. Anyway, I was nowhere near this guy, or the 1,2,3 trains (and I don't even take them that often), but it was still SCARY! I hate the stabbarinos.

We opened the new store in Soho! We need a flag or banner or something that says that we're there and that we're open. It's beautiful, though. If I were a regular non-employee Fossil shopper, THAT is the store I would definitely want to shop in. It is really unique.

Wow, well, some guy just knocked on my box office window to scream at me for something that A. I wasn't involved in B. I didn't even see (nor was I anywhere near) C. I have no authority over. It'd be like if I yelled at YOU because I was angry at the former president of Egypt. I don't know why he didn't say something to someone who was not inside a box with no doors to the concert hall. So weird. I couldn't even say anything because after he screamed the "F word" at me several times, he just left. As always, you can never really prepare for these types of surprises. You're always too stunned to really react. It's like that time that old guy slapped me at the Times Square station. God... old people are just CRAZY, it seems.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!! I am a very lucky lady to be married to the best, nicest guy in the world. I love him. I think about it all the time. I win.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

at least the groundhog said winter will end...

So, last week I had off on Thursday and I just stayed home the whole day because of this big, school-closing snowstorm. Chris sent me a picture, it looked bad.... but the next day I was STUNNED by how much snow had piled up. The piles lining every sidewalk in my neighborhood are, on average, 3.5 feet high. Some are taller than me. It was CRAZY. I became very upset since that was the first I was seeing of it.

And now, of course, the piles are covered with thick ice, as is everything else. I was surprised schools weren't cancelled yesterday but I suppose because it reached 40 degrees in the afternoon I can understand why. That led to some ice and snow melting, which became water and then re-froze when the temperature dropped at night (and never got above 32 today). So now there's even MORE ice on everything. The sun was shining all day. I opened the blinds and me and kitty tried to soak it up. Then she bit my veins. It was weird.

We saw The King's Speech on Saturday. It was the first movie we've seen in the theater in almost a year (since last superbowl when we saw Avatar) and we looooved it. If Colin Firth doesn't win every award for acting that is available to be won this season, there is something seriously wrong with the people voting. This was also the first time I didn't completely HATE Helen Bonham Carter, either. The story was interesting and told really well, it was just a really good movie. On Tuesday of this week we went to the Museum of Moving Image and it was fun! I got to play an old Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog (which I was REALLY GOOD at in like 1994, but not anymore), we dubbed over movie dialog with our own voices, replaced sound effects and scores to movies and even got to make our own stop-action movies. They also have regular "museum-y" stuff like costumes from tv and film, props, make-up, sketches, etc. We had a good time but when we left, after not even being there 3 full hours, we were SO TIRED. I had to take a nap.

Also on Tuesday I officially found out I'd be transferred to a new Fossil store, in Soho. There's only going to be a couple of people working there and we were all hand selected because it's going to be more "boutique-y" then the other stores. It's the first pop-up store they're trying and they have high hopes that it'll be a success. I do, too, because the ideas they threw around were so exciting. I really enjoy working for Fossil and I'd like to stay there for a long time.

Yesterday I did 5 Rockababy classes and I was exhaaaaausted. It was fun, though. It's so crazy how much the kids learn and develop when they're in the class more than one session. You come back from a break and all of a sudden a baby who HAD been only able to lay there during the first session is now crawling all over the place and squealing with delight. It's great.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my heart belongs to the napili sunset beachfront resort

Last night I was at work and I totally got scammed out of $97 in the box office. We have the guy on tape. It was your basic big bill to pay for low amount, lots of change, asking for singles and then totally tricking and confusing me and me somehow never noticing I didn't have the $100 bill until I was counting the money at the end of the night. As soon as I saw it was gone I asked Chris, who was taking tickets, if he saw the guy come back. He did not. He remembered the whole thing (and the house manager saw it too) but they guy was so NICE after he left, THAT was all we had to comment on. You know, later, when we realized he stole almost $100, that's when he stopped being nice. Right before he left he even handed some guy some money and said, "Hey Buddy! You dropped this!" The guy was all "Thank you so much!" and the criminal said, "Don't thank me; I've got JESUS on my side!"

I mean, maybe he does. Maybe he's stealing for the church. Or maybe he's a member of one of the religions where if you do any amount of wrongdoing and then pray for forgiveness, it's magically granted (but if you're a perfect human being but don't pray, you're doomed to Hell). Maybe he was speaking of another Jesus... you know, the one from his neighborhood in Spanish Harlem who helps him in his career as a professional scammer. WHO KNOWS. All *I* know is that I lost my job $97 and had to file a police report for petty larceny.

It of course adds insult to injury that he made the comment about Jesus being on his side while stealing from a Jewish arts organization. Maybe it was a hate crime.

I feel bad about the whole thing but what I'm most mad about is the fact that I honestly never thought this would happen to me and I spend a large amount of time thinking of all these horrible things that could happen to me... just so I never have to say, "I never thought it would happen to me." I imagine people pushing me in front of subways, getting stabbed or mugged or shot, being in car accidents, getting terminal diseases, being in a terrorist attack... but I am SURE I saw something on Dateline NBC at some point in my life about petty scam artists and blew it off thinking, "Yeah right. I'm IMMUNE!"

(You might wonder how I am able to live a normal life while thinking of all these horrible things happening to me. You might wonder how I can possibly be a happy person. I wonder too, sometimes, but I am a happy person. I think it makes me more cynical, but that's one of my best qualities. PLUS, the cynicism evens out the happiness. Imagine how crazy happy I'd be all the time if I DIDN'T think of these things.)

In other news, I've had a headache or migraine just about every day this month. I thought at first that it was my new contacts/glasses prescription, but now I'm thinking it's the cold weather because I found out that there is a correlation between migraines and cold, dry air. Considering I have nose bleeds every day, I'd say it's pretty dry. Just another reason to move to Maui. Take a look at this webcam I found. I've been watching it a lot. Well, "watching" is probably the wrong word.... "obsessing" and "daydreaming in front of" is probably better. Sometimes I imagine the cold draft that comes in is actually a warm ocean breeze and that's whats making the trees in the video sway. If only round trip tickets to Hawaii weren't over $700.

My day went really fast today. Maybe it's because yesterday I was ta work from 6am-8:30pm with only an hour break between jobs.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

winter is really bumming me out, man!

Tomorrow the high is only 20 degrees. I guess I can deal with this since the next day the high is 40. What. the. eff. That just doesn't seem normal. Of course, as per usual, along with the 40 degrees temps, Tuesday is bringing another snow storm. I hate how it's always the day before rockababy and the one thing I look forward to during the week is always in jeopardy. I would say I need an attitude adjustment right about now.... and, basically, I DO, but I can't help it. We are only a MONTH into this ridiculous season, we have 2 more left, and it already feels like it's been going on for years. Blllllaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggggg.

Is there something FUN I can do in the winter? Something that will make me hate it less? I feel like I hated it less when I didn't have to walk everywhere.... but I don't have that option anymore. I guess I'd hate it even more if I didn't have ANY type of transportation from place to place and LITERALLY had to walk everywhere.... but that thought is not making me feel better. It also won't make me feel better when it's beautiful out, in the spring time, and I'm stuck inside at work. Or in the summer when it's hot as balls again and we sweat all night and spend $100+ on the electricity (air conditioning) bill. This is a terrible place to live.

Last winter seemed to be never ending, also. It did end, though. This one will end, too. I have to remember that... even though, at this point, it seems like we're caught in frozen hell.

Last winter was the first time I really thought about winter as being similar to life experiences. I remember comparing it to the last couple of minutes of the Beatles song, I Want You (She's So Heavy). It's so dark, minor-y and heavy (obviously). I would never have known this being born in 1982, but apparently the guitar riff play-off lasted on the original LP until the END OF THE RECORD. That's why, if you've only ever heard it on CD, mp3 or even tape the ending sounds so abrupt. So, you're listening to this heavy, DARK repeating pattern and it's lasting forever and forever and forever.... and then the record ran out of room, flips over and the first song on side 2 is Here Comes the Sun. Think about that when you're depressed, too. The depression seems to last forever... the WINTER seems to last forever.... but it will end. And the sun will come out. And you might cry. Not because you miss it.... but because the Beatles are freaking GENIUSES and it's too overwhelming for a normal heart to bear.

Whenever I work at 9am and Chris is working at the museum we go to work together. This morning this woman at 30th ave was screaming "HOLD THE DOOR!" as she was running up the stairs. You shouldn't hold the door ever, especially for people screaming about it, but some OTHER crazy lady DID hold the door, so the screaming woman got on. She forced herself into a seat that was too small for her: the seats fit three normal sized people but there was a normal sized girl and a big guy in the other 2 seats. She flung herself into the seat so hard that she hit the girl next to her, who was drinking tea. The tea spilled ALL OVER HER. It spilled onto her face and actually into her eyes. HOT tea. She never apologized. The crazy woman also had all these bags which were, I am not kidding you, on the poor girl's lap. Crazy woman didn't move them. In fact, her phone kept ringing and she would rummage through her purse (which still had a price tag on it), find it too late, answer anyway and then it would start to ring again. Crazy woman's coffee cup was also just resting up against the big guy in the other seat. AND THEN SHE GOT OFF THE TRAIN AFTER ONLY 2 STOPS!!!!!!!!! This is half a mile, people. She held the entire train up for 20 seconds, spilled hot liquid in a woman's face and put on the worst JERK SHOW we've ever seen and she only traveled 2 stops. Why did she need to sit down at all?????? That is why I HATE 30th avenue. Chris was laughing out loud after she got off. I was too disgusted.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

street soup

It's raining slush today. There is, no joke, about 4 inches of water and ice in a puddle covering the sidewalk right in front of our house for about 20 feet. I was like "You've gotta be KIDDING ME!!" Because the snow removal was so bad in this area and our landlord never had anyone shovel the sidewalk, there is just nowhere for the water to go. It's still too cold to actually melt most of the snow. It's really terrible and disgusting. I feel like we need to build a bridge to get out of here.

What's REALLY irritating is that this is not what snow boots were made for. Not PUDDLES of water. So, of course water got into my boots. Not a lot, but still. I'm hoping it's not one of those "it got in once, now it'll always get in" situations because they cost too much money. In normal rain I'd wear rain boots.... but, as we know, rain boots have no heating ability and since it's raining, essentially, ice water, I don't want to have to have my toes amputated.

As you can tell, this weather is HORRIBLE. All I can think about is spring. We had another snow storm last week, too, and I just can't TAKE IT anymore. It's all making me want to move. Of course, spring is really nice, and I'm really looking forward to exploring more of the places in Astoria that I have heard about recently. There's a place on the avenue we off of called the Creator's Co-op that I haven't been to yet (despite walking past it every day) and several restaurants I'd like to check out. Not to mention the freaking PARK. The Astoria Park is 50% of the reason I wanted to move to this area and have we been there once since we moved? Of course not. There's also the Museum of Moving Image which I'd really like to go to.

I am hoping to get some potted flowers this spring, too. I wanted to do a window box but I don't know if we could actually DO that. I just don't think it would work with our windows. Regardless, I love flowers and I'd like to try keeping them alive as long as I can. Who knows, maybe I can keep them alive for a long time. Or maybe they'll go the way of my knitting.... I'll be really good at it for a while and then it'll sit in a tote bag for 7 months.

If you're looking for some good new music, Elizabeth and the Catapult put out a great album recently. Their first one is really good, too. If you like Ingrid Michaelson or Sarah Bareilles or you'll like them. Also, if you like GOOD music you should like them. Another band new to me is Buke and Gass (new as in, I just heard them for the first time last night). Chris was ushering at work and he text me "This band reminds me of a cross between the White Stripes and you and Chris Johnston." I immediately turned on the monitor in the box office to listen (obviously). He said they had some kind of deconstructed instruments and she was this little, unassuming girl with a big, rocking voice. OF COURSE I would like them. I also became depressed that Chris Johnston and I didn't start this band first. Both these artists have albums on amazon for $5 so please, do something to better yourself and at least listen to the samples. Elizabeth and the Catapult is relatively pop-y but Buke and Gass take some pop elements and mix them with some kind of Radiohead-like intelligence and have made something very new. Anything that reminds me of Radiohead or reminds me of NOTHING gets ten thousand gold stars in the Alisa Big Book of Good Music.

I got my hair cut today. My salon (the Gigi Styling Studio by Aveda) was voted Best Salon in NYC. You'd think this would make it expensive. Nope. It's just awesome. Even though it required me to walk through the ice soup on the sidewalk it was worth it because it's so great. I've had salon loyalty before (Tease in Staunton and Rudy's in Los Angeles) but never salon AND stylist loyalty. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else in this weird city.

Lastly, I am really mad that Glee won the Golden Globe for best comedy tv show. Over 30 Rock AND Modern Family? No. First of all, it's not even that good this season. Second, it's nowhere near as good as either of those shows. Third, not a real award (I know, I know....I say "real" lightly)... a People's Choice award? Sure. Not a Golden Globe.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

my kitty is a celebrity

First and foremost, I must share this adorable video:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

If you're wondering why I've posted that, take a look at the last minute of the video and then at the black cat on the right hand side. THAT'S MY CAT!!!!! I remembered her ID card saying she was on the Today show at one point, but I only got to see the clip today. I can't believe she wasn't adopted immediately after this, but we're very lucky she wasn't. She is the best little kitty in the world and we love her soooo much. Meow meow meow.

I guess it's supposed to snow bad again this week. Boo. Major boo because the storm is supposed to be Wednesday, which is the first day back at Rock-a-Baby for me. I am doing FIVE classes that day (2 substitutes in the morning and my own 3 in the afternoon). I hope I can still get everywhere and that nothing is cancelled. I hope the parents still COME to class! It's tough in the city with a stroller. I mean, I'm assuming that. I don't know for SURE, but considering it was tough to walk without a stroller during the last big snow I can guess this would be worse.

So, my manager at my box office job is quitting. She was the 3rd manager I've had in a year. How am I about to have my FOURTH MANAGER IN A YEAR there??? Sounds like a great situation, doesn't it? Uggggggh. And what's WORSE is that she made me the assistant manager and now I'm afraid they'll want to re-structure everything and I'll lose my position. I mean, anything can happen when you get a new manager. I do not want to lose my position because I do not want to have to work 7 million hours a week again. I have gotten myself to a place where I have at least 1 day off a week, even with 3 jobs, and I am not afraid that I won't be able to afford my rent. I really do not want this situation to change. I didn't DO anything so that it could, but you just never know. It happened to me at the ASC, I'm pretty sure it could happen here.

The tourist season has ended and we have a couple months before they start coming back... not that they're enjoyable months, but at least the sidewalks aren't as hard to get through anymore. The last couple of weekends before the new year 6th avenue around Radio City was seriously impassable. You literally couldn't walk 5 feet without having to dodge someone. 5th was not much better and I can't imagine any other avenue was, either, but I didn't go anywhere near them. I didn't even see the Rockefeller tree this year. Remember how I said I was going to go EVERY DAY? Yeah. That didn't happen.

Man. I just sat here for 10 minutes staring at the screen, not typing or anything. I feel depressed. It's probably the job fear. And the seasonal depression... even though I started to take vitamin D to try and combat it. Blah.