Thursday, June 30, 2005

Yesterday was the longest day of my life.

Well, first I went to breakfast with Jen and Rob which was funny. Rob played all these songs on the jutebox about waffles and grills and breakfast.

After that i sat around for a while because I was so tired and then I had to get ready to go to the airport. We left at around 4:45pm, got there at 5:10 and traffic was backed up for a long time. When it was finally time to pull into the airport there were all these cop cars and some mean cop guy yelled at us saying "The airport is closed today! Call your airline!!" He was SUCK A JERK and because of him I almost didn't get to leave yesterday.

So, we had no idea what was going on and we drove into some parking lot and I called Delta (who was no helpful AT ALL. It was probably a 25 minute phone call and they spent 15 minutes trying to find out what happened at the airport. I called Jim on jen's phone and he found out in 5 seconds.) Since the cop guy told me the airport was going to be closed the rest of the day I didn't think that waiting around to see if they reopened it was a good idea, but I finally just did because the Delta people were so unfriendly and unhelpful. My mom finally got through to the actual airport and they told us they had just reopened it. My flight was supposed to leave at 6:10 and it was, by this point, about 5:55.

So, we drove back and I ran in and then, luckily, I found out the plane had been delayed an hour. This was bad only because I was supposed to have only an hour layover in Cincinnati so I didn't know if I would make it. I tried calling Delta again to see if they had delayed THAT flight and this person was even worse than the last one. She kept saying there would be a $50 charge to change reservations and all this other stuff and I was like "Look. I don't think you understand what I am saying to you. All I want to know is if I will make my flight tonight!" After much hassle she finally told me I would have 10 minutes from our expected landing to the expected takeoff to LA. I wasn't worried for me so much, because I am fast, but I was worried for my luggage.

So, we took off a little early and got off the plane.... I had to book it because I was in terminal C and we were leaving from B. I speed walked through the airport, right onto the plane. Then I found out we were delayed half an hour because of other flights that were running behind (mostly because of the Akron airport scare, but also because of weather). This was good because I knew my bag would get there... but then it was 9:30 and we still hadn't left yet. We sat there for an hour.

The flight was ok... I got to see "Hitch" which was only a little good, but I mostly listened to music and stared out the window. I never got to eat anything besides that waffle all day, so the in flight snack of cheese and crackers was welcome. Of course, that's the ONLY thing I got to eat that day.

We finally landed at 11pm pacific and then, I am not kidding you, we had to wait for about 40 minutes before we could get off the plane because the jet way was broken. I couldn't believe they just didn't let us off the emergency exits or something. We were all just standing there. Luckily, this meant our baggage was just spinning around the carousel, waiting for US, so that was the only quick thing of the day. Then I waited for Jimmy to pick me up and he somehow passed me so I had to wait for him to drive around again which put him in a bad mood, and I was so tired and hungry, so it was just not fun.

Anyway, so today I slept until 11:30ish and I'm going to eat some food, get a backstage, and go to work at 5. Woo.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Alana called me around 11pm tonight and said "I just read on your away message that you are in Ohio. Why did you not tell anyone about this!?!?" So, she, Griffin and Dan all came and picked me up and took me to the IHOP and we had a very nice time. We got to reminisce about times past and talk about people that i never see anymore, and we all know how I like to do that. It was a very good time and I'm very happy I got to see them. :)

Tomorrow my brother is taking me out to breakfast. That'll be funny.

Too bad I couldn't hang out with DIX HUIT.....

Someone ran into poor Jimmy's car when he was leaving work. As if he didn't have enough going on today. I bet that boy was soooo tired.

Tomorrow I'm going back to California which I am happy and sad about. I'm sad to leave my family again, but I'm a little excited to go back to work. I am mainly excited about the Urinetown prospects and even though I have no experience with this theatre, I have a lot of hope. And seeing my friends will be nice. And kitty.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We got a next season subscription brochure from Weathervane today and who should be in the first production photo on the inside... ME!!! I opened it and was like "Oh, it's meeeeee" and showed my mom. I tried to scan the picture, but it wouldn't save as jpg for some stupid reason, but eventually they'll have it up on their website. This isn't a big deal at all, but it was pretty funny. I'm all Fruma-Sarah'd out (it was Fiddler on the Roof) and I don't think I ever got to see pictures of that, so it's kind neat. Now I've been on the front of the player's guild program (and the website) and in the weathervane brochure. I rule.

I was thinking about Fiddler today after I saw that and for my character (who was a ghost, if you don't know) I had to ride on Adam Ford's shoulders and the dress went down to the floor to cover him up. One night he accidentally stepped on the dress and that was the night Fruma Sarah split in half. I didn't fall off (thank God... I don't think you can cover THAT) but I definitely fell back FAR and someone grabbed me and pushed me back up while Adam tried to pull me up by the legs. After that I forgot all the lyrics of my song. The chorus just followed me though and still repeated what I said, even though it made NO SENSE. But jeez, I almost fell six feet backwards during performance. I think I have an excuse. :)

I got some converse shoes today. FINALLY.
GROWL. I was halfway through a post and then my computer screen started shaking and it went back like 10 internet pages and I lost it. BOO, internet.

Ok, so anyway, they finally posted Urinetown audition info. I emailed Ed immediately and asked him to request off for me before I get back for those dates. I am going to go on sunday the 10th and hopefully he goes the same day because I always seem to do better when people I know are at auditions. I can't wait even to audition. Yay.

I've been accidentally sleeping till like 2pm every day (probably because I can't go to sleep until after 5) so I told my parents to wake me up no later than 12 today. I ended up getting out of bed at 11:59 and I'm still soooo tired. My face and eyes are also really red and I never really got warm enough last night. I was wearing a hoodie and had the hood OVER my head and I still woke up cold. Of course, I also woke up because Jimmy text messaged me at 5am. And then he called me at around 10:30 to tell me he was getting on a plane to LA. He actually will be there in about an hour which is good because I bet kitty is SO LONELY!!! I feel so bad for poor kitty.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Have I ever talked about how much I love Duran Duran? I think I have. I'm bought (and am downloading, transferring to my Mp3 player and burning to CD) their "Greatest" album and am gonna do the same with the Police's greatest hits. I was all confrontational with my dad about the police because he doesn't own ANY police music and I didn't know why.

I went to Grandma's today and found her collection of Narnia books (which each cost $2... I wish *I* could find a book for $2)) and then gave them to my mom. Grandma said I could take them, of course... I didn't just like... steal them. Grandma is a really cool lady. I was thinking about it on the way there and I think I do really well with older people. I wonder if there is some kind of theatre company that performs for the elderly, like there is for children. :) Probably not.

Anderson called me today to tell me how he missed me. That's funny.

I found my rocky horror year 1 video last night! I was so happy. I want to somehow force my friends in california to watch it. That was such a great show. There were only a couple of things I liked better the second time around.
We've got BIG, scary ants in the house. Mom says they're carpenter ants and that they're eating the house away. I guess it isn't TOO bad, based on certain information... but still. They are so big and so scary.

There is also a mosquito flying around my head. There aren't any mosquitoes in LA. Seriously. I did not miss them.

So, I didn't really talk about it before, but I had a nice stay at la maison du Gilmore. His family is always very nice. I actually got to meet some of his dad's side, which was only a little odd because his aunt joanie totally started showing Jim this picture of her husband's niece (or something) who was being "auctioned" for some charity and saying they should set her up with him. Jim was like "Uh, my girlfriend is right over there" It was NOT the best first impression I could have of someone. I liked his grandma, though... she seemed funny. I also thought his two aunts were twins, but apparently they are not. I always like to see his mom's family though. And of course his brothers. I honestly wish I would have known BOTH of them like in high school or something, because I bet we would have totally been friends. It takes me so long to get comfortable with people that I don't know if they'll EVER be able to see how crazy I am.

Anyway, it was a good time. I also enjoyed watching Danny open his graduation cards. I like to observe things. Plus, it gave me that extra incentive to graduate college... the monetary incentive.

Oh, and i decided I CAN'T sign the guest book they have at the house because Jimmy's last two girlfriends signed the guest book and then they broke up! I don't want to think for the rest of my life "If only I wouldn't have signed that guest book!"

I think I am going to grandma's tomorrow. yay!

I sort of can't wait to get back to LA because swimming is so fun and after the fun swimming the other day with Jimmy, I should be able to convince him to swim with me at the apartment pool I have.

I need to join a gym. Or something. Oh my gosh, and I NEED NEW HEADSHOTS. I am so sad Chris Kateff couldn't do it! Someone give me some money so I can do them in LA. ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I now know why i was able to run so much last summer... because there is nothing to dooooo here.

Jim drove me back to Sandusky today and then Dad drove me the rest of the way home. We went down to BG so Jim could have his Skyline and then we took route 6 home. We drove through Fremont, where my ex-roommate Emily moved back to a few weeks ago and it is so small. Smaller than Brimfield. Ugh. Now THAT I can't understand.

Jim and I played a very cheat-filled game of mini-golf and then he went back. Jen had her last performance of COE in the pit tonight and hopefully she remembers to bring the Bat Boy video because I really want to see it.

Ok, I just went upstairs to watch that Greatest American Show... and freaking RONALD REAGAN beat out Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, MLK Jr. and Abraham Lincoln. Oprah, Elvis and GWB were in the top 10. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH AMERICANS?????? I hate this. That is THE most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. The representative for the MLK Jr. group, when he came in "3rd", said "Lincoln was a great president... Reagan was... president for a long time." SICK. I can't stand how sick this is. I bet half the people voted for him because they recognized the name since he died last year and didn't even know who the others were. That is how ignorant people are. I don't care if he's in the top 50 or even the top 25 (not that I like him, I just know how people are)... but to beat out EVERYONE ELSE? uhetetsilrfgsihrfgseihrgsihrgs

I'm just gonna shudder for a while now.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hello my friends. You'll be happy to know that it is 100 degrees.

So, I'm writing from Jim's family's house. Yesterday we went to Cedar Point and it was really fun except the million degree heat. I almost died when we were in line for the millennium force the second time. I was sweating so much it was disgusting. However, there was like no one there so amazingly the longest line we were in was about 30 minutes.

After that we went to my dad's hotel and went swimming and had dinner. I had forgotten how fun swimming is. I had to buy a swimsuit from Meijer, but it was ok because it was sort of cute. In that Meijer type way.

Today was Danny's graduation party which was really nice. His family did a really great job. Danny is like the coolest anyway. THE coolest. Christy, I am sad and disappointed you weren't here.

Right now Jim and co. are out golfing which is CRAZY since it's so hot. I am sweating just typing on this keyboard. No joke. Tomorrow I am going back home and maybe I'll get to see some of my friends sometime. I better! Or else! That means you!

Ok, bye.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ugh. Well, I woke up with... not really a sickness, per se, but a really stuffy nose. Probably because it is SO COLD in the house. I guess they're using the AC while they still have time.

Jimmy's on a plane right now to DDDDDDDDDDDetriot. Yesterday he found out someone he went to BG with killed himself. I obviously didn't know this guy but all the people are very sad. Jimmy sounded like he didn't know him too well... but still. That's pretty horrible. Poor guy.

I can't wait to get up to the lake. If I were going to live in Ohio again (which I'm not. Take that!) I would want to live near Lake Erie. The summer would make up for all the lake effect snow. Even just thinking about the lake makes me happy.

So, Jimmy and my 2 year anniversary is coming up. I suggested we go to San Francisco, which is still a good idea... although I am kind of thinking now that IF Jim decides to drive to Chicago (yeah, I know that's weird) we could just pretend that was our anniversary instead. Or, there is always the option, that I KNOW will never come true, of going to NYC. :) I am never content to stay in my own city.

Jen said I never speak well of Jim on here and she thought he was a mean and horrible person. I told her what Ben and I talked about that one time: No (bad) news is good news. I obviously wouldn't stay with him if he were a mean and horrible person. And I don't ONLY talk about him when he's being dumb, I mention us going out all the time and etc. It's just the bad stuff is more interesting to read, my friends. I'm looking out for YOU GUYS. :)

So, after our lease runs out, which I cannot WAIT for, I have a couple of moving options. I can
A. Look for my own studio in Silver Lake or the west side
B. Move in with Joey and Carrie (and Victor, the roommate I never see)
C. Possibly move in with Chris and Dustin (although they'd have to kick out their current roommate. They don't like her, though, so it's ok)
D. Move in with Ed's girlfriend, Margaret.

So far, options A and D are the most realistic. Ed said Margaret pays a ton of money and has EVERYTHING needed for an apartment. I, on the other hand, wouldn't even have enough to fill a studio. Just the bed, nightstand, dresser, computer desk and clothes, etc. Plus, I really like Margaret, and everyone knows Ed is cool, so I think that would be pretty pretty ok. Hopefully I'll get even MORE options, because I like knowing that I won't be homeless.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Alright. Just so you all know, now Beck has stolen my haircut.




There is no WAY I can say this is a girl's haircut if so many boy people have it. But it IS!!!

I wonder if they go to Rudy's, too.

My parents still don't believe this is my real haircolor. However, there is no other option. I haven't dyed it since November and my hair grows so fast I have to cut it every month. All the dye is gone.

Look at all my friends at the Barn...awwwww (Nick is the boy in the first picture, Erin the girl in the second picture and Sarah is the girl in the 6th picture)

I believe the gays (chris and ben, these hotties between me and Alison moved to DC. Good for them. I LOVE those boys.

Only 2 of my friends from Ohio (or non-california) have myspace accounts. Even though I hate it SO MUCH, the rest of you need to get on that.

Alison and the rest of the bios at Emerald Isle Repertory theatre... on that island far, far away in lake michigan.

More bios, this time with Ben, Josh and Kaitlyn in A Chorus Line at Carousel!

Apparently I need to link to everyone and everything today.
Well, I'm in Ohio. I was so tired that when I got home I slept until like 3:30. I guess red eye flights will do that to you.


I hope I accidentally didn't win the trip to see Live 8 this morning on Star 98.7. Well, obviously I wouldn't have won anyway, but I hope they didn't call my name and since I couldn't wake up I didn't call them back within 30 minutes TO win. I would die. I would WANT to die.

Yesterday I didn't eat until like 7:30pm and i was so hungry. I thought I was going to faint. Jimmy and I were walking around places and I was just like a zombie.

It's really nice out here, weather wise. But you know what? It's still Ohio. And I have nothing I could possibly do here and no way to get there and for that, I am sad. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to wake up before 12 and go walking outside or something. I definitely don't want to run into anyone I know (unless I WANT to see them. I don't want to see people I'm not friends with) because it always makes me sad. I already saw one guy I used to work with at the falls OG at the airport. I didn't talk to him though, because I looked like a bag lady.

Well, Chris Kateff WAS going to take my headshots... but now he's not going to and I am so sad. We couldn't work out a time when we both could do it. I obviously could get them taken ANY day in los angeles, but I kind of wanted Chris to do it since I trust him. sad face.

It's weird being in this time zone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Today I went around town looking for a new audition outfit. I didn't find it. Well, I found something I liked, but I'm not a size 2. I did, however, get perfect shoes that were less than $25 and I can WALK IN THEM, so I have reached a goal I never thought I would be able to reach. A lot of the stores on Melrose carry clothes by Gentle Fawn, one of my favorite LA designer people. I also like Industry and Vol 1, but I can't find websites for them.

Anyway, so after that I went to Johnnie's for lunch, because I am OBSESSED with it and I grabbed a $5 bill out of my money bag. Hahahaha. On the walk up a guy and his kid asked me for money to get themselves food and the only money I had was my $5 which was my food money, but I could have used my debit card... and I didn't give it to him. And I felt so bad that I didn't give him the money that I drove around afterwards, looking for them. Sadly, I never found them. I was so ashamed of myself. I wish I would have just given them the money.

Alex went to the Diddy during work because her last day is Friday and she took on the ultimate phrase of "what are they going to do---fire me?" and got us all ice cream sandwiches. Well, she got them for us when we gave her a dollar. It was deeeeelightful.

Tomorrow I open and then I'm going home. I'M.... GO-ING... HOME!!!!!!!!!! (only Popa, Jen and Stevie P will get that, I think. Everyone SHOULD, but not everyone has musical theatre running through their brain at all times)

Monday, June 20, 2005

I have to wonder something.... when did so many people I know become atheists? Or, rather, so many people I knew. I mean, I had a reason when I was an atheist. You can't really believe something you know practically nothing about. We weren't even (as Kellee puts it) a "CEO" family (Christmas and Easter only)----we just NEVER went to church.

I wasn't really an atheist anyway.... I was one of the dreaded agnostics, which is apparently a taboo now. You HAVE to know, nowadays. Either you have to know religiously or you have to know the other way.

I know some people who stand for themselves. They believe in family and friends and stuff, but mainly they believe in themselves. And I guess that's fine or whatever.... it just seems pretty limited. To me.

There must be something very wrong with religion that would turn people away from it... or maybe there's something wrong with the people. Or both. Maybe the people I knew from high school who were religious (in any respect) had the same kind of awakening AWAY from God that I had TO God.

Or maybe something happened to them.

I can see why crisis would turn people away from God. No one knows why there is suffering or why good people die and millions of people are homeless and/or starving. Why would God let that happen? Of course there's the "to bring them closer to Him" answer, but generally it doesn't work. Not everyone is Job; not many are going to turn to God if they never have before. I obviously don't have any answers, but speaking from experience, nearly every bad thing in my life has brought on a good thing. I was in a crappy relationship for years which made me stay in Kent. If I wouldn't have stayed at Kent (which I hated) I might not have gone to OTAs in 2003. I got into a car accident which made all my theatre applications late. If it wouldn't have been for the car accident, Jann wouldn't have felt sorry for me and made the late offer for Huron. Sarah's mom got cancer and she decided to pass for spot at Huron to me. I was all mad that year because I didn't get cast in anything... but if I HAD gotten cast, I wouldn't have been able to go. And, as we ALL KNOW, if I wouldn't have gone I would have never broken up with John and never met Jim and probably would have stayed an agnostic for the rest of my life.

Even if Jim and I break up some day I know WHY I met him. I know why I HAD to meet him.

And it's so weird, because the line extends so much farther back than just "crappy relationship." I can see connections as far back as I can remember. I'm one of those "everything happens for a reason" people. To me, it doesn't just happen because of what has happened in the past, it happens, currently for what will happen in the future.

So, whenever something is awful, I always remember that stuff... because things can't be bad forever. You also can't be brave if you've never had anything bad happen to you.

But still, why do some of us have to watch others suffer and why do others have to be IN suffering? It can't possibly be that some of us are here JUST to teach others something in the future. I refuse to think that so many of Lave's relatives were put here on earth and got cancer just so she (or someone else) could learn something from it. It makes everything seem SO insignificant and how or WHY would that be true? I guess everyone's life is pretty insignificant in the long run...

And, in my opinion, the above thought is as far as the atheists get on the subject. That's as far as *I* would have gotten.

But now... I feel like, as insignificant as we all must be, we're all a part of something much bigger, which is building to something unimaginable. Every single thing matters in this process, good and bad. I honestly don't want to be around for the end of the world (I know some people do. I do not. at all. as much as I never want to die.), or at least the end of life (since the earth itself will probably be here much, much longer than life will), but that, and whatever all it entails, is probably what we're all building up to. Things are, I presume, going exactly as planned.

Not that this would make anyone feel better about anything.

For me, God time is almost like heart ache. And actually a little close to hearburn, also. I can't call it up (which oftentimes makes time at church kind of pointless), but I almost always end up crying and feeling, for lack of a better word, complete. I had never felt this way before and NOTHING else currently feels this way. I KNOW when I am connected to God. I mean, I can think about God all the time and fall asleep while trying to pray, but being aware and actually knowing what I am feeling IS God... well, it's cool. And I get doubts all the time that I'm making stuff up but WHY would I make this up? I didn't choose this, it chose me. And I was a bastard. I wanted proof before I believed.

Well, I got my proof.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Not surprising...

Because I love Bo
My Dr. Pepper tastes like root beer. I hope it IS Dr. Pepper... Alisa needs her caffeine. Maybe I just haven't had Dr. Pepper in a long time and forgot what it tastes like. I have only been drinking tea recently (because pop is BAD FOR YOU!)

Last night I walked with $95, which is the most I've ever made at the OG. I worked 6 hours, which is about $22/hr... and that is pretty damn cool. I also, for the first time here, hit 40 hours, so I made more this last week than I've ever made at any job... I think. Maybe one of those 60 hour weeks at Sterling produced more... but I dunno. Actually, it probably did. I can't remember these things. ANYWAY, I only took 5 tables because I was THE party section, so I got automatic gratuity on 3/5 tables. Oddly enough, the last two tables of the night were the worst tables of all time. Not ALL time, but definitely in the last couple of weeks. I was just happy they tipped me, honestly, because I wasn't expecting them to. I was sooo exhausted when I got home. None of our plates are pre-set at the OG (which is a stupid, stupid thing), so we have to bring them out... and it's not fun or easy to bring out 42 bread plates, salad bowls, dinner plates, and drinks, 13 bowls of salad, and 8 appetizers. I think the servers at the OG do more work than servers at any other restaurant. That sucks. For me.

I don't have to work today which is AMAZING since it's father's day (happy father's day, dad!... even though you'll probably never read this...!) and the last day of UCLA graduation. I am happy. I work the next two days and then it's off to Ohio, only to arrive on Dix Huit's birthday! :)

I want to find a new audition outfit. One that is less Terri and more Alisa. Perhaps tomorrow I will take a look down at Wasteland and see what I find. HOPEFULLY Chris Kateff will be taking my headshots next weekend.... I need him to. BAD.

Man, I love Duran Duran. The beginning of "Rio" is like the best thing ever.

Jim and I went to lunch at the Subway where we compared LA to NYC. Even though he's never been there and I don't have a lot of experience with it, we said Anaheim is like Brooklyn and the valley like Queens. I also told him some funny Kristina stories about her trying to pronounce the word "folks" and having it come out more like a certain swear word. Kristina is so funny. Later.

Jimmy made this thing for Tribe which I'm sure he'll put pictures up of sometime... but it's pretty damn cool. It's like a projector screen... but different. I dunno. He knows how to build things that I don't know how to do. I could only build... a jewelry box out of Popsicle sticks. In 2nd grade. However, if more people could hear me sing, I think more people would like me.

I'm still updating at, my friends. It's more pink than this site is (and maybe more classy), so I might switch over... unless someone says "NOOOOOO!!!! I LOVE THIS PAGE!!!! PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!!! DON'T DOOOOOOOOO ITTTTTTT!!!!"

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Man, yesterday was so... long. I worked a double (as I tend to do) and made like $80 for the day... which, you know, is better than $0 so I guess it's fine. I don't usually mess things up at my tables but for some reason yesterday I messed up three times! Only one of them was so noticeable that I had to tell the table, though, so it was ok. I didn't get stiffed at all, which is always nice. I also got a little overtime. Yay...ish.

Today I work at 6 again. I just got back from another delightful lunch at Johnnie's and then Jim took me to OSH to buy hardware and crap for his project. I don't like going to stores with him because he has no rhyme or reason to how he shops AT ALL. We'd go up and down the same aisles over and over again. It drove me crazy.

I also thought there was another earthquake when we were there, but it might have just been the shaking of the OSH building since I felt it a couple times. Apparently a lot of people here are afraid The Big One (tm) is going to hit soon, which I think is kind of stupid. Of course, I also didn't know there was such a thing as "pre-tremors" so it's not like I'M an expert. Hopefully, if it does hit, I'll be in Ohio and when I come back my car, the kitty and all my friends will be safe.

Jim's crazy land lady is painting the house yellow. The painters are really in the way, though, and because of them Jim ran over someone's flower pot because the painters left it in the middle of the driveway. I think they should focus on fixing up the INSIDE of the apartment (with all its water damage and other problems) rather than the outside, but I'm not a crazy land lady. Maybe she has her reasons. Crazy reasons.

Oooooh, after taco night we watched The Empire Strikes Back and then Return of the Jedi, since I had never seen either of them. I had thought that Luke found out Lea was his sister in ESB and that Vader was his father is RoJ, but, you know, I was wrong. SO, when Vader said he was his father I was actually surprised. Haha. I called the Ewoks teddy bears and those big, mechanical things with legs dinosaurs. I also felt like I was watching Lord of the Rings. These movies are far better than the "new" ones and it amazes me how much better the actors are (save Ewan McGregor, who can do no wrong.)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wooooo! So i felt my first earthquake today. Not everyone at work did. In fact, I was standing next to someone who didn't feel it when it happened, but I sure did! I was talking to Dustin and we were both leaning against the wall. I thought I was just dizzy (because that happens a lot at work) or that there was someone jumping around in the kitchen or someone moving something big, but then Dustin says "That was an earthquake and I was like "REALLY!?!?!?!" because I have wanted so badly to feel one.

I never would have guessed it was an earthquake and I was sooooooo excited. Jimmy called about 30 seconds later (right when I was about to call him) to see if I felt it. It seems like anyone sitting or leaning on something felt it, no one just standing there did. It was a pretty decent earthquake, too. I call it "a small medium-sized one." Josh Gordon called me about half an hour later to see if I was ok (he said it was breaking news in Ohio, which surprised me) and then I talked to him for like 40 minutes. Awwww... Josh. I miss him so.

So, that was great. Woo, earthquake.

We had to be at work at 7:30 this morning for a stupid meeting. After that we went to Denny's, which is MUCH better than the IHOP as far as food quality goes. We had a ton of reservations at work today because UCLA's graduation is this weekend so it was pretty busy but luckily we had a lot of servers on.

Yesterday was ok... nothing really happened that was all that interesting.

I totally just watched the kitty drink this glass of water Jim had next to the bed that had dead fleas in it. Kitty had fleas and some of them, somehow, got into the glass of water. It's weird because like.... they lived off him and now he's living off THEM.

We're having taco night tonight!! YAYAYAY!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I never noticed how not dark the LA sky is at night until tonight. I looked up and thought "I wonder why it's so pink" and then I realized I live in the second biggest city in America. Funny how I JUST realized that.

So, I made $70 at work tonight (after a little drama involving a party of 9 that was in my section that someone else tried to take). It was a good night. All the good people were there. I kept hearing people talk about the tsunami warning and I was like "WHATEVER, you guys. There's not gonna be a tsunami. Even if there was, we would be fine. But there won't be--- I'm a geologist, I know these things!" (I'm not a geologist. That was a lie.) And then Chris ran over all freaked out saying that Nino was at his table 46 and he didn't want to take him so he begged Ed to. This, of course, freaked ME out and I was like "nooooo! I wish I didn't know!" but then Ed came back and said it wasn't Nino and then I looked at the guy, and he didn't even look like him, he actually looked more like Jim. Then I was like "What is with all these lies? There's no tsunamis, no Nino..." and Chris made some funny comment about Nino riding in on the tsunami, which I am still laughing about.

Anyway, the tsunami watch or warning or whatever it was was true, but there won't be any, so rest assured.... that we won't drown tomorrow. Especially since there's this big mountain range blocking the ocean from us. It'd have to get up the big hill and then travel at least 5 miles down Wilshire and then MAYBE it'd still be strong enough to reach the second story of the OG... but I doubt it. Come on, guys. Seriously.

Jim said he might go surfing tomorrow and I said "not with the tsunamis! and he said "if the first ride I ever catch is a tsunami, that'd be pretty cool." Tsunamis are no laughing matter... but they do make pretty damn funny images in my mind.

I wonder why when you throw babies into water they can swim, but some adults can't swim. WHY WHY WHY???? And why anyone drowns at any age.... if we can swim naturally. Why are we so messed up that we forget how to swim?

Thursday is taco night and I can't wait!!!!

The Costa Mesa Playhouse is doing Urinetown. I don't think anyone needs to know how excited I am for that.