Thursday, April 25, 2013

finally spring

In the past month I have been to the doctor 3 times because I was sick. THREE SEPARATE TIMES IN A MONTH!!! :(  It has been really crappy. Obviously. This last time has been the worst, though. I have had laryngitis for a little over a week, now. I am slowly getting better, but I missed 4 R-a-B classes last week and a couple auditions I wanted to go to. I saved my voice for our concert at City Treehouse, which went really well, but it has been a very slow recovery. And since my voice is my LIFE, it's been really emotionally upsetting, too.

I should be very proud of myself for the auditions I have gone to, though. There was a week where I went to an audition every single day (and with two daytime jobs, that's pretty impressive). I have kept track of everything: who, what, where and when. And sometimes why. One day I had to literally run to make my appointment on time... which was not the best idea since it left me flushed and winded when I actually sang... but at least I went!

Audition season is over, now. I have missed a few lately because I was sick, but I have some important ones coming up, too.

I had my graduation performance for Improv 201. The class was a lot of fun. A couple of us from my 101 class also performed with some of the "professional" team members at a show in March, too. It was fun but REALLY intimidating. I was the only girl on my team and scared out of my mind. I did okay, though. I am going to start taking musical improv as soon as possible and hopefully start 301 before summer.

This Saturday I'm performing with Rock-a-Bay at the Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair. There are a lot of awesome things going on, and I'm excited to be a part of it. I am ALSO excited to sing some Led Zeppelin there!!

I am MOST excited about this jar of speculoos that I bought....

Monday, March 04, 2013

stupid Smarch weather

February got weird after my last update. My callback went effing GREAT and although I didn't get cast, I can honestly say that it had nothing to do with ME, because I killed it. Somehow the sides I ended up doing were the only sides I DIDN'T get before the callback, but I spent some time with them and the scene went great, my accent was great and I sing that song all the time, so it was great, too. I said to myself before I went in, "No matter what, I get to be Audrey TODAY." So, it was nice to "be" her for 5 minutes.

Later that week I got the flu. During the blizzard. Which was kind of ok because there was nothing I had planned on going to the next week anyway. As soon as I got over the flu, I had a cold for like 2 weeks, but I still went to auditions (including an EPA where I had to work the whole day and I ran in during the last 40 minutes and ended up still being seen as the last alternate). I also had my Improv 101 graduation performance which went GREAT. I was happy with everything I did. I started Improv 201 this last week and I am excited to keep spending time doing this.

Last week I squeezed in 3 auditions on top of 25 hours of work-work, 7 Rock-a-baby classes, the Improv performance, improv class, choir rehearsal and our tax appointment. I would have liked to have gone to more than one of that day of crazy auditions, but unfortunately everything was up to like the 70th alternate by the time I got done with my class (and then I had to go to work). This week is much easier for me since there's nothing I am really right for, but next week it'll be back to the crazy with at least 5 auditions I'd like to go to.

Right now I am just excited for winter to end, because I only like winter during Christmas, and I am looking forward to start looking for a new apartment. Chris and I just hung up a bunch of pictures on the wall today, even though we plan on being out of here before August (and hopefully much sooner), but we'll have SOME time with them. Also, when I say "Chris and I hung them up" I really just mean that he alone hung them up. I did offer some guidance... but even that was minimal.

I have been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin lately. They're so good they make me crazy. I just don't understand how they are only FOUR PEOPLE, only two of whom are playing melodic instruments. They have so much sound. We've seen the Monkees 3 times, and they had like 10 people in their band on stage... and they didn't make as much sound as those 4 men. It's amazing.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

groundhog day

I'm still going! God, it's pathetic that I'm excited to be going to EPAs. I should have been going all along. I admit, it hasn't been easy to get up ANY morning, but I am always happy when I go, even if nothing happens. It's just a good idea.

However, something good DID happen. I got called back for Audrey in "Little Shop of Horrors" which is a role I've wanted to play for a long time, but I always thought it would be really hard to be considered for. I don't "look like Audrey" and I figured if I ever was considered for the role, it would be by a director who already knew me. I am thrilled to be called back but even more thrilled that the director looked outside of the Blonde Girl Box. She is such a great, underrated character and I am excited to give it my all at the callback.

So, it was awesome to feel validated and it has given me motivation to keep going. I also decided this would be the perfect time to start going back to dance class. I will never be a dancer, but it will obviously help me to be dancing again.

Improv is still going great and I am already looking forward to taking 201. I have a busy week with a couple auditions, choir rehearsal, my callback, Rock-a-Baby classes on 3 days, improv and the new dance class. We're also going to see ASSSSSCat instead of watching the super bowl tomorrow. How very nerdy of us.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mid-January update

So far, so good. I tried to go to 3 auditions thus far this year, I actually auditioned for 2 (67th alternate for Les Mis. UGH). After I went to an actual audition today, I went home and decided to see if I could find out on the internet if the Les Mis alternate list was being used. Which it was. And my number was called a long time ago (oh well). HOWEVER, what's even better than getting to audition is that I found the Audition Update website, so now I should never have this problem again. Or, if I do, it won't be as extreme.

I also found this hilarious quote about 16 bars in an audition:
So, the "bars" thing is tricky; it harkens back to a day when songs were generally written in 3/4 or 4/4, had nice 16 bar intros, 16 bar verses, 16 bar choruses, 8 bar bridges. Music has gotten more complex, thankfully, but the adherence to bars has not evolved. These are my views on what they "really" mean when they say "x bars":

32 bars- 60-75 seconds, or verse and a chorus. Show a full journey, going from point A to point B.

16 bars- 30-45 seconds, or just a chorus. Show emotional and vocal range if not a whole journey.

8 bars- 15 seconds, half a chorus. I can duz high note? kthxbai.

If they ask for 8 bars, they don't really care about the semantics of it; 4 bars or 12 bars, it doesn't really matter as long as you're in and out and that what you sing *feels* like two short four-bar phrases. I'd personally advise against focusing on the letter of the law (i.e. altering your music so it's a "strict" 8 bars) and focus instead on keeping your cut around 15 seconds.

Also, my improv classes are hilarious and so much fun. I start choir rehearsals again tonight, too. I am busy all the time, but I guess it's good. It gives me "something to live for" in these cold, dark months.