Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dave's retirement

Chris and I were extremely lucky on Sunday. Despite the odds being so low, we won the ticket lottery to see the 2nd to last episode of The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, 5/18/15. So, before the show yesterday Alan Kalter is telling us if we WANT to give a standing ovation to Tom Hanks and Eddie Vedder, we should, but we shouldn't give one to Dave. "Dave HATES standing ovations. So, go crazy, applaud, and give him a standing ovation *in your mind*!" Of course, when Dave came out, everyone still gave him one. I tried to resist, but everyone else was. Chris stayed put saying, "He'll like you more if you don't" and I yelled, "But I LOVE HIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMM!" and rose from my seat, jumping and crying.

I knew in my heart somehow we would be at this taping, because in my heart I knew we HAD to be. I have watched Dave FOREVER. I would ask my parents so many questions about his life history. I remember watching him on Late Night, even though I was only 10 when he moved to CBS. We all watched the first Late Show episode. As a female 10 year-old, my biggest concern was that he would still be able to have the Top Ten lists. I had my mom tell me what happened between him and the Tonight Show. 

I’ve always been very protective of him and his show… if I was reading an article that said Conan was funnier I would stop reading (even though I really like Conan). I had more respect for people who loved him and whenever he really loved someone, I knew they must be really special. Anytime someone said they thought Dave was “over” I knew they didn’t know what they were talking about or were just an idiot. He was always the absolute best.

I haven't always had a TV (and I go to bed pretty early now), so it's not like I watched this show obsessively lately. I always made a point to watch Christmas and Thanksgiving episodes, and of course any time I was with my parents we would watch… but even though I regularly don’t even turn the TV on during the night, knowing he’s not going to be on is really bumming me out. He was the favorite TV “friend” and by far the one I’ve known the longest. 

I frequently walk by the Ed Sullivan Theater to go to Shetler or Nola Studios. Every time I do, I say “Hi, Dave” and look longingly at the marquee. I knew his retirement would be coming eventually, and obviously we’ve known it was going to happen SOON for the last year, but I also knew I could never really be ready. I am so happy to have gotten the opportunity to see the show live, and to have spent my entire 32.5 years watching him.

I will miss you, Dave!