Thursday, March 31, 2011

it's hard to post in March

The weather has been stupid and it's only going to be more stupid the next couple of days. It's going to be a rain/snow mix tonight. All I can do is hope that once this weather system passes, the winter is DONE. We are below normal for this time of year and winter needs to go away and pick up sticks. Serious spring abandonment.

In other news, some of the American Idol contestants are really good. I really love Haley Reinhart. She is like everything I want in a contestant on American Idol. I hope she wins. She would be the most fun winner of the show ever. In other reality TV news, Richard Blais DID win Top Chef last night and we ("we" being everyone in the world) were thrilled. If he wouldn't have won it would have sucked. Also, in REGULAR TV news, Michael's engagement to Holly on the Office was one of the best TV engagements ever! Good job. I laughed and cried.

See what I have been reduced to, winter???? I want to go outsssssiiiiiidddddddeeee!!

Chris turned 40 on Sunday. We had a good day which involved lots of food and good times with Ginna and Sheffield at the Bare Burger of Astoria. I got him a pair of shoes, new jeans, a bag, a groupon for a massage, tickets to a Mets game, new sunglasses and a keychain! I went all out, huh? That's probably more gifts than I've ever gotten him, combined. (Thanks to the extra paycheck in March for making this possible.) He was happy. If you can't go all out on someone's 40th birthday, when can you?

We did have a day of almost 80 degrees on March 18th. The 17th was really nice, too. I was doing laundry that day and the temperature kept going up.... by the time I was going to pick up my clothes I realized it was totally unnecessary for me to wear a jacket or sleeves at all. I wish it would have stayed that temperature... forever.

I painted my fingernails light purple because it reminded me of the color I used to wear in high school and because it's the only thing I can control about spring. I just can't wait to go by the park and suddenly there will be leaves everywhere. It's going to be the best day!

I feel like I have no clothes to wear but it's obviously not true. I have just exhausted my winter wardrobe. I am both sick of wearing the clothes and have worn them much more than normal because I must just own less winter clothes (strangely... since I'm from the north. I guess it's wishful thinking). Sigh.

Retail is so weird. We are starting to get summer products and SPRING hasn't even arrived for most of the country, yet. It's making my completely obvious and frustrating Spring Fever even worse.

I mean, what if spring NEVER COMES???? What if it's cold, windy and rainy and then suddenly it's 90 degrees and humid until it's cold, windy and rainy again??? What if there is no longer a spring or fall?? What if that is the new "normal" (thanks to Climate Change). WHAT IF IT IS???? You can't prove that it's NOT...

I am going insane. I miss spring so much.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

i always need a snack

Whoops. I forgot to update for a while. I knew I needed to I just... didn't.

Well, in the past month I've become somewhat obsessed with hummos. I can't stop eating it. I guess there are worse things I could be eating all the time.... like ghosts. I've been eating it mainly with carrots (but sometimes with pita chips) but then there are these times... like right now... when I just want to stick my whole hand in and scoop it out. Mmmmmm.... weird, grainy mush....

Groupon's cat has been particularly funny the last couple days. One of my favorite quotes was from the guide to swimming which ended with the tip:

•Never swim alone, and always remember—whether you're being safe or being sorry, the most important thing you can do is just be.

I love that cat. So funny. Humor has really changed from hitting people in the face with a pie to the groupon cat. Everything is absurd. Well, everything *I* like, anyway. I did not like James Franco, though. I think I knew what the Oscar people were trying to do because I INVENTED that quirky duo. Or maybe I stole it from Gracie Allen. But either way, it would have worked better with someone else. Like Andy Samburg. Or the character of Ryan from the Office. OR BENJAMIN LINUS FROM LOST!!!!!!! James Franco just... sucks. He needs to go away forever.

The Soho store is getting a little busier. Yesterday it was beautiful weather and a lot of people came in... today no one came in until 12:30pm and I was leaving at 1pm. I'm now splitting my time between the 5th Avenue and Soho stores. It's gonna be better this way. I'll get the same amount of hours that I need and be able to do the reports I used to do. So, I'm happy.

My friend Jenny from high school was in town this weekend to see Bon Jovi with some friends and it was soooo good to see her. Everyone who knows Jenny loves her because she is the best. I took her to VYNL (because every time I visited NYC someone took me there) and we had a grand old time. I hope they didn't get lost on their adventures. New York can be scary.

Yes, it's true. New York CAN be scary. And, for the most part, I hate all teenagers. HOWEVER, today an older gentlewoman fell up the staircase next to me in the Times Square station and literally every teenager and young man around ran to help her. She was fine... it was just slippery out... but it was SO NICE to see all those boys stop to help her. Good job, teenagers.

I got this unsweetened White tea with mint at the store and it's kind of gross. I mean, it tastes like tea flavored toothpaste. I thought it would be better because green tea with mint is awesome. White tea, you lose.

Have you heard about these crazy people who think the world is going to end on May 21st? It makes me nervous that there's going to be some kind of mass suicide or that, on May 22nd when the world is (knock on wood) still here, they're gonna start attacking people. I mean, they are CRAZY. I don't understand why people believe the guy who says that's judgement day. If I remember ANYTHING from the Bible, it's that no one will be able to predict when Jesus is supposed to return. But, I guess people will believe anything. Plus, I think those radio and TV stations with extremely conservative, 24/7 Bible "preaching" are brainwashing people for real. There is no other explanation than brainwashing for their level of crazy.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot. The day after I last updated Radiohead announced they had a new album out and that it would be available the following Saturday. I, of course, lost my mind, and pre-ordered it asap. And then... on Friday morning... they announced it was available THEN! A day early! I lost my mind again. Radiohead kills me every time! Some people are speculating that it could be a secret double album (second part to be released later) and I hope that it is just because it's such a clever IDEA. I love them forever.

Chris has a birthday coming up. It's a big one. I am feeling pressure (not from him, from myself) to make it good because when I asked him what he wanted he said, "To age backwards."