Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring has arrived... for now. It's definitely 70 degrees outside (WHY couldn't it have been 70 degrees all weekend in new york?) and we're expecting the huge storm that tore the great plains apart. I know that in the summer Ohio is just as nice on the warm days as California... but it's not at all because California doesn't have rain. California has unlimited nice summer/all year long days. I miss that.

I have been such a bad PITNB reader this last week. I always feel like I lose touch with the world when I don't have internet access.. it's still down in my room so I'm using the eagle's landing "lab" which is only open a couple of hours a day.

My parents are FINALLY getting our taxes done. I was about to... do them myself... which is just a really bad idea. I never did get tax stuff from central casting so I am HOPING I just didn't make enough there to warrant getting any kind of tax papers... but I don't know. I've tried calling them a million times but they're almost impossible to reach.

April 18th is the big moving day for my parents to Huron. God, that's so weird. I can't wait to see the place.... but man... it's gonna be weird...


Sometimes I have these really strange flashbacks that make me think of the Ben Folds Five song "Fair."
Every couple nights or so
You know you pop into my dreams
I just can’t get rid of you
Like you got rid of me
Ohh, but I send my best
Cause God knows you’ve seen my worst

I know I shouldn't... I shouldn't even THINK about it, let alone post it.... especially because I AM happy now and I'm doing really well... but it is STILL way harder than everyone said it would be.

Oh, and also, based on recent events, I think I am now officially scared to get involved with anyone ever again. In case you were wondering.

I need some tea. Despite my lack of internet I'll try to post tomorrow from a new location...
I'm a really patient person and I put up with a loooot of crap and (usually) keep my mouth shut. But there are some times when I really fear that I am not going to be able to wait for my life to begin.

I can't believe I could come back to Ohio after living in LA... but I also don't think I realized just how hard it was to leave a city until I revisited a huge city. You know, when you're living here you can kind of forget that other places exist, just to make yourself happy. But if you GO to these places you end up with a problem. A crying on the M60 heading towards the airport problem.

I'm really glad I DID go back to school... but mainly because I don't think I could have delt with my life at the time and I really needed the support of my family and friends. I like my major and I like my classes (even the stupid LERs) but man do I hate it here. And people kept offering me places to sublet in NYC over the summer (and one was only for 5 weeks/$500 on the UPPER WEST SIDE!!!) but I'm kind of afraid if I did it... I wouldn't come back. I mean, I'd HAVE to... but how could I? I am just soooo sick of this awful college transitional waiting period. I want to DO something... and what I want to do CANNOT be done in Ohio.

Anyway, my trip was awesome. I spent most of the time alone, which sounds kind of scary, but it wasn't. If you spend a significant amount of alone time while traveling, you start to feel like you live there. I figured out all the subways lingo (I'd have to be an idiot not to) and it was just really great.

Saturday I had lunch with Jon and Griffin and then I went to see Spelling Bee with Patrick. We got $25 standing room tickets and the show was sooo funny. I loved it. After that I met Alison at the times square OG for dinner (everything is $5 more than it is here and even $4 more than it was in LA. They also have auto gratuity on EVERY check.) since I was still lugging my suitcase around, we headed back to her apartment on Staten Island not too long after that. The next day I got up at 7:30 to get to central park to watch her come through the finish line of her half-marathon. I spent the rest of the day basically alone (I did go to Colony with John Moauro), walking around, doing a LITTLE shopping (a skirt) and I saw the Producers (which Hunter Foster was in, so that was cool). That night I had dinner with Alison again and then went to bed.

Monday I met Dan, Lauren, Amber and Marissa in the village for lunch. Dan showed us where he worked and took us to the Magnolia bakery (for some of those famous cupcakes, cousin). I am IN LOVE with the village and need to live there.... right now. I saw a lot of people walking dogs there. Anyway, after that we went to Dan's apartment in Harlem and then to the showcase. Everyone did really well and MOST of the people there got totally drunk off of the free wine that I was made to pour for everyone. I also talked to TK about Porthouse... which maybe I'll reveal the details of at a later time. That night it was too late to go back to Staten island so I spent the night at Adam Howard's apartment. In the morning I went back to Alison's, and then back to Manhattan where I had lunch at the Chicken Bar on 8th and 45th and won the lottery for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels tickets, saw Julia Roberts, went BACK to the Chicken Bar an hour later for dinner with Patrick and then saw what was maybe the best show I've ever seen in my life. Joanna Gleason (the reason I wanted to do theatre), Norbert Leo Butz, Rachel York... it was like... the best thing ever. And since we won the lottery, we were right in the front in the box seats. Everyone in that cast is ridiculously talented and ridiculously beautiful and it was during that show and the subway ride home that I said to myself "You HAVE to do this."

Wednesday I just hung out with Brandon at his apartment in Harlem (which was soooo nice) and then took the bus back to the airport. It was so sad. I want to go back... right now. Especially because David Schwimmer and Paul Rudd are starring in plays at neighboring theatres and uh.... I love them.

Oh, and no, Chris Kateff never called me and he sucks. :)

Today I am working a double, tomorrow and Saturday dinner shifts and Sunday I work in the morning. I hope to make some money. I had to go to the Falls library to use the computers because the internet is still down at my apartment and my last table stayed forever, so I couldn't drive back to Kent between my shifts without having to turn around and drive right back. It's so beautiful outside today...

And Weathervane is doing The Last Five Years in November...

And if I need to say anything more than that last sentence than you don't know me well enough.

I missed my blog. I'll update more often now that I'm back. :)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I love NY.

I can't write too much... but man.

Accidentally taking the N train into Brooklyn instead of Whitehall.... fun.

Tomorrow is MORE fun!!! Woooooooo!!!

(I fell in the shower today--actually FELL, too, not just slipping and catching myself--and hit the soap thing with the side of my body and I think there's going to be a huge bruise because it hurts sooooo bad.)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

DAMN INTERNET EXPLORER!!! It erased my post...

Ok, I have no time to write it again. And I'm leaving on Saturday morning and probably won't have time to update tomorrow (I have to work all day to make up the money I wanted to make tonight because Bryan said we had to have rehearsal :( ) and I'm sure when I'm in NYC I'll have SOME time to update... but not tons... so... BYE!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

This picture of LA makes me so sad. It's so beautiful... gross air and all.

I just keep picking healthy cities.

SO! Today is Alison's Birthday!!!! She's 27 today (which is unbelievable) and has already run the NYC marathon and on Sunday will have completed I believe her fourth half marathon! 5 years ago I bet she never would have thought that possible... but look at her now, world!!! Amazing!!!

I am SO EXCITED about my trip this weekend. I am totally taking some form of mass transportation BY MYSELF from LaGuardia to the Ferry station. Alison gave me directions last night on what buses/trains to take... I also have the option (if I get too scared) to taking a cab all the way, but I think I'll be ok. I mean, hello, I did live in LA for a year. And... you know... when I took the subway THERE I took it by myself. Granted, the subway system in LA is the equivalent to the bus system in Portage County (ie, it has a very limited route and hardly anyone uses it) but STILL. I am sooooo excited about mass transportation. Jeez, what is my problem?? I'm not excited about passing the statue of liberty every day, or (hopefully) seeing a show, or just generally being in new york... I'm excited about the SUBWAY.


So, I called the Linksys people last night to see if they could help me get internet back in my room, and they said to buy a new wire... which I can't do until after spring break is over and rent is paid for. Dammit. I'm gonna have to keep using the computer lab for quite some time. I THINK there is still something wrong with the internet, though, because Tara had to call the time warner people last night about hers... so maybe, hopefully, they'll somehow fix everything.

In just a few minutes my sister and I are meeting up to go look at an apartment in indian valley because we want to live there sooooo bad next year. I don't care if we don't have "the best" of neighbors... I am SURE they can't be worse than the neighbors I have now who break the windows in my car!! Plus, it is SO CHEAP to live there, the apartments are NICE, and it's still really close to Kent and they allow kitties.... or should I say "kitty", as Rule #1 is "No more than one cat."

Later today I have to become Joanne Presley and pretend I have horrible stomach problems and then I have rehearsal tonight. I ALREADY got up at 8am this morning to do laundry...

Last night I watched "Sideways" which was interesting because, as we all know, I am a wine connoisseur (who doesn't drink wine and thinks everything about it is gross. But I KNOW a lot...) but other than that it was.... okay... I guess. It actually made me really mad at times and THEN made me REALLY question what actually happened at a certain Burning Man event last year based on the shady homecomings of someone I used to know....

Guilt can tear a man's soul apart...

Ok, I guess I need to go meet Jen, now. I'm gonna try to pick up a shift tomorrow night (I HAVE to work because I can't go to NYC with this little money) so I don't know if I'll be able to update, but I'll try to squeeze it in.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I'm still waiting to see if I got cast at Porthouse (SEVERAL of my friends have gotten calls... I just want to know either way, I don't even care which way, now). I really want this (and I would be SO GOOD in JCS...) but I just want to KNOW, now.

I'm ALSO still waiting for the internet to start working in MY room again (it's working in Tara's... why not mine?!?!)

I hate.... waiting. And I have a headache. And I do NOT feel prepared for the theatre history test, despite it's being two weeks away. I also fear that I won't be off book for "Violet" when we need to be and.... ugh.

I need some tea or something.

Oh, and I'm ALSO still waiting for freaking Chris Kateff to write me back!!!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Internet is down at my apartment (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!), and it has been since yesterday at like 1pm. I hate those internet people... whoever they are.

Callbacks yesterday went really well!! Most of my friends (and myself) were asked to dance again after the original dance/singing part. We all did really well which was... good. I hope we're ALL cast! :)

I watched "Wedding Crashers" yesterday. It definitely WAS funny, but not as funny as I expected it to be based on what everyone said. But don't get me wrong... it was still really funny.

I closed lunch today and it was only ok. The day went sooooooo slowly. I also hurt my toe and it feels like it did when I've broken it. I hope it isn't broken.

I finally got my replacement phone today. It's only been almost 6 months since it broke. I went through and saved some old pictures I had on it from before that I had uploaded to the internet. Not ALL of them... for obvious reasons... and only one with Jim in it. I just really liked the picture.

It made me sad going through them, though. Mostly because I miss Simon SO MUCH and because I miss LA. I had a bunch of pictures of the beach and this rainbow and palm trees... but if I knew I was going to miss it so much I would have taken pictures of EVERYTHING. Johnnie's, Rudy's Barbershop, the view from my apartment(s), the street, freeway overpasses, my favorite shops on Melrose, Diddy Reese, Pedro, random houses.... anything I could. You know how sometimes your stomach sinks and burns? Yeah... that's definitely happening to me right now. But... I can't CRY in the computer lab... that would be just.... pathetic. Especially because I AM happy now... and I have so many friends here and I love them all so much... but still. I just... miss it. A lot.

I have this sandwhich that I kind of have to eat soon but I am soooo not hungry anymore.

Alright! And now Violet rehearsal!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

My second shift started out okay last night.... but then one of my tables took both credit card receipts so I didn't get a tip from them (I was sooooo sad... it was a $65 check!) and then I had the STUPIDEST people I've ever encountered in my entire life at my last table. I had to explain every single thing to them... and I'm not talking just like what one entree had in it or something, I'm talking EVERYTHING. What the cheese WAS (not type of cheese... what it WAS), I went over the soups THREE TIMES, every salad ingredient, I had to tell the woman at LEAST 5 times about our two salad dressings, what angel hair is... EVERYTHING. It was mostly the woman (who, incidentally, had implants), but the guy, who was probably about 10 years older than her (I'm guessing she was about 35ish), and was apparently trying to get this woman into bed, started acting like he was completely AS clueless to everything as she was. They tipped me 10.5%. I wasn't surprised. They were such MORONS...

In fact, they were SO stupid, that now I am considering selling my eggs (hey, I might never have children) because I am NOT a moron, and one less person in the world who doesn't have moron genes can't hurt. I'm so scared for the human race.

Today's shift was hardly any better, but it went relatively quickly. Sadly, the average tip was about $3 (people were so cheap today... and it was def. mullet central in the OG), but somehow I managed to make $50 before I walked out of the door.

After that I went pretty much directly to "Violet" rehearsal, and then I went home and finally watched "Fever Pitch" (I've wanted to see it for about a year, now). It was pretty good. It didn't hold my interest as much as I would have liked, but I really like the Red Sox and I really like Drew Barrymore, and the ending was pretty good, so I enjoyed it. I also rented "Wedding Crashers" which I am excited to see.

Tomorrow I have to work in the morning and then are the JCS callbacks. I am definitely going to do the following things tomorrow:
A. Wake up really early and stretch
B. Go to work and try to be an extra and if I can't, then request to be in a section where I'll get replaced earliest
C. Go home, change, stretch more and go to callbacks
D. Wear my "Jesus is My Homeboy" shirt as a gimmick to get cast

Griffin said MAB told him it was more or less going to be an "edgy movement" call rather than a dance call, which is good. THAT I can do. I think I'll try to wake up at 8am tomorrow to work out... it probably won't happen, but a girl can dream. I think it'd be good to do before I'm gallivanting around in a leotard.

Friday, March 17, 2006

It's funny... you change your myspace default picture and you get a million comments and profile views.

And BY THE WAY.... doesn't ANYONE remember my LATimes article???
A. I made a huge deal out of it
B. I linked to it on here
C. I have a link that is ON my myspace profile but people keep asking where it is and why and how and... WHERE have you people been??
The article

Yes, it's still embarrassing.

So, I'm going back to work in a couple minutes to try to pick up a shift. I am SURE someone will let me as it is St. Patrick's Day and all... I'm sure there's plenty of people who would rather be out having fun than working. I am ALSO one of those people, but when they don't schedule you any night shifts and you have to have off for 5 days in a week, you kind of have to... work as much as you can WHILE you can.

This morning at work wasn't too bad. My last table was this old lady and she was soooo adorable I almost cried. Really.

Oh, I got called back for Jesus Christ Superstar on Sunday. I know it's MAB choreography... but really, the dance call can't be THAT hard, right?? I'm kind of nervous because the callbacks start at 6pm but I have to work in the morning... and I'm just really afraid I won't have enough time to get ready. I SHOULD be out of there no later than 4, but I want a LOT of time to stretch. WHO KNOWS what she'll have us do. Granted this is definitely not A Chorus Line, but the dance call for THAT (which was the last MAB choreographed show I auditioned for) was really hard. Double pirouette into arabesque, anyone?? Please?? I'd really, really like to do this show (especially to round out my religiously-themed shows... I've already got "Godspell" and "Children of Eden") so I want to do really well.

And I can sing rock and/or roll. No proobbbbbblem...

Ok, I need to get going. Happy Alisa's Heritage Day, everyone!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I had my Porthouse audition today and... well... it could have been worse. I was SO NERVOUS because of my monologue that when Mel played my note I thought, for some reason, I was singing my second song first, and ended up not exactly singing the first couple of words on any kind of... pitch. It was like... speaking. For some reason. Luckily the thought "What on earth are you DOING!?!?!?!" popped into my head and I was able to jump on board the song... then in my second song, at this one point it was like my voice dissolved into a million little pieces. I don't think they noticed ANY of this, though. Definitely not the sing-speaking thing, and although EvB certainly did pop his head up on my "dissolved" note, TK was looking on in what can only be described as awe. I THINK that was passed as an acting choice rather than a... thing that has never happened to me before. My monologue was... fine... I was just sooooo nervous. I turned into shaky hands mcgee for a while. After the audition was over TK said "REALLY great audition, Alisa!!!!" which was sincere rather than... sarcastic. Oh, and everyone looooved my dress. So, I mean... it was not a personal best, but hopefully I don't think things were THAT obvious, either so.... there you go.

After that I went to see "Jar the Floor", which I LOVED. It was so funny and moving and although some funny technical things went wrong, it was still really great. All five girls did a really nice job. I was verrrrrry impressed with Adrienne.

So, today I talked to Brandon and he said this to me "I gave Ben Vereen a haircut on Monday." I don't think it completely registered at first. I was like "Are you serious? (Long pause) WAIT. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!?!??!" Ben's wife is in Pajama game, and liked Brandon's hair and asked him to cut Ben's. Ben Vereen gave Brandon a $100 tip (I said I wouldn't have kept the money---I would have asked for a dance or song instead) and then.... AND THEN.... invited him to a party next week at LIZA MINELLI'S HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

He's going to it.

I don't EVEN know what to say about that.

My parents got the apartment in Huron!!! Yay! I'm excited.... it's gonna be really weird at first, for me... and probably really sad... but it apparently has an amazing view and is right on the lake so I think I'll be able to get over the whole "ohhhhh, this is where my relationship began" thing. Hopefully, anyway.

I'm really hoping to work a double tomorrow, despite it being the day of My People (aka the Irish, aka St. Patrick's Day). Almost everyone I know is getting drunk... not ME... although I hope the people at my tables do and then tip me a lot. Maybe I'll wake up early (hahahahahaha!!!!!!) and go to get a green bagel somewhere. That would be fun.

Man, I am sooooo glad Porthouse auditions are over. I'll probably use that monologue again in the future, but it is SO NICE to not have to worry about it again for a while.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

THE IDES OF MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I was driving home from work and I saw this animal trotting leisurely across the road aways in front of me. It's legs were too long to be a cat or a small dog, but it was too small to be a BIG dog... and for some reason the next guess I had was that this animal must be a kangaroo. Not like one of those big kangaroos, but a little one... and then I was just like "What is WRONG with me?" It ended up being a red fox, which is so WEIRD since I've only ever seen one once before, and they're usually so reclusive and tend to run from place to place.... not trot.

But not as weird as it would have been if it was a kangaroo, I suppose.

I just took a survey on belting. Woo.

We had our read through for act 1 of "Violet" last night. It went alright, sort of. I mean, everyone was pretty tired since we didn't start until 10pm... and I think a lot of people have other things on their minds right now. For ME, it's memorizing my monologue for tomorrow's audition. I've pretty much got it but I feel like there's some specific words that I tend to forget or paraphrase, and I really can't do that with this particular monologue. I'm also REALLY afraid that I'll be too nervous to "get into it" during the audition. It is definitely NOT one of those monologues where the words speak for themselves. In fact, when I was reading it the first time I was definitely like "HUH??" It's kind of like my "slotted spoons" line from ITW.... you can hear it a million times but not really get it.

We read through "Fashion" yesterday, which was better than "Ticket of Leave Man" and "Hernani", at least. Dr. Bank was kind of lecturing us about the fact that we haven't started a new revolution and overthrown the government yet, yesterday. I mean, she ACTUALLY was kind of doing that. After class I said "Ok, we're meeting at 5 for the read through and then at 6 for Revolution Club."

I really wanted cake yesterday but then John said "Think about next year's showcase Alisa! Do you still want that cake??" and, well, I did, but instead I drank some green tea and pretended it was cake.

It was not the same.

A lot of times when I'm driving home from work I start thinking about Westwood... and I think I miss Westwood the most out of things I miss in LA. Right now, at least. Especially with being in another college town... just a far less cool one. I miss being able to walk places, and the movie theatres, and the stores and specialty shops... and DIDDY REESE.... I really hope NYC is just as awesome as LA.... otherwise I'll end up moving back there for sure.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I AM going to update today. Nothing has been happening...

It rained today. Wooo.

Last night we tried to read "Ticket of Leave Man" which was impossible to understand. With thirty pages left I stopped everyone and asked if anyone understood anything that had happened thus far. They hadn't, and we assumed that if we DID start to understand, it wouldn't matter anyway, as we didn't understand more than half of what happened. So we gave up and gossiped instead.

Because THAT is what we DO...

Oh my gosh, so yesterday I had to go see "The Marriage of Figaro" performed by the music department... and I feel like I am going to have to start using drugs to be able to forget this opera. It was unbearably terrible. Thank GOD Griffin was there so we could support eachother through the ordeal. I don't think the opera itself is bad... I mean, HELLO, it's Mozart so it CAN'T be bad. The performers all had lovely voices.... but that doesn't matter if you can't hear them at all (in the third row) nor can understand a word they're saying. Worst. Direction. Ever. It was like watching a high school perform it. The director was on stage during the TWO INTERMISSIONS (!!!) with a drill in his hand, changing the sets. And THEN he actually would walk offstage, come back on a couple of steps and POINT at the orchestra conductor to start the next act. So professional. The best parts of the show were Shaina and this girl, Alexandra who actually sang AND acted. What a concept!

Wow, I am... mad about that.

I am so tired. I have to go to rehearsal soon. And then, I swear, I am going to work out. I'm going to have to start going in the mornings again because of "Violet." Eh.... sleeping was nice while it lasted.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

God, look at me. I'm not working out AGAIN... but I should be. I said to myself "Oh, you don't have to today because you walked a lot at work." But I still should, anyway. But now I can't, because IF we are studying tonight (I don't know whether or not this is happening, yet) we'll probably be doing that around 9 and I wouldn't have enough time.... and... well, I suck.

So! Last night I went to see the Student Dance Festival. The dance concerts are usually my favorite part of the KSU season. I think this is because it's something I can't REALLY do but appreciate SO much. Plus... I generally "get" the choreography. Anyway, it was really fun. Otto is AMAZING!! I had a lot of friends in it this year, too, and of course they all did a great job... and I'm not lying... they're just good dancers. Part of me says to myself "Alisa. Next year is your last year. Despite the absurdity of this thought, maybe you should audition." I kind of want to, but I also DO realize the absurdity of the thought. I think it'd be really fun, though, and really the ONLY chance I would ever get to do something like that.... so maybe if I can work on some stuff I'll think about it.

I finally watched the "Rent" movie last night. It was better than the PLAY... but I had some big problems with it. First off, man is Roger UGLY. Second, when he's singing "Your Eyes" to Mimi as she's dying, he looks like such a creepy bastard. And THEN she dies... and wakes up... and she's TOTALLY fine. It felt, to ME, like it was all a joke they were playing on Roger. Especially when Maureen comes over and says so nonchalantly "Her fever's breaking." I laughed a LOT. Angel and Collins were def my favorite part. They were not only adorable but reeeeaaaaaaallly good. The Joanne was good, too... and who can really replace Anthony Rapp as Mark? No one. After I started hating it, I really stopping paying attention to "Rent," and since I was too young when it came out to understand a lot of stuff, I never noticed until I saw it NOW how terrible and sad everything is. I never even realized Roger was afraid to start things with Mimi because of the AIDS. What was WRONG with me when I was 14 that I didn't realize that?

I also think Maureen is supposed to be really bad at slam poetry. It's either that, or slam poetry is SO STUPID to begin with that you can't help but be awful at it.

I am trying to find a monologue for next week's Porthouse auditions and it is really, really hard.

I was in the smoking section today at work. It sucks in there. There's the obvious fact that there's smoke everywhere, which is bad to begin with, but it's also the furthest away from dish AND for some reason it was like 100 degrees in the building today. HOWEVER, you sell a LOT of alcohol in the smoking section and for some reason... people leave better tips. In my first two tables I made $18.... and they were both parties of 2! Infact, ALL my tables were parties of 2, and I made like $65 on a lunch. AND we were slow! If it only weren't for the smoke, I'd want to be there every shift. However, I don't want lung cancer... nor do I want to ruin my vocal chords... so I'll just deal with not making as much as I could.

Haven and Christine were at the OG today. They weren't at one of my tables (why NOT, you guys??) but it was fun to see them. They asked me why they boil lobsters while they're still alive. I was like "Uh... this isn't Red Lobster," but then proceeded to tell them about how fish do not have a sense of self, so perhaps it had something to do with that. Probably not... but I took a guess.

Tomorrow I am going to work and then going to see the Opera through the music department. No other words for that.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Wow, today was weird. I didn't get to work out because I actually didn't have time. Normally if I don't work out it's because I'm too lazy to... not today!

Theatre History was really... intense... this morning. Dr. Bank was talking about Romanticism and a priori and Kant and the noumenal and phenomenal worlds... and I think she must be really passionate about this subject because she talked for like an HOUR and we're only doing ONE play from that era. I thought it was really interesting, though... especially because SHE thought it was so interesting.

After class, Allison and I went on our amazingly fun road trip up to Sandusky to audition for Cedar Point. I think both auditions went well. They had me sing "I Will Survive" and they took Allison's measurements.... we both stayed to dance. Everyone there was really nice, too. It was SO WEIRD seeing the park in it's off season, though! Kind of depressing...

After that we went to the Sandusky Fazoli's and then drove back to Kent, where I immediately had to start rehearsal for Violet. We just went through some music tonight. The guy playing Flick is really good! I'm really happy about that.

As soon as I got done with rehearsal I had to jump back in my car to drive to south akron to have post-dinner at the IHOP with my family. My parents might have found an apartment in Huron. I really hope they get it because it sounded great.

The second I got back to kent I had to return two DVDs at the family video... and then the rec center closed. At least I danced a little today. That's gotta count for something.

Tomorrow is work and then student dance festival! Woooooo!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Look, it's Erin!!! Hopefully we'll get to see her in the opening show of the tour in Columbus... if not, we have to wait until like JULY until they come through Cleveland.

So, we read through "Hernani" yesterday. First of all, it took THREE HOURS. Second, it was THE WORST PLAY EVER. Seriously, Ryan and Cleric said it was good... said it was "one of [their] favorites"... well, it was CRAP. Yolanda summed it up best with "Nothing happened for 100 pages and then they all died."

But it did remind me of Lord of the Rings... except not THAT much because LOTR doesn't suck.

Ok, so after that I had another late night workout (something I will be doing as soon as I finish this post, also). This morning I had theatre advising for next semester. TK was happy I had everything planned out, we had a nice little chat and both almost cried.

She asked if I was seeing anyone and I said no, not now... and then was just like "But I feel like, for the first time in my life, I don't NEED to be. This is the first time I've been single in 8 years and I really couldn't feel better about myself." I think that's really surprising... I just didn't ever imagine myself being okay with this. And not just "okay"... REALLY GOOD. I'm sure sometime I'll want to date someone again... but it just doesn't seem important right now.

And I really like that.

I watched "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "Waiting" today... both were hi-larious. If any of my Sterling friends remember what it was like the first time you saw "Office Space" and thought to yourself "Oh my God, this is my LIFE" (I almost turned around in the parking lot of work to drive away the night after I saw that movie once), "Waiting" is my CURRENT life. Well, without the food tampering... as far as I know. I really hope that scared people into being nicer to their servers, though. One of the girls was just like "I can't believe someone could be so rude to a stranger!" Ohhhhh... but they can. People are ASSHOLES, and I really feel like there are some people on earth who go out to eat JUST so they can be rude to someone who can't do anything about it. Those people... are assholes. As I said.

Tomorrow Allison and I are taking a road trip up to Sandusky to audition for Cedar Point! It sounds like soooooo much fun to work there...

So, I'm doing this medical acting thing for Ohio University in a couple of weeks where I have to pretend I'm "Joanne Presley" who suffers from abdominal pain. Although I have to claim that I have diarrhea 8 to 10 times a day, and memorize all these fake symptoms of my abdominal pain, the most embarrassing part is that "Joanne" is a smoker who is 22 and MARRIED. I can't believe I have to say that I smoke a pack a day. GROSS. I don't think they'll believe that part. My skin is just too non... rubbery.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


And Thank God!!!

I got a B on my theatre history test! And it was an 87 1/2%, so it was a HIGH B, too!

I was so scared. She always writes out the grades on the board... there were 4 A's, 8 B's, 5 C's, 10 D's and 18 F's. She lectured us for the last 15 minutes of class about how much we suck. When she handed me my test I just... stood up... and then practically collapsed because I was so excited. I also don't think I had been breathing for the last 15 minutes.

When I had finished TAKING the test I felt pretty good, but as time went on I started to feel more and more like there was a chance I just did everything wrong and had failed it. This morning, though, I remembered that I knew ALL the objectives on the PLAYS and I kind of talked myself out of the fact that I could have failed for a couple of minutes.

The BEST part is that I totally got 30/30 on my Way of the World essay... the one I THOUGHT I was confident on, and then really started to doubt myself after the test (even to the point of wondering whether or not I had answered the question at all). It's also really good that I knew A LOT about Collier's "Short View of the Stage" (and how much of a weiner that guy was), because that saved my BS'd "Beaux Stratagem" essay.

I felt bad being happy because so many people failed, some of them being my really close friends. :( But that's why we have our reading group and study sessions, now! So this doesn't have to happen again!

Tonight we're reading "Hernani" which already seems horrible, if I am judging it on no other information than the name of the play. Sometime this weekend we are going to go over Brockett stuff because that is how ALL the cool people spend their Saturday nights. I'm already scared for this next test because there's a TON of Brockett stuff and I HATE the German language and feel like I am never going to remember all those horrible, ridiculous German words. Haupt und staatsaktion, I hate you. Already.

I have to sing in studio today. I was thinking about trying an experiment over the next couple of weeks. I am thinking about sitting in random parts of campus and seeing if strangers just come over to talk to me. I probably won't actually do this.

I got so much sleep last night, and it was really wonderful.

Few things could upset me today. Please God, and karma, do not take this as an invitation to bring me troubles.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Hahahahaha... oh, Natalie.

I had absolutely nothing to say yesterday. I went to work, I came home, I worked out... I thought about updating and then I thought better of it.

A weird thing happened, though. So, I was on the elliptical at the rec center. I haven't listened to "The Last Five Years" since October for probably pretty obvious reasons, but when I was down there the song "Climbing Uphill" came on my mp3 player. Well, I thought "This is a safe song... it's just the audition song!" so I was listening to it... and then I replayed the last couple of lines over and over again for twenty minutes. I was only originally going to do 2 miles, but I did four because I got into this weird "I will not be the girl who gets asked how it feels to be trodding along at the genius' heels..." (and more) ZONE. I couldn't stop. It was... weird.

It made me feel kind of empowered, though.

So, I had my make-up Fire Safety audition. It was fine, I guess. The guy is really nice. He told me before we started that a LOT of girls auditioned, so he'd have to let me know later. I'm not holding my breath, but it would be fun.

There is this guy I work with whose name is Justin... and he is the MEANEST person I have ever met. He is just such a JERK. He's so rude to everyone, he acts like he owns everything and that everyone should just cater to his needs... and I feel like I'm the only one there who can see it.

In other work news, one of my managers, Brian, secretly helped me get off the days I need for spring break. He will definitely not be on the list of people I'm unhappy with.

I think we're getting our theatre history tests back tomorrow. I'm scared.

I finally got to talk to Alison the other day! We've been playing phone tag for like... weeks. This was the first time I even got to tell her about my upcoming visit at the end of the month.

See? Really, I have nothing to say. (except this: Chris, I gave up cookies for Lent and let's hang out in 20 or so days. And Christy... I am SO JEALOUS you got to see Coldplay and Fiona Apple... I love them both so much! You are SO LUCKY!!!!!)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Well, yesterday ended significantly better than it began. Allison and I went to Summit mall together. She had to return some boots at Kaufman's and then they were having this big sale... everything was marked down like 75%... and it was buy one get one free... and so, I got shoes. Well, we technically split the cost since they were the same price and we got one for free. So I spent $7 and got what are probably the coolest shoes I have ever, or WILL ever own. Allison got some really cute Rocket Dogs, too. Then we wandered around a little and eventually found ourselves trying on dresses for fun at Dillard's. Well, I may or may not have bought one of those, too. BUT, let me explain. First of all, it's perfect. It fits perfectly, it's EXACTLY what I was looking for, and I could use it as an audition dress (among other uses). Second, it was only THIRTY dollars. Originally $129. I really didn't have a CHOICE, you see. You can't pass something like that up---especially since I had been looking online for a dress JUST like it. I was a happy, happy girl.

I really like hanging out with Allison. She's a lot of fun.

Ok, so after that I got a few more DVDs of Friends which I will continue to watch tonight. I am also going to work out sometime soonish. I just got off work, though, so I kind of want to just sit for a while. We were really busy today. Unfortunately that doesn't really matter since most people are jerks who only tip 10%, so I only made like $47. It wasn't a BAD day... everything went relatively well and people were nice all day... I just wish they would give me more money.

Tomorrow is more of the same, and Monday as well. HOWEVER, I did get to talk to that guy, and we rescheduled my Fire Safety audition for Monday morning. Yay!

You know what I miss soooo much (besides the cat)? Silverlake. :( I really want to get my hair cut... but I DON'T because I haven't gone anywhere besides Rudy's in over a year. Next time, my friends... next time I WILL live there.

You know who the two coolest girls EVER (besides yours truly) are? Fiona Apple and Lisa Loeb. Sorry, everyone else. These two win.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I was looking so "cool" for my Fire Safety Video audition this morning... imagine my surprise when I went down to where my car was parked... and it wasn't there.

I walked around the entire parking lot, looking for my car, the whole time talking to myself and thinking. Here's some examples of those thoughts:
1. "Oh my God, this is the worst thing, ever."
2. "I need to call that Fire Safety guy..."
3. "Maybe someone just broke in and moved it."
4. "This has GOT to be a dream. There is NO WAY this is happening."
5. "Maybe Jen can drive me around Kent and we'll look for the car. If we find it, I won't even call the police because I'll just be so relieved that it's not destroyed!"

It did not help my mental situation when I walked by one of the apartments and the door had been almost completely ripped from the hinges...

Tara wasn't home, and I didn't really know what to DO... so I went to the office and just said "I think someone stole my car. From here." They stared at me and then one guy was like "Maybe it got towed? Call this place and hopefully they have it.."

TOWED! That's better than grand theft auto!!! But WHY???

So, I called the place, and they indeed had towed it. You know why? City Towing has a contract with Eagle's Landing to tow cars that don't have a sticker on the window... but mine did. APPARENTLY the guy who checked this morning was too LAZY to wipe ALL the snow off my windshield to actually FIND the sticker... so he just towed it. WHAT THE HELL???

The towing guys were originally going to make me pay the whole thing, and then half and I was like "NO WAY!" and so the manager of Eagle's Landing called and luckily I didn't have to pay anything. My mom had to come take me there, and she was sooooo angry. I mean, I was pretty pissed off, but my mom was even more so.

I tried to call off work when I saw it was gone, but they told me I HAD to come in... which was CRAP because they had too many people when I got in this morning and sent a few home. I mean, really. If you spend a good 20 minutes in the morning SERIOUSLY thinking your car has been stolen and wondering what on earth you are going to DO... you are NOT going to be okay the rest of the day. I was not happy with THEM, either.

So, here's the list of people and/or places I am seriously unhappy with:
1. Drunk Guy #1
2. Drunk Guy #2
3. Eagle's Landing
4. Kent City Towing
5. OG Cuyahoga Falls
6. Brad Pitt.... just because

The only GOOD thing is that, after a ridiculous voice mail, Allison left a note for the guy in charge of the Fire Safety Video audition apologizing for my not being there and then my sister was nice enough to call him and he said we might be able to set up a time for me to audition later. I hope so. I really wanted to do that.

Oh. And the OG won't let anyone request off for spring break... and I kind of really need to not work... I'm a little concerned about how I am going to get off for those days.

Alisa's Good Luck: 1
Alisa's BAD Luck: 502

You know what is the worst part about thinking your car has been stolen? The whole thing. There is NOTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD when you seriously think your car has been stolen. I almost fell down on my knees in the middle of the parking lot to scream at the sky.
Man, making your bed can be really hard, sometimes. Especially after you just got done working out and don't want to move.

Day two of Lent and I haven't cheated yet. Go me.

I don't really have anything to say, today. Or ever, really.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ok, soooo... the show has been done for three days and I'm already bored out of my mind. And I realized something today. Do you know why crafts are such a huge industry? Because of single women and housewives. I doubt there are a lot of people who MAKE TIME to do crafts, but when you have endless amounts of time to sit around, you start thinking of all the things you could make. *I* purchased iron-on appliques to fancify my bag. I still have a ton extra though, so I'm thinking about making more blankets and putting one in the corner or something. I would NOT be thinking about this if I was still doing ITW.

Hopefully next week I'll be less bored.

SO! My friend Brandon (from Rocky Horror) just got a job doing wigs for The Pajama Game on BROADWAY!!!!! That's amazing and I am soooo happy for him!! He said when I come there at the end of the month that he will take me backstage AND get me tickets to see the show. And do you guys know who is IN this show???? Harry Connick Jr. and Michael McKean!!!!!!!!!!!!! (among others) So, I will probably get to meet those guys and I'll also probably get to meet Tina Fey... and can I just tell you that I would really like to shove this in someone's face.... but I won't. :) But man oh man, I am soooooo freaking excited!!!

Apparently my sister did not know I am giving up cookies for Lent because she called to tell me about this new cookie store in the mall. Or... well, maybe she DID know and just wanted to make me sad. Either way, I AM sad. I hope it's still there in 40 days...

On Friday I am auditioning for this Fire Safety Video for the KSU dorms. It's totally going to be like one of those work orientation videos... and I really want the job because that would be so fun. :)

I didn't work out last night, but I did go tonight. I did a mile on the bike, 2 on the elliptical and then I did some leg weight stuff. I did do 300 sit-ups last night and some arms stuff, which I will do again this evening, so it's not like I was a TOTAL bum...

I just ate an entire package of macaroni and cheese. What is wrong with me???

Oh gosh, Mo Pike and Katy Neale were at the OG today! I was really excited to see them. They're both just so adorable. Our managers told us we were going to be really busy today since it was Ash Wednesday... but we weren't busy AT ALL. In fact, we were so NOT busy that I was only there for two hours, and I was in a closing section.

Allison and Haven joined the Ali/Alisa team of reading "The King Stag" tonight. This play wasn't as good as "Servant," but I did kind of like it. I think I was the only one. It was just so.... weird.

Despite the boredom, I am kind of enjoying being single. I mean, I can hang out with my friends all the time (and I could have TONIGHT, too, but I ended up working out too long), I don't have to ANSWER to anyone, I can watch whatever I want on TV or in movie form, I don't have to worry about someone else all the time, and of course there's the crafts..... but I do miss a lot of stuff, too. I'm really scared to venture into the world of relationships again, I think. I just don't know if it'd be the right time now or EVER. And it's not like I'd want to... you know... just DATE someone, either, because that is soooo not my style... It just seems like it would be unfair NOW to someone else (since I'm not totally over Jim) but then again, I don't want to wait TOO long or I'll probably get desperate and then... well, that's never good. I don't know. Life's full of tough choices. I really don't HAVE a tough choice right now (as there aren't any relationship takers for me that I know of), but someday... I will. I hope.