Monday, July 28, 2008

homemade cookies would be good

Today I actually liked Staunton. We had today off but don't get paid until Thursday so we went to Target and Lowe's to LOOK at curtains but not buy them. It's just been sooo hot in our living room. We put a sheet over one window and it helped so it was clear that curtains would really make a difference. I found what I was looking for at Target but they could only hold things for 24 hours. Chris decided to just buy the curtains then and now our living room might stay slightly cooler. HOORAY!!!!

Anyway, I'm thinking about getting a bike and we were also looking at them at Target. After we got home and put up one window's curtains we decided to go to the bike shop that is literally about a block and a half away from our apartment. Then we went to the outdoorsy shop right next to that. THEN we went to the glass shop and watched some glass blowing happen. After that we went to the train station and found this place called "weddings and things" that has catering for NINE DOLLARS PER PERSON. I was carrying around a brochure from the glass store and I felt like a tourist in my own town. I can't believe I've lived here for a year and never been to these places. The glass shop was really cool. They had expensive stuff but a lot of it was actually affordable by me. I walk by that place every single day. It's practically in my back yard and I had never been there. I guess we'll have to go to the bakery and the butcher I pass every day next! And then maybe I'll make an appearance at the farmer's market! Staunton has so much to offer me right now!

So, a bike. I want one. I wanted one last summer but it never happened. I figure a bike is pretty useful. I could take it to the grocery store and get a little basket to brings things home in. Plus, I can't think of a single place where a bike wouldn't be great to have. I mean, maybe THE MOON, but my immediate plans do not include a trip to the moon. Everywhere on earth would work really well with a bike.

We have absolutely no storage space in our apartment (except our clothes closet) and at least 6 storage bins, 3 amps, 2 guitar cases (and some other instruments under our bed) and lots of other crap. We're considering getting a wardrobe from IKEA and just putting everything in the closet and closing the doors on our dark secrets. Our room is such a mess right now I don't see how this could be a bad idea (except the cost of the wardrobe). The room is so huge and we don't have enough to fill it but filling it with storage bins seems... strange. Maybe a rug would help.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

yeah yeah yeah!

Whenever I'm sitting on the couch watching TV or using the internet I tend to stand up too fast and start blacking out on my way to where ever I'm going. Yes, yes, blood rushing to my head... but really, EVERY SINGLE TIME?? Is this normal? Is this going to effect my brain?

I just keep going, though. I just keep walking through the blackness and doing what I need to do. Hahahaha, that sounds like an inspirational message. Remember that when you're distressed. Remember to walk through the blackness and do what you need to do.

I hope everyone knows about Etsy which is like Ebay for homemade items. Oh, it's so great. I haven't actually bought anything from it but I browse it every day. Next time I need a purse.... Etsy, here I come.

I get recognized a lot in the box office from people who saw either A Christmas Carol or any of our touring shows and it makes me feel so.... lame. Yesterday two ladies argued on their way out the door over who remembered me from what. I hate explaining why I'm working in the box office ("uhh... my fiance is in the resident troupe and we wanted to stay together...") and I hate saying "I hope so" when they ask if they can see me in a show again here. Non-actory people generally don't understand the actory life since they have more steady jobs and they're like, "huh?" I think being complimented when you're feeling relatively defeated isn't as much fun as it should be.

I used to hate poodles but now I love them. If I had a poodle I would never shave it and groom it to look like a nightmare show dog, I would let it stay furry and adorable. They are also hypoallergenic! This is good for animal lover Chris, who is allergic to cats, dogs and goats and also suffers from asthma. Poor guy. I have no KNOWN allergies (although I know I must be slightly allergic to something here, and in California, in the air during the spring) and he's allergic to everything he loves the most (ie, goats). I would LOVE a labradoodle but they're too big. A cock-a-poo (God, what an awful name) would be awesome, though.

A hot breeze keeps blowing through the windows. That's nice when it's already hot in here. I love the second floor. Actually, the biggest perk of the second floor is the fact that we can watch squirrels on the roof next door. I want to lure them over to our roof with nuts.

I had a dream last night that I had failed a science class during my last semester of college and had to take classes this fall at Kent. This dream was so realistic (for that part of it. there was a lot of other, weird stuff that happened) that I had to reassure myself upon waking up that I had actually graduated and received a diploma. Thank God that dream's not true. I think, if I suddenly found out I had failed something and hadn't ACTUALLY graduated, at this point I would just forgo the degree. I don't think I can ever go back to school. College is a NIGHTMARE!! AHHHHHH!!!! Chris is thinking about getting an MLitt (master of letters) degree from the school associated with the ASC and I think he's crazy. I mean, not really, it couldn't hurt him, especially since it'd be free for him to go here and it's the only advanced degree in Shakespeare in the world, but like I said, "COLLEGE IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!!"

Do you remember when you first fell in love with Paul Rudd? Was it during "Clueless"? Was it when he played Pheobe's husband, Mike, on "Friends"? During "Anchorman", "40-Year-Old Virgin", "Knocked Up"? You know you're in love with him. You can't NOT BE. Even if it's man-love, you know you've got it. For me, it was during "Clueless." He's my only lasting celebrity crush.

I get really annoyed with improper spelling of the informal version of "yes" which is "yeah." THAT is how it's spelled. ("Yeah, I got stung by a bee. Why did you provoke them?") The word "yah" is not a real word. It's like what you say to a horse to get him to move when you're sitting in a buggy. "Ya" is not "yeah", it's the informal version of "you." ("Don't worry--I got 'ya!!") And "yea" is a version of "yes", but only if you lived 100 years ago or more. It's used like in saying yea or nay. ("Dost thou vote yea or nay for independence?") There is also "YAY" which is an exclamation of excitement. Let's review:

"Yeah" (ye-ah): yes
"Yah" (yaw): horse command
"Ya" (yuh): you
"Yea" (yay): yes, 100+ years ago
"Yay" (yay): hooray

Friday, July 25, 2008

how unfortunate

Chris and I have never been to a concert together. Ok, well, we've been at the same concert at the same time (The Monkees played at Blossom in 1986 and I was there. I was three and a half years old at my first concert. Chris was also there. He was 15. I wonder if he saw the baby in the audience that he'd grow up to marry. Weird/creepy) but never together, which is strange because we both like music A LOT. I've made it my life's work to sing and Chris is quite musically gifted, too, if you didn't know.

When we actually realized we had never been to a concert together we were surprised. Ok, CHRIS was surprised, I've only been to 2 concerts since the Monkees so I was like, "Whatever." Chris has been to a million concerts, including "Mr. Big." He's got this whole, amazing past. It's so funny. ANYWAY, we've been looking, despite our extreme poverty, for concerts. As many of you know, a lot of my favorite artists released CDs this year and are now on tour, so it's been relatively easy. Aimee Mann is coming to Richmond on a Monday in September, Alanis will be in Charlottesville later in the month and the Avett Brothers will be there two days later. Who knows if we'll actually be able to go to these, but it's nice to know they're there.

And then there's Radiohead.

Radiohead is going a lot of places on tour, none of which are near me. They ARE going to Blossom, in Cuyahoga Falls, next Monday (which is actor day off) and the worst part is that Porthouse employees get in to all Blossom concerts for free. So if I had been working there this summer rather than 2 years ago I could have actually gone to the show and for FREE. That sucks. I'd love to see them. They're my favorite band (other than the Beatles, but most of the time I think that's a given).

In other music news, another person who is going to be at Blossom that I can't see is Ingrid Michaelson (and playing there with DMB. Killer) whose voice you probably heard on those Old Navy commercials ("if you are chilly/here take my sweater") or on that Grey's Anatomy show that I refuse to watch. I discovered her after reading Bethany's blog and it was nearly love at first listen. I'm always looking for new music so I look up nearly everyone I hear about. I downloaded her 2005 album and her voice is so sweet and pure and she just seems awesome. I actually got a little upset and thought that she made the album *I* would have made if I could play the piano well... or write a good song. A song that wasn't about vampires. Regardless, anyone who write a song about Charlie Brown wins by me and anyone who is a GREAT singer wins by me, too. She did both!

I have this one vendor for the gift shop who keeps bringing me free stuff. It is so AWESOME. :) She brings them to me for examples of products we could personalize for the ASC but after I show them to people their job is done... and if I didn't take them they'd just sit in the desk (since they're left overs from the other clients). I have gotten a really NICE water bottle, a travel mug, 3 reusable grocery bags, a sling back pack thing, a mouse pad, a flashlight, and some really nice magnets. It's pretty great. I love running the gift shop. I'm like a crazy person with the sales and inventory. I mean, I'd OBVIOUSLY rather be acting, but running the gift shop is a pretty okay consolation.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

virginia is for... someone

Yesterday was Chris and my anniversary!!!! Awwwwww. Two years ago on the 19th I had Jessie tell him I liked him (what is wrong with me?) on the drive to Porthouse, the next day we hung out for Dan's birthday and on the 21st we went on our first real date, lunch at Rockne's where several of my friends sat a couple tables away and made fun of us before the directors for the shows we were in saw us and looked... confused. Two years ago TODAY I had rehearsal and Chris closed Our Town and I went to the cast party with him. Two years ago tomorrow we went out to eat at the Macaroni Grill and then to see "An Inconvienent Truth." Chris is amazed that I remember the exact "Timeline of Our Love" (as I call it) but I'm not. I have a good memory (most of the time) and it was such a great time for me that I'm surprised I don't remember MORE about it. It's crazy that we've only been together for two years. It really feel like forever. In a good way.

So, it's a million degrees in our living room. You might think I'm exaggerating. I can't even sit and watch TV without sweating. Oh, MAN is it hot!! It's supposed to rain tomorrow and the temperature should go down but right now it's killer. It actually makes me miss the freezing cold box office.

Stacy London reacts the same way to people during their "big reveal" on What Not to Wear as I do to everyone. All the time. I think we'd be friends.

Man, I really want to take a walk or run but I'm too effing HOT. I can't imagine going out in 90 degrees, sweating MORE and not even getting too cool down. I also need to vacuum the floor and do the dishes but I'll be too roasting before night. See, this is the problem with Virginia. It's got all the bad parts of the south AND the north. It's ridiculously hot in the summer and filled with more bugs than I've ever seen but it still snows and stays cold in winter for a long time. And to top it all off there aren't any palm trees to redeem it. I'm sorry. I shouldn't complain so much. It's the heat. It's going to my head.

I hemmed my pants today. I wish I could take the pants in by myself but I don't know how. I also think I might need a sewing machine for that.

I had a chocolate melting accident in my purse yesterday. We went to Charlottesville and it was hot (obviously) and I had one piece of mini chocolate in my purse... and halfway through the day it was all over half of my purse. We also went to Boston Market and they ran out of chicken. It was a great anniversary. :) Hahaha, it doesn't matter. I was just happy to get to spend the day with Chris. I'm ALWAYS happy when I'm with him and we always laugh and have such a good time, even when we're on fire, and I'm glad we're engaged. It makes more sense than anything that's ever happened to me before.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

i want to be a former governor.

I like blogger a lot better than tripod. First of all, it doesn't suck like tripod did. Second, it makes sense unlike tripod. Third, blogger is the FUTURE whereas tripod sucks.

I just joined Twitter. I'm having problems getting it to work for me over the phone right now but once it gets worked out I think it's going to be hilarious. If only it were there on Thursday. The former VA governor was in town and stopped at the theatre and everyone was freaking out. Jen and Jasmine were "asked" to scrub the bird crap off the sidewalks out front. I have no idea how I was able to get out of that one. At first I thought he was a republican and I didn't know why he'd want to visit a non-profit theatre but after he left I found out he was a democrat. There was a marching band playing in downtown for his arrival. It was like a visitor from space was coming and we had to dress to impress. I don't think he noticed the lack of bird crap on the sidewalks. I don't think anyone in the world would notice that.

Also, yesterday, a bug flew right in my eye! I'm not talking like, it flew near my eye, this bug practically landed on my contact lens. It was right as this lady came up to the desk to ask me a question and I flailed my arms about like a crazy person and then said, "Sorry. A bug flew into my eyeball." A couple of weeks ago a little bug flew into my eye as I was walking home and talking to my dad on the phone. It died in my eye and when I got inside I had to remove it from the corner of my eye. Wow. There was a lot of assonance in that sentence.

Yes, twitter will be fun if I can ever get it to work properly.

Chris and I taught a master class on music for the Midsummer Day Camp on Wednesday and it was SO MUCH FUN. They did this little production of The Tempest yesterday (which was so great) so we talked to them about music that we'd want to play if we were in that show based on the play's themes ("Abracadabra" by the Steve Miller Band, "Magic Man" by Heart, "Rain" by the Beatles, "It's Magic" by Pilot and even "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid) and then we taught them a round using the last two lines of the epilogue. The group was huge--46 kids aged 9-12. They split them up into two groups for our classes. God, they were so great. Chris was a pro at working with them, too. People tend to like Chris a lot. He has that ability to make fun of people that don't know him and they think it's funny, not mean. I do not have that ability. People always think I'm mean instead of just joking at first. I have to win them over with my ways. The WAYS of ALISA.

I also had my second go at house managing on Wednesday and it went a lot better. I had great ushers (not that my first ushers were bad---not by ANY means---I just had a lot of them on Wednesday so I was able to get more done) and Solomon was my assistant so he was able to help me. I have to house manage again tonight. I'm a little nervous but I think it will go okay. I HOPE it will go okay!!

I had a merchandise meeting on Wednesday about getting new stuff. I think it's going to be great. We're going to design new women's t-shirts that are more modern and feminine. Right now we have the list of Shakespeare's Pick-up lines or Insults but what I want to do is get Mary to make some pretty background design and get a great quote about Shakespeare's best female characters. Something the ladies can relate to. Something *I* can relate to, as a lady. Girls like things.

So, that Sara Bareilles isn't just a one-hit wonder, huh?

I should probably go shower so that I can go to work. Tomorrow I will get free pizza!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh my God. Being home from work is like the best thing ever. The second half of my shift today was alright---actually, I felt a lot better when I left than when I got back from lunch. But this morning and last night.... ugggggggghhhhhhh. First, last night was my first official real house managing. This might have been exciting except there was the small fact that I was not ready at all to house manage on my own. Katie was my assistant and Katie is ONLY a bartender so she didn't know how to help me at all. It was a mess. I got through most of the stuff okay but all the reports were wrong... I just hated my life so much. I just hated waking up this morning and getting the corrected reports. I felt like such a loser. And then, work just sucked this morning and I felt really bad about my life. I also blew a fuse while drying my hair so when I got to work it was completely soaked. I was hot and sad and wet and angry and when I went home on my lunch break I dropped an entire glass of iced tea on the floor, shattering the glass and soaking my clothes.

The only good thing that happened to me this morning was that 3 people bought the lanyards we have 245 of. That's it. This was only good because we have SO MANY and they cost a ton so I want them to sell. My boss boss was at the show tonight and I told him how all 3 copies of this test book we bought (it's called Coined by Shakespeare) had been bought in less than a week and he told me to order 10 more. We need so much stuff in the gift shop. We're running low on all t-shirts (but i think we're going to redesign some of them so we just need to order the stuff we're keeping) and every time I order stuff we've always had we run out within a week and a half. I mean, this is GOOD, but I have this whole BUDGET to think about and it's driving me insane. I just want to order what I want to order, before we're out of it and in huge bulk so people can buy whatever they want.

I saw this "life size" Shakespeare puppet today on amazon. We will not be ordering this for our gift shop. Hahahaha. It doesn't even look like Shakespeare. It looks more like Kevin Kline.

Ginna gave me a whole bag of clothes today and then as I was leaving the theatre Alyssa asked me if she and Alli could give me clothes, too. I will always take clothes from people. I even took some of Jessie's clothes, the last of which I think I took to Goodwill recently. I don't even know why Jessie had them in all honesty. They couldn't have possibly fit her.

Speaking of clothes that fit you, I went to Steve and Barry's the other day and bought pants that fit me for $9 from the SJP BITTEN collection. Everything in the store is like $8.95. No wonder they are bankrupt.

Virginia is hot. Not in the good way.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

a magical day

Last night was Aaron and Emily's wedding. It was supposed to be outside but the weather did not cooperate. It still turned out really nice, though. I wish I would have had a better viewing spot but that was my fault. As it is I got a lot of pictures of Emily's face and the back of Aaron's head. It was a really sweet ceremony and very memorable. Her dad's reading almost made me cry... wait, no, it DID make me cry. Rene and Emily's brother made really nice speeches during the reception, too. They had chicken, steak AND salmon!! I was all hopped up on Dr. Pepper all night and not tired at all when we got home at midnight. I didn't fall asleep until after 2:30am but woke up about an hour later and then continued to wake up all night long. I am SO TIRED today!!! I guess it's good that I'm not in a show right now because I probably yelled a little too much last night... either that or the lack of sleep is making my throat sore.

Chris and I decided to take our engagement photo last night while waiting for the reception to start. Dan took it while Amy, Brent's wife, held my bag. It was funny. Everyone kept asking me if I was going to take notes but I could never afford a big, fancy wedding like that. The only thing I could take notes on was Emily's AMAZING DRESS!!! Oh my God. Erin, one of our costumers, made it and it was just AWESOME. It was exactly like something I would want. So much so that if my dress ends up looking really similar to that I hope no one notices. Speaking of that, Jenny, our other resident costume designer, said she would make my dress and "design" Chris. After she told Chris that he start trying to convince me to have the wedding here, at the theatre, rather than in Ohio. I don't know. I mean, the theatre is the OBVIOUS place. It's naturally beautiful, we'd probably already be here and it would be... not expensive. Plus, we got engaged here and both worked here... we already played a married couple (the king and queen of france!) on the stage so it'd have some kind of sentimental attachment or something. But, both our families live in Ohio and I'd worry about my Grandma making it down here. She'll be almost 87 years old and she doesn't like to travel, let alone travel in winter.... I just don't know. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. Ugh.

Shaina got engaged! I was really excited for her. Her boyfriend came to visit her in Toronto, where she's rehearsing for the Disney Cruise Line, and he totally surprised her. Hooray for them!

Man... I want to move to Toronto SO BAD. That'd be great...

Dennis and I are now officially best buddies. He doesn't know yet.

Happy Birthday to Rick Blunt!!!!!!

Chris's dad drove down here today with his friend and brought the rest of the furniture we needed. A table and chair for our dining... area, a "breakfast nook"/extra counter space in the kitchen and a bigger TV. It was so nice of him. He took us out to dinner at the Depot afterwards. I was exhausted the whole time but it was nice.

Last night I dreamt about the gift shop the whole time when I was actually asleep. I wish I would have been asleep longer. Dreaming about the gift shop is better than not dreaming at all.

You can, of course, see the rest of the wedding pictures at

Friday, July 04, 2008

curtains, pants and babies

Today is the 4th of July. It's going to rain (I KNOW it is this time... if I was wearing my rain boots no one would be laughing today!) and the attendance for tonight's Lear has gone from 66 last night to 101 today. For some reason I had thought/hoped it wouldn't be as cold in here today as it normally is, but I was wrong. Chris and I just had lunch at KFC. It is our yearly tradition. We don't eat there very often (I think we've been there 3 other times since last 4th) so I feel like it's not completely horrible. Plus, it's trans fat free (otherwise we wouldn't ever go there) so it's still better than Burger King. I get a random paid day off for having to work today which is awesome. I wonder when I'll use it... maybe for some beautiful three day weekend sometime...

Our wireless at home keeps going in and out. Of course. See?? Comcast. I knew you'd suck. Anyway, it's not a big deal since there's a USB cord that we can still get online with but for some reason it's really bugging Chris. Perhaps because we're paying for it.

None of my pants fit me anymore because I've mysteriously lost weight. I think it's all the fiber. Since we got back from tour in March I've lost like 8 pounds without doing ANYTHING (except not eating fast food every day and eating 26-30 grams of fiber a day) and now I need new pants. I NEVER buy pants. I have like a million shirts and maybe 10 pairs of pants. Maybe.

The other Chris, Chris Nash, switched shifts with me tomorrow morning so luckily I don't have to house manage the night show because I am NOT ready. I am okay with house managing the morning--- there's no reports in the morning. But man... the night is scary. Reports are scary. I just don't want to screw up and break the playhouse. Hopefully when I do have to house manage at night and do reports it'll be a lot less scary than I am imagining it to be. I tend to overreact to things that haven't happened yet. It's actually pretty good because when I do and they turn out okay I am just relieved and happy. If I think everything is going to be fine and great and it falls apart I'm like "ahhhhh! This is the WORST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I don't like that feeling... so pre-overreacting is better.

Last night we had nothing left in snacks for the bar so when Nash got back he and I spent 20 minutes bagging for Emily and somehow we were able to get 10 of everything with ten minutes to go before the house opened. I should be a professional candy-bagger.

Oh, ok, so on Monday Chris and I went all around getting things we needed for the aprtment. We got the kitchen cart which has been GREAT-- it's exactly what we needed. I also found curtains at Lowe's for LESS THAN $7!!!! This is amazing because every curtain I've looked at costs like $20 for one panel. I'm not crazy about them but we HAD to get curtains for our room (it's soooo bright in the mornings) and they were so cheap I didn't care. We got a rug for the living room to keep the floor from continuing to peel off and the couch from staying in place. Chris slept on the rug for like an hour and a half the other night like a cat while I watched "Jon and Kate Plus Eight."

My friends Dan (from my tour) and Alex (his wife) are pregnant and I am SO HAPPY FOR THEM!!!! Dan first announced it on his facebook profile on Monday or something and I immediately threw the computer down and called him. I didn't get to see him until yesterday when I finally got to ask questions. She's three months in and the baby's due in January.. hopefully when Dan's still home in the two week vacation from tour. If not...uh... I guess they'll have to get an understudy for a while. They've been trying to get pregnant for the last year and they just bought a house and a dog so this is just really, really great. It's also kind of funny because I had a feeling they were pregnant. I don't think it was based on anything they said.. I just started to have the feeling.. and it's TRUE! Yayayayay!