Sunday, November 28, 2010

kitties and turkeys

I haven't updated in a long time and now it's almost December. UGH! Time always go so fast.

Well, we did get a kitty on the 9th and it was the best decision ever! We adopted her from the NYC ACC and she's perfect. We named her Jessie and she's all black with orange eyes. We saw 2 kitties that day and I was so sure we were going to go with the first one we saw (before we met Jessie). I kind of said, "Oh suuuuuure. We'll see the other cat!" just to, like, humor them. Of course we loved them both. We picked Jessie because she was smaller and I liked her eyes. She's so sweet. I mean, yeah, she's insane and wants to be fed all the time, but she will just sit on your lap and go to sleep all day. I love her. Meow.

Christmas time has arrived! You know... sort of. Chris and I ordered food from Whole Foods for Thanksgiving. It was delicious. It was even MORE delicious since I didn't have to try and cook a turkey myself. Black Friday was not the retail death I thought it was going to be. What's been worse is the fact that our heat is broken yet we keep the door open at work. It is SO COLD! All the employees just stand around shivering.

I keep getting really, really tired really easily all the time. I just took a little sip of 5 hour energy because I'm so tired I feel like the last 2 hours of work are going to suck but I don't want FIVE HOURS of energy. That's way too much. I want to go to bed. These 5 hour energy people just walked into the store on Black Friday to give us some. I totally took it. It was like being in college again when the Red Bull truck would just drive up to you and you'd get free stuff.

We went to the South Street Seaport Christmas Tree lighting on Friday night! It was great! I thought we were a little late, but we got there at the perfect time: to see the tree actually go on and then to see Darlene Love perform! I love her. She sings on David Letterman every year. I couldn't believe how not crowded it was. Rockefeller Center it isn't, but still. It was the first Tree Lighting of the season, you'd think there'd be more people.

The Nostalgia train is running again and I can't WAIT to ride it. Hopefully next Sunday I'll be able to if even for a little while. Chris and I won't be able to ride it together until the 26th when we get back from Ohio but maybe I'll have a little time before then, too. I'm a busy lady.

I have lost my desire to keep writing so I'll try to post sooner next time.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

time travel day

Hello! It's been a while again. I get busy, folks... I get busy.

So, my birthday came and went (that's the first time I've ever been that non-chalant about my birthday ever) and it was good. I had some friends from the ASC who live here over, including my Best Birthday Buddy, Greg, who doesn't get AS into Halloween as I do. I forced them all to play games and laughed a lot. I laughed the MOST when they played the eat-the-donut-on-a-string-without-using-your-hands game and the donut kept smacking Greg in the face. I laughed until my abs hurt. I could barely START the game.

I got a couple gift cards for my birthday... I might be using one of them this week in case we GET A KITTY!!!! I don't want to jinx it.... but I am also excited. We're going to meet a few kitties on Tuesday, I think. It's all I wanted for my birthday. I really want to get TWO kitties... we'll see, though. MEOW!

Christmas started at 12:01am on November 1st and it was actually awesome. Listen. I might hate NYC a lot of the time, but I LOVE Christmas in New York. It's the best place in the world. It is literally like living in Disney World in the good way. Yes, there are too many people in New York and not enough stuff for there to be sales on the things that *I* want, and it's so SCARY to go shopping because it's so crowded... but other than that it is AMAZING!!!!!!! There's ice skating, pop up shops, everything is decorated (everything. Streets, stores, trees, everything), everything is on sale, Santa Claus is there, those giant gingersnap cookies in Central Park, Starbucks holiday flavors, the Rockettes, Christmas music playing from speakers IN LAMP POSTS.... it's incredible. I bet Disney World is actually just like this at Christmas.

Speaking of Disney, the new, gigantic store is opening in Times Square on TUESDAY! Yay. I am so excited. The one on 5th ave closed at the end of last year and I was devastated. I used to go there after particularly bad days at work.... which was all the time at that place.... and it was the only thing that would make me feel better. Then it closed and I was so sad.... but now the new one is opening and it's going to be amazing. I work on 5th ave and I feel like every day after work in December I am going to walk out of my way to see either the Rockefeller Center tree or the Bryant Park Tree and go to the Disney store once a week. It will be the best time ever!!

Today was the NYC Marathon! I knew a couple of people who were running. It seemed like everyone was late coming in today because of it. That, or the MTA's craptacular Sunday Subway Service. I know on Sundays, if I work at 8am, I will either be 20 minutes early for work or 10 minutes late. There is absolutely no way to be RIGHT on time or even a little early or late. NOPE. Just ridiculous extremes. I hate Sundays so much. I also hate that Hale and Hearty soup is not open on Sundays. WHY??? People need soup on Sunday! I don't think the Daily Soup is open on the weekend at all! I had to go to the Food Emporium for soup.... and it was only ok. Maybe they'll be open on Sunday as it gets closer to winter. Yes, the cold has suddenly come upon us, but apparently the SOUP places refuse to acknowledge it. Jerks.

So, the marathon ended at 66th and Central Park West and I work (my OTHER job) at 67th and Broadway. That's 2/10s of a mile away so I keep seeing people wrapped in their marathon heat blankets. I don't think I could run a marathon. I think I could PHYSICALLY run it... but I think, somewhere around the 20th mile, I would be so bored and frustrated that there was STILL more to run that I would start crying.... and I think that would affect my time.