Sunday, April 10, 2011

nothin' to do

Today I was waiting on the platform of the 1 train and this guy walked up to me. I HATE it when people I don't know walk up to me while I'm on the train platform because I'm always afraid they're maniacs who are going to push me onto the tracks. This guy said something about 79th St and when I slowly (and hesitantly) looked in his direction, he wasn't even looking at me. Sometimes it takes me a minute to understand what people ACTUALLY said, and when I finally realized he was asking if the train went to 79th st, I was totally startled. He kept apologizing for starling me, but I wouldn't have been startled at all if he would have said something like, "Excuse me, do you know if this train goes to 79th st?" I didn't even know he was talking to me at first. He said something about how he knew New Yorkers didn't like to be talked to but I "looked like I knew what i was doing." Which I do. HOWEVER... come on. New Yorkers don't mind being talked to by SANE PEOPLE, it's just that most people who try to talk to you on the platform or street are definitely not sane people. They're either homeless, on drugs, crazy ramblers, or trying to sell you something. None of those things are things I want to be involved with. So, you just tend to ignore everyone. You have no choice.

But most people here are probably HAPPY to give you directions. I know I am. This place is confusing as hell, but the more people who know where they're going, the LESS people standing around in the middle of the street, blocking foot traffic.

So, I got promoted at Fossil and am finally able to go down to ONE FULLTIME JOB!!!!! Amazing!!!! I'm still doing Rockababy, but that's just one day a week. I wouldn't know what to do with 2 days off every week. Plus, you know, I really love doing Rockababy, and it's not hard or stressful, so it's not like REAL work. I'm just so happy that I am going to be able to leave work and not have to go to another job. When I'm done working, I'll be TOTALLY done working for the day. My days will go from 10 hours of work (with an hour travel each way and an hour break between, total 13 hours) to 8 hours of work, hour lunch (hour travel each way, total 11 hours) AND I'll be making more money. I get 2 hours of each day back.... and that's 10 hours a week. I still have 2 days left at the box office but then I'm gonna be hooommmmmeeeee freeeeeeeee! (I'm also happy to be working with Fossil, because I love them and I love working there.)

My sister is coming to town this week. It's going to be fun. We're going to visit Harry Potter at the Discovery Times Square Museum. (I think we are... I am hoping we can get in for free.) She is taking the TRAIN. It's going to take forever. Hopefully she's not comatose by the time she arrives. She wants to go see Obscura because she's crazy. Other than that.... I don't know what there is to do. I'll probably just take her to Astoria park, hahahaha.

I may or may not be getting sick. I hope it's may not. I am subbing 4 Rockababy classes this week AND Jen is coming here.... I do not want to be sick. Maybe it's some kind of new allergy. Or maybe lack of sleep (just last night... the night before I was ASLEEP at 11pm). Just hopefully not sick.

My girl Haley killed it on American Idol again. Man, i hope she wins. Oh yeah, also, Chris's friend, Tony Pulizzi, who played guitar at our wedding, is the lead guitarist on the show this year. They went to high school together.... Tony is one of Chris's best friends. We were watching the results show the other night and Chris just keeps saying, "That's Tony. THAT'S TONY!!!" I thought he meant on the phone or something. I was thinking, "so answer it, weirdo." Then he said Tony was on the TV and I understood. And frankly, it's pathetic that I didn't recognize him before. I have a million pictures of him from the wedding and half the time he's the ONLY one on the stage with the performers. I was even wondering what it must be like to be the lead guitarist on AI when little Haley sang to him the other night. AND, the Paul guy gave him a shout out MID-PERFORMANCE ("Tony on the gee-tar!") and the camera went right to him.... and I didn't notice. Well, to my credit, I wasn't expecting him to be there. I never recognize people out of context, anyway. It's pretty awesome, though. Chris is THRILLED by the whole thing. He called him immediately. Now I feel like I should look for Tony all over the place on TV.