Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today I got off the train at 72nd St and I smelled Spring. You know what I'm talking about. There is nothing else that smells like the first couple weeks of Spring and I can't describe the smell (other than saying it smells like MY happiness). It's not really here yet, but it's above 40 today and the snow is melting or trying really hard to melt. (Some of the snow, like in my neighborhood, was piled so high that when it started melting, they started finding dead people inside cars. DEAD PEOPLE! They're also finding Christmas trees, pages of pornography (seriously, this stuff makes the news) and, of course, tons and tons of dog poop and garbage.) Although every weather forecast I see is different, the one I'm choosing to believe is the one that says it could hit 50 degrees tomorrow. Fifty. Degrees. I wouldn't have to wear my earmuffs.

Fifty degrees is a heat wave compared to the rest of the last 2 months but I saw, perhaps on Thursday, it COULD get up to 58. That's dangerous territory, my friends. Clearly no one wants it to be 60 degrees more than me, but whereas I wouldn't have to wear my earmuffs, other girls, mainly college girls, would feel as if they didn't have to wear PANTS. It's that whole freedom from being cooped up for too long mixed with their obvious desperation to make boys like them (which they will.... for a while). I can guarantee you, if it gets to 58 degrees this week, you're gonna see someone walking around in shorts.

I'll only do that inside when I'm pretending I'm on a beach in Hawaii.

There was some psychopath arrested on the 3 Train yesterday after stabbing like 10 people and killing 4. He went on a stabbing spree through Brooklyn. People saw him creepin' around the subway tracks Saturday morning and called the cops. They arrested him at Times Square, but not before he stabbed a guy in the head and neck between Penn Station and TS. I was going to work and saw on Twitter that the entire 1, 2, 3 line had been basically shut down from 96th St down and I was thinking, "What on EARTH could shut down a line that far???" All I had to do was search "penn station" into Twitter and I found the answer. I LOVE TWITTER. It is single-handedly the fastest way to get news on earth. Anyway, I was nowhere near this guy, or the 1,2,3 trains (and I don't even take them that often), but it was still SCARY! I hate the stabbarinos.

We opened the new store in Soho! We need a flag or banner or something that says that we're there and that we're open. It's beautiful, though. If I were a regular non-employee Fossil shopper, THAT is the store I would definitely want to shop in. It is really unique.

Wow, well, some guy just knocked on my box office window to scream at me for something that A. I wasn't involved in B. I didn't even see (nor was I anywhere near) C. I have no authority over. It'd be like if I yelled at YOU because I was angry at the former president of Egypt. I don't know why he didn't say something to someone who was not inside a box with no doors to the concert hall. So weird. I couldn't even say anything because after he screamed the "F word" at me several times, he just left. As always, you can never really prepare for these types of surprises. You're always too stunned to really react. It's like that time that old guy slapped me at the Times Square station. God... old people are just CRAZY, it seems.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!! I am a very lucky lady to be married to the best, nicest guy in the world. I love him. I think about it all the time. I win.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

at least the groundhog said winter will end...

So, last week I had off on Thursday and I just stayed home the whole day because of this big, school-closing snowstorm. Chris sent me a picture, it looked bad.... but the next day I was STUNNED by how much snow had piled up. The piles lining every sidewalk in my neighborhood are, on average, 3.5 feet high. Some are taller than me. It was CRAZY. I became very upset since that was the first I was seeing of it.

And now, of course, the piles are covered with thick ice, as is everything else. I was surprised schools weren't cancelled yesterday but I suppose because it reached 40 degrees in the afternoon I can understand why. That led to some ice and snow melting, which became water and then re-froze when the temperature dropped at night (and never got above 32 today). So now there's even MORE ice on everything. The sun was shining all day. I opened the blinds and me and kitty tried to soak it up. Then she bit my veins. It was weird.

We saw The King's Speech on Saturday. It was the first movie we've seen in the theater in almost a year (since last superbowl when we saw Avatar) and we looooved it. If Colin Firth doesn't win every award for acting that is available to be won this season, there is something seriously wrong with the people voting. This was also the first time I didn't completely HATE Helen Bonham Carter, either. The story was interesting and told really well, it was just a really good movie. On Tuesday of this week we went to the Museum of Moving Image and it was fun! I got to play an old Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog (which I was REALLY GOOD at in like 1994, but not anymore), we dubbed over movie dialog with our own voices, replaced sound effects and scores to movies and even got to make our own stop-action movies. They also have regular "museum-y" stuff like costumes from tv and film, props, make-up, sketches, etc. We had a good time but when we left, after not even being there 3 full hours, we were SO TIRED. I had to take a nap.

Also on Tuesday I officially found out I'd be transferred to a new Fossil store, in Soho. There's only going to be a couple of people working there and we were all hand selected because it's going to be more "boutique-y" then the other stores. It's the first pop-up store they're trying and they have high hopes that it'll be a success. I do, too, because the ideas they threw around were so exciting. I really enjoy working for Fossil and I'd like to stay there for a long time.

Yesterday I did 5 Rockababy classes and I was exhaaaaausted. It was fun, though. It's so crazy how much the kids learn and develop when they're in the class more than one session. You come back from a break and all of a sudden a baby who HAD been only able to lay there during the first session is now crawling all over the place and squealing with delight. It's great.