Sunday, July 31, 2005

I went to work and they had scheduled too many people... again... and Nick told me to go into someone's section that wasn't there yet, which I did (and took one table) but then Desiree switched it back. I don't think she likes me. Oh well, it's not like I really like her, either. Anyway, so, after that, I did the only thing I could do, which was switch to breaker. At least next week I'll have a couple hours at $11/hr on the old paycheck... but right now, it sucks since I only made $5.

And... man... I have BARELY enough in my bank account to cover the bills I just paid and rent. Like... I'll have $10. No joke. I'm really scared about that. I don't work a dinner shift until Thursday (unless I can get someone to give me a monday night, which would be amazing) so the $40 I'll make combined on Monday and Tuesday mornings will have to cover... the rest of my life.

I'm also kind of concerned because although the dress code for the MG is almost identical to the OG, I need to buy a new shirt (because mine looks like crap) and new pants (because all the buttons fell off except one and the zipper is broken.. good thing I wear an apron) by Wednesday for orientation and I definitely do not have the money to do this. If anyone wants to send me some sort of target gift certificate ( now is the time to do it. :)

I did, however, find out that Dustin has a second interview on Tuesday, also! YAY! I was sooo happy, I hugged him and screamed. I couldn't deal without Dustin AND Justin. Ed's going to apply after Urinetown's over, probably. We're all fleeing.

I'm starting to get a headache. I've been online for hours and I ran out of things to do. Jim's at some thing with his friends. Perhaps it's an art thing, I don't know.

I talked to Lauren online tonight. That was fun. Everyone loves Lauren (Kent Lauren, not Sterling Lauren. Everyone loves sterling Lauren, too). Ooooh, AND I talked to Alison on the phone after work. It's kind of sad that the mere act of talking to my friends warrants a whole new paragraph on this blog. I'm just so exciting.

It's a good thing I'm not allergic to bleach because I pour about 6 cups into the laundry when I wash my work shirt. My shirt smells like a pool.

I want to take kitty for a walk. I told that to the GM of the MG when he interviewed me. I don't know why.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


There's a crappy cell phone picture of downtown LA. Last night we went to another free concert in the city with Cameron and (later) Hank. It was fun. I bought cookies, Jim attempted to dance, you know... the usual. After that for some reason the boys wanted to get drinks, so we walked to The Biltmore (which made me think of Dan). It's... big. And fancy. It reminded me of New York. We had to walk up this TERRIBLE hill to get back to the car (seriously, it was soooooo steep!) but we somehow made it, and I only ran into one cockroach. And I screamed.

Downtown is nice. Well, actually, a lot of downtown is scary and rundown and there are a lot of hookers and homeless people and people smokin crack... but when you look PAST those things, it's cool. *I* would live there. It's the only part of LA that seems like a real city.

So, TODAY I had my second interview with the Macaroni Grill and, thank God, I got the job. Yay! I was very happy. We have orientation on Wednesday evening but we don't actually begin training until... the end of august, I think. The restaurant is opening on September 12th. Brad got hired yesterday and Erin has her second interview on Monday. Anyway, I'll stay at the OG until training is over, I guess... since I wouldn't be making too much money just TRAINING. But, yay... new job. Hooray. :)

After that, Jim and I went to Koo koo roo for lunch and then I took a nap and then we trimmed kitty's nails. So.... exciting... in an old person type of way. Now I really need to get ready for work, but I haaaaaaaate work, so it's hard to start the process. I've already passed the $150 I made last week, which is good, and I hope I make a billion dollars tonight. If I do, I'll probably buy kitty... the jungle.

Friday, July 29, 2005

As you may have noticed, I haven't written in several days.... again. I guess I just didn't want to. HA.

So, let's see... Tuesday I worked and then eventually visited Jim for a while. Oh yeah... we got ice cream from Cold Stone. It was good.

Wednesday I was SAD because I couldn't get anyone to pick up my shift in the morning and I wanted to go to the Wicked audition at 2pm. I went to work. It sucked. I was soooo hot, I had sweat dripping off my face. My tables thought I was sick. At least I made $20... sigh.

Today Jim and I were going to go swimming but we didn't, again, because he refuses to ever get out of bed and go to my apartment to swim. However, I did go to the applications/interviews for the new Macaroni Grill opening in the Sherman Oaks Galleria. Oh, God, I NEED this job. I really do. I applied for a server/singer position. Since I possess the skills for TWO jobs, hopefully they'll be like "oooooh, killing 2 birds with one stone...." They also had me sing. At the interview. I was really unprepared and made up half the words to "Come to my Garden" but she still said I was really good, etc etc etc. I'm so glad I was classically trained in opera.

Ok, so then I went to work, and made not as much money as I would have hoped, and also convinced Hugo to go apply at the Macaroni Grill (Erin and Michelle also went today and Brad went yesterday). I want EVERYONE to go. Jim came in, though, and that was good... and then we went to Diddy Riese which is ALWAYS good.

So, my second interview is Saturday morning and I NEED THE JOB. Hopefully all goes well and I'll be out of the OG hell by the end of August.

Not all OGs are hell. Just ours.

Too bad Pedro can't go, though.....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ok, when I first wrote this post, it made no sense. So Ima rewrite it for you. FOR YOU.

Well, Urinetown fell through again. The director was complaining about not having enough room on the stage for the people who ARE in the cast so he didn't think one more would be a good idea. Oh well...

I auditioned for the Aladdin musical again today. It was fine in the fact that I sang well and got out early. Disney people are weird. I didn't expect anything anyway, since I am clearly only white (I could MAYBE pass for a jewish person (a la Fiddler) but definitely not middle eastern for Aladdin). I could pass for... Irish... and Russian.

I made $60 at work last night. Ed got a $60 tip. I'm 33% to my TOTAL for last week! Wooo!

I just had some breakfast stew. Campbell's chicken and rice. My throat has been hurting since last night for some reason. I gargled with a ton of salt water... but it was to no avail.

Lauren's sister has been here the last couple of days. She's nice, but it's kind of tough having so many people here. Lauren will be going back home soon, though (she was only out here for an internship) so it'll be a lot more empty... especially in MY room... which is a-ok with me.

Ugh... I'm tired. And I want my throat to stop hurting.

Oh yeah, I got my 13th no tip last night. They were european, though, and from what I hear, in Europe the servers get a really high wage, so it's an insult to tip them, so I wasn't really surprised. Pissed, yes... surprised, no. However, it is an insult NOT to tip here... and I just wish someone would have told them that before they sat down at my table. Growl.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

We were sooo busy at work last night. Well, at least *I* was so busy. I took like 15 tables and then I was very tired. Of course, after taking 15 tables I only made $60... which is double what I've made all week, but there should NEVER be a week when I only make $150---working 6 serving shifts! Argh!

Also... haha... last night at one of my tables there was this really mean lady. The other lady asked what soups we have and since I always go over them too fast, I like to have people follow along with me in the menu so they can SEE, too. Anyway, so she asked, and I said "Well, we have 3 different types, everyday, they're all on the first page of your menu...." and I was about to start going over them when mean lady snapped "Why don't you just tell her what they are??" and I had this instinctual sad face and I started to explain that I go over them too fast, blah blah blah, all the time thinking "keep this look on your face, Alisa. Look like you're about to cry..." and then when mean lady looked back up at me (and I DID look like I was about to cry) she said "Um... I think we're going to need a new waitress." And I whispered "okay" and then skipped away because I was SO HAPPY they weren't my problem anymore. I figured, she was such a mean person that she wouldn't have tipped me anyway, so the most I could do was to make her feel bad for being so rude... but she's just too mean for emotions like that. So, I told Nick right away exactly what happened (in case they complained) and then I told everyone else, and everyone else was mad and went over to glare at the woman. And then I went on my break.

Friday after work Jim and I went to the beach so he could surf... I finished Harry Potter 1 (the only thing I didn't like was when the entire truth was revealed so easily... it was too cliche) and I started the second book. I was going to buy books 3 and 4 (because Jim doesn't have them) but then I found out how poor I am and realized I can't do it. Rob Strong found a dinosaur for me on the beach. I just realized that Rob strong IS "Bobby Strong." Hahaha...

SPEAKING OF URINETOWN.... Ed called me today. Apparently there is only 1 soprano in the cast and she can't hold the part on her own (*I* could have held the part on my own) and the scene changes are too fast for Becky two shoes/Mrs. Millennium and so they cut Mrs. Millennium out of a bunch of scenes... so he's going to talk to them today to see IF they'll make me Mrs. Millennium/random poor person. I don't know if this will work, but it would definitely be a big blow to them when they see how freaking better I am than... ok, I won't finish that sentence. I don't know if *I* want to do it 100% because of things I started planning.... but I'm kind of so desperate to be in something now that I just might, despite the small role. And looooong driving. And no money. But still, I am very desperate!

I am also going to a couple of auditions this week... one for disney's Aladdin (again) and another for the tour of Wicked, which I would be happy just to actually AUDITION for.

Ok, and now I need to shower because I slept way too long and it's late. Adios.

Friday, July 22, 2005

I made $30 tonight. That sucks so bad.

My first table tipped me $2.75 on $35 and I was SOOOOO shocked. I mean, looking back on the PEOPLE, I guess I shouldn't be surprised... but I still was. Everything went so well... I always think people tip me poorly by mistake--like they MEANT to leave more, but were wrong. It wouldn't make me feel better, anyway. It was the straw that broke the camel's back, though.... I need to get out. Now.

I called Erin while I was at work to find out why she wasn't there (she was supposed to be) and she said she was sick... REALLY sick, flying back to Phoenix sick. I don't really know what's wrong, but I kind of think it's a mixture of a couple things. I'm sure she's actually sick, but I have a feeling she's sick AND stressed out or something. I obviously have no idea if this is true or not, I just feel like it could be.

Jim and I were going to go swimming in my pool this morning... but he never woke up in time to come to my apartment before work, so I went by myself. Well, I stood in the pool. I was out for about 2 hours... it was SO HOT. I got a lot of sun. I'm almost starting to get a tan, hahahaha.

Well, I just got a call from Erin... it IS a mixture of sickness and depression. I'd get away if *I* could too...

I started a myspace group called "i don't get tipped dot com" it's pretty awesome. And true. And I complain about it ALL THE TIME, huh? You would too!!!

I told Justin today that being poor forever is just my cross to bear. He almost cried. The he probably kissed me or something. He does that a lot.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Well, I haven't been able to update in a couple of days. Yesterday when I got home from work the internet was down and didn't come back until late at night. Sunday we were busy all day. Jim and I went to the San Diego zoo in the morning and saw all the animals... most of whom were asleep. A couple of bears were up and about and elephants.. but everyone else was snoozing away. It was fun, though. The only thing that was bad was that there was a LOT of walking (and a lot uphill) and my legs were really tired from the wedding, but at least it wasn't a million degrees.

After that we went to In-N-Out and then Jim said we could go see Charlie and the Chocolate factory. It was sooooo good. I loved it.. I thought it was just perfect. Johnny Depp was amazing. I'd definitely go see it again despite the $10.75 price of admission. :)

When Jim was taking me home I noticed that the Metro station in Hollywood is right at Hollywood/Highland. If *I* ever need to go to Hollywood and Highland I am DEFINITELY taking the "subway" since it would be more fun than driving.

And if someone would freaking come visit me you could come with me!

So, anyway, yesterday, after parking, I made a whopping $5 in tips. Then I went home and cleaned my room and stuff. Today I went swimming for a while after work and laid out in the sun. It is sooo hot here. Perhaps a million degrees.

Erin and I are going to apply at Saddle Ranch, where all my roommates except Kellee, work. It's on the Sunset Strip... we'd make money there. MORE MONEY THAN $5!! We could also dress like girls, which would be a nice change. And there's no unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks. There is nothing that is better at the OG. Nooooootttttthhhinnngggg...

Oh yeah, and Joe was going to quit this week, but then I came in today and he was outside... he got fired. :/ I guess his drawer was short on Friday again and they said he couldn't do ToGos anymore. They said he could tray up food and work in the kitchen on the weekend, since they didn't REALLY want to fire him, and the only reason he's going to do it is because he won't be able to work during the week. However, he's only going to do it this weekend before he quits. I think.

I think I've talked about this before but I REALLY want to run the Disney (half) marathon. It'd be right after the Christmas trip, too. I want Alison to do it, too..... yesss...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ugh. I was in the middle of a post and the browser closed. I hate that.

I don't want to bother to find the links again, but rest assured that I know what I'm talking about when I say that David Gilmour, from Pink Floyd, has not aged well, but Roger Daltrey from the Who is still super hot (in an old guy sort of way).

Jacqueline and Doug's wedding today was soooo nice. EVERYTHING was nice. Even the programs. I cried nearly the whole time and I barely knew the people getting married. Jacqueline's mom, Rebecca (jim's pastor) performed the ceremony, Kevin did an art project that turned out AMAZING, Maggie did all the flower arrangements, Dave (Jacqueline's dad) and band played for the reception, bride and groom made all the party favors (ceramic pieces which were AWESOME)... and Jim videotaped. *I* videotaped part of the reception, too. The only bad things about it were that is was soooo hot (and it was outside) and the fact that they had Indian food for dinner... and I don't like Indian food. Because I'm Alisa. But it wasn't about me, so whatever. Anyway, it was really very nice and we all had a lovely time. Now Jim's reading Harry Potter. He's almost halfway done and he's only been reading for two hours.

I applied to Pasadena city college for the fall (since I won't be doing a show). I was looking at classes tonight, which was oddly fun. I was inspired to take ceramics... but I also want to take Sign Language (to talk to christy! and the deaf!) and Spanish (to talk to Pedro! and the rest of the kitchen!) as well was ballet, stretching (it'd help the ballet), jazz, voice and movement for theatre, techniques of musical theatre and (GASP) college algebra. I am SO SCARED to take a math. I haven't done real math in 5 years. I was never good and the little I did know is now GONE so I'm afraid. MOST of these classes I don't need (I can use spanish and the math), but some things I want to just DO right now... like dance.

I'm sun burnt again from the wedding. Not as bad, but a little... Jim's face is pretty red. I need to learn that the sun is always out in southern california. ALWAYS. Even at night.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I got over Urinetown pretty fast. I mean, I'm very disappointed, but I was never TOO sad. Ed is pretty mad that I didn't get cast. He said he partially didn't even want to do the show anymore (especially since the girl who is becky two shoes was hella annoying and really, really bad at... acting). Hopefully he'll still have fun, though... somehow. I mean, it's still urinetown and he's still lockstock. If nothing else he still has that.

So I just read Alison's xanga and her theatre, that was supposed to be open until like September, is closing next Friday! I can't believe it. I still have an unfinished package in my room for her. I guess it's a good thing I didn't send it... like... today. So, she's gonna be back in NYC really soon. I'm glad only for the fact that we've only spoken twice since she left and I look forward to getting to talk to her again... but jeez does that suck. All that work they did...

I made only $25 at work today and I took 7 tables... I was getting the worst tips of all time. This one party of 4 tipped me $3 on $33. I was SO SUPER PISSED. Not just because they were so cheap, but because they work at one of the most prestigious universities in THE WORLD (we give a 15% ucla faculty discount) and are so cheap. Bastards. I was mad the whole day because of them.

Jim and some of his friends and I went to see Ladysmith Black Mambazo tonight at a free concert in downtown. It was pretty cool. However, my throat started to hurt sometime in the night... and I don't want to be sick, but I'm scared I'm getting sick.

And then I went to Jim's for a while and he ran over my bare foot with his chair and then stepped on my other foot and I screamed. A lot.

Tomorrow Jim's pastor's daughter is getting married. Jimmy's videotaping it... which means I am gonna be BORED and alone the whole time. I kind of don't even want to go knowing all these facts, but since I got off work for either rehearsal (which obviously won't be happening) or the wedding, I guess I should go. I'll probably have to make friends or something.

Sunday is our two year anniversary! We're going to the San Diego zoo! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ok, so this is probably not going to be the best day.

I couldn't sleep last night (and it didn't help when Lauren's alarm started going off at 6:40am and she NEVER turned it off....) so I didn't wake up until after 1pm.

And then... I check the costa mesa webpage... and sure enough, I wasn't cast. I had a feeling since yesterday that this was probably the case, but I still left a glimmer of hope alive so that I didn't start making other plans just yet. The annoying girl who was seated next to me and Ed DID get cast (as becky two shoes) and the young looking, squeaky voice girl is little sally. I think EVERYONE except Ed has done a show there.

Anyway, oh well, I started to get over it yesterday. Apparently it's just not God's will for me to get cast... in anything. Ever.

Ok, yeah, I'm starting to get bitter.

I don't normally go through a "Oh no, I suck" phase... but I kind of am, now (normally i just go through a "what the hell is wrong with the director?" phase). I mean, if I do, indeed, suck, I would never know because no one has ever said anything but good things about my performing abilities. Except Lisa, but she was mean to everyone and hated me, so I don't count her. Anyway, jeez, how long is it going to take? My friend Erin sent this bulletin via myspace a couple of days ago called "acting is scaring me"... and I think it's scaring ME, too. If I am as good as people say (DURING my audition, nonetheless), why am I not getting cast and if I DO suck, why am I continuously getting called back? Ugh...

Ok, enough. I have leftover chicken alfredo pizza. That's nice.
I would just like everyone to know that "unsmart" isn't a real word. If that doesn't speak volumes, I don't know what does.

I did go in and pick up that shift today. I made $23.... which is better than the zero dollars I would have made at home. Amazing. I took a party of 6 whose bill was $73 and I got a $7 tip. Travis got $5 on $150. I don't think anyone made any money tonight. It was all <10% tonight. Sick.

I'm updating my real web page (the part no one ever looks at because this blog is an extension of it) since it needed it. Wow. I just got rid of... most of it. If any of you really miss the quotes that I put up during high school... well... sorry. The page is still there, it's just not listed anymore.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I haven't updated in foreveeeeer. The callbacks on Monday went really well... they basically told Ed he got the role while he was there. I had a couple of girls to compete with. Only one I was actually worried about, though. She had a really young looking face and a squeaky voice... but here's the thing (and if you don't want to hear me ramble about casting, stop reading now) I KNOW that I am better than all the girls who were there. I drove from LA (which shows how much I want to be in this show), I went to school for musical theatre, I have a TON more experience.... the only reason I wouldn't get cast is because a couple of the girls looked younger (or were shorter) than me. The theatre is small, so it's not like they could fool the audience into ACTUALLY thinking any of us were 10 years old. Sooo... I just have to wonder IF he'll still consider that as a factor when he casts the show.

Anyway, so I thought about that all of yesterday and then when I came back from my break in my split Ed told me he had already gotten his call. He DID get cast as Lockstock. I am, obviously, thrilled for him... but I'm also kind of scared. They said we might not know until Friday (I can't wait until FRIDAY!) and when they called him they said he was the first person cast and that they didn't know for everyone else, yet... but still. I'm very on edge. They also might just post it on their website, so I'm checking it obsessively. This is the worst part of auditioning. Not the actual audition... the waiting. Ugh.

So, hopefully I'll know soon. Because I can't take much more of thiiiiiisssss!!!

Today I went to Wendy's and this guy who was jaywalking called me a bitch for continuing to drive when he was close. I don't stop for jaywalkers, THEY are the ones breaking the law.

Work the last couple of days has been pretty crappy. Lunch yesterday was so bad that a couple of people almost walked out. Me and Ryan gave up hope during that shift. I am not scheduled for today and so I put up a note saying I'd pick up ANY shift for Wednesday... but after lunch I immediately took it down. Brad said when he saw it he thought I was crazy to want to pick up a lunch and I said "I KNOW! I don't want to make $20!" Ryan said "Yeah. It'd take $20 worth of alcohol and drugs to forget the shift." So, I might go into work tonight to see if someone wants to go home because otherwise I'm only working 4 days this week.

I've only been eating once a day lately. I thought I was developing an eating disorder for a while because I was refusing to eat more than once a day. Last night, though, I remembered that if you don't eat enough when you DO start to eat your body just turns stuff to fat... and then I was like "oh yeah. I DO need to eat." So... I ate. And it was good.

In case anyone was wondering picture 3 165 is leading the way (the new ones on the gallery are the touched up ones Jim did.) I am NOT going to choose 2 095 because, despite it's unusually good reviews, I don't like it. I think my smile looks fake. I just have so much to consider... it's so hard!!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Thanks to the more people who have replied! Yay! Feedback is good. Good, I tells ya.

Today Ed and I drove down to the Urinetown audition. We were the second (and third) people there. I got so scared for some reason before the audition... I felt like I was going to throw up. However, it went really well. I sang the Alto's Lament and Schroeder (from YAGMCB). I ended up wearing my converse sneakers into the audition. I didn't want to look any taller than I already am and the heels on my shoes were... taller than my sneakers. So, I wore them in and it may have been the best decision I ever made. They gave me sides for Little Sally which they had me read a few minutes later (after Ed auditioned, we practiced outside a little.) I took direction really well and the director THANKED ME for taking direction so well... so I was really happy. We both got called back for tomorrow (HOOOOOORRAAAAAY!!!!)... me for Little Sally and Little Becky Two Shoes and Ed for Lockstock and Mr. Cladwell. I obviously want to be Little Sally the most, but I'd be happy with Becky or Soupy Sue... or Hope (although I don't think they're considering me for her). Based on the girls there TODAY (there was an audition yesterday, too) I am the only one they could possibly consider for Sally. However, I don't know who was there the day before. I guess we'll see tomorrow....

After that Ed and I went to his girlfriend Margaret's house and went over a couple scenes and ate pizza. It was the only time I ate today so I was a hungry, hungry girl.

I open tomorrow morning and then it's off to the callback. If we get cast the first rehearsal is Saturday which is bad because I'll have to miss a wedding, but better than, like... rehearsals starting on Tuesday. Sunday is my and Jim's 2 year anniversary, so unfortunately rehearsal is gonna put a huge damper on any plans we could make for that (if, of course, I get cast. Which is something I want to happen).

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Well, one could call this weekend "Headshot weekend!" as I have spent most of the time doing something with them. Let me tell you, when you spend a few hours looking at pictures of yourself.... it's weird. Really weird. And you start to lose a sense of self, I think.

Anyway, right now #252 is in the lead, followed closely by #165 and #095 (which is very surprising to me.) I have #109 and #042 printed out for the audition tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna use 109. Jim and I went to rite aid today to print 4x6 of 8 of the pictures that Jimmy touched up earlier in the day. He also bought some flea stuff for kitty, which is good... but kitty was sooooo mad. To make up for it, we bought him kitty grass. Not like... kitty pot, but actual grass. He ate it IMMEDIATELY.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the pictures. :) It's helping a lot. Don my friend, if you think I have never taken a bad picture, let me direct you here. I think you may change your mind. :)

I went to work today but it was so slow and I didn't have a table AT ALL. After I was there for nearly 2 hours where I just kept refilling ice and running food, I asked to go home and they let me. Woot. It would have been nice to make money, but it probably wouldn't have happened anyway.

Tomorrow is the Urinetown audition! Yay! Ed and I are driving down at 3. I hope we both get cast. That would be so freaking awesome. It may be 55 minutes away, but it's worth it because it's Urinetown.

Joe is having a party tonight that I am supposed to be at, but I'm not gonna go because of my audition tomorrow. It would just be too irresponsible to go out tonight. Yay for... being terrified for my voice.

If you haven't seen it yet, make sure you check out Jim's first photoshop of my pictures at his website It's pretty sweet.

I hope you all appreciate the links in this entry.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

You guys. I got my pictures back. There's like... 500 pictures. I sure am not joking. Maybe more. I narrowed it down a lot. I'm gonna provide a link because I WANT FEEDBACK. I think my favorite is picture 109 ... but maybe it's not. The ones up are ones I HAD to think about, even if there's something wrong with them. Sometimes they look better when they're smaller... which isn't the best since they'll be blown up to 8X10. :) I couldn't upload every single one, but I think these give you an idea, and probably include the best ones.

Work was ok today. I thought I made $60 but then I remembered that I was counting my money from last night, too. I did make a little over 30, though... which is good for a lunch. There. Jeez, that's horrible. A little over $30 is GOOD. It's not good anywhere else, I can tell you that.

I'm sitting at Jim's with kitty (who is so cute today that it's unbelievable) and Jimmy's at... a church meeting. Which will probably take forever since they never do anything at the meetings but are still there for hours.

Anyway, seriously, I NEED FEEDBACK on the pictures. Comment here, there, email, phone, regular mail, text message, telegraph, smoke signal, where ever, when ever. Do it. Even those of you who never comment but I KNOW you read this page (I think you know who you are. *I* know who you are, too).

Friday, July 08, 2005

So much happened today that it doesn't all even seem like one day. The headshots went really, really well this morning. The guy was really nice and took a LOT of photos (not to mention being extremely patient with my light sensitive eyes and inability to be serious when pretending to "model") so I think I'll have a lot of good stuff to choose from. I can't wait to see them. I'll be getting the disc tomorrow. Woooo.

Then I bought a backstage and some lunch and watched most of Blue Crush with Leona which made me crazy because of the main girl's surfing accident. Oh yeah, this morning when I woke up I asked Lauren when she needed to work and it was 9 but she told me how she didn't get home last night until 3:30am because she was out with some people and there was some sort of crime on the mean streets of Hollywood and her car was in the middle of the crime scene. In her (apparent) drunken stupor she wrote herself a note to remind her that her car wasn't at the apartment for the morning... but she wrote it in lipstick on the mirror. So, I get up in the morning and go into the bathroom to shower and see a scary lipstick note on the mirror and it scared the crap out of me. I thought it was from, like, a ghost or something.

Ok, so I went to work at 5, but was really late because traffic sucked. We were hella slow and I only took 5 tables the whole night. Luckily there were no more crazy ladies tonight.

After that I went to visit Jimmy and we went to Mel's diner which was DELICIOUS. Oh man, yes, it was so good. Jimmy wanted me to say how much I love him and adore him... but everyone already knows that I do. I don't need to repeat myself. :) Plus, he NEVER says good things about me on HIS blog... so maybe someday if he does, I will too.

Yes, Dix huit, that poor kitty in the fire. I felt so bad for her but what a good mommy, huh? Poor kitty. She looked better at the end of the segment, though. Kitties. Awwwwwwwwww.

I feel soooo bad for London. When i read the news this morning I said "NOOOO! Not London!!!!" and then, later in the day, I was listening to the Police and I thought to myself "I really hope Sting is ok..."

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

MTV was on when I got home (it's always on because... that's the way things are here) and I totally saw Bijon in a K-Swiss commercial. That was pretty funny. That's one of the best things about living in LA--I see people and places I know on TV.

Tonight work was actually pretty good. My first table tipped me $15 on $58 and I was soooooo happy. I told them it was probably the best tip I've ever gotten and they were shocked and appalled that we make so little money there. They apologized for all the people on earth. I loved those guys. I also was told by Justin that one of the guys at the table used to be a girl (he was one Justin's TAs and told the class once). Well, he's a great person, whatever gender. Anyway, I made about $65 after tip out, which is good for what I was expecting.

Dix huit, OF COURSE you thought about Annie. Two bodies, one soul!

I went to Melrose today to look for shirts for my headshots on Thursday. I found two green ones (they have to be green) that I like. woot.

I either have some cotton mouth or I burned my tongue somehow because something is not right in my mouth. My sunburn is SLOWLY getting better. Everyone at work felt so bad for me. Lauren said I took a trip to the sun. I've had Leona apply aloe twice today on my back since I can't reach it (which is why it's burnt!). Hopefully by Thursday (or...sooner? :) ) I'll be mostly better.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Yesterday was a pretty good time. Jim, friends and I went to Huntington Beach. He and Rob went surfing while I got sunburned really bad on the beach with Rob's wife, Selena. I had sunscreen on.... but I usually never get burned (or tan) on my legs or feet... but yesterday there was definitely an exception to the rule. You'd laugh at me if you saw my legs... oh, God, and my BACK. It is so red. I had to wake up in the night to put aloe on, that's how bad it is.

Anyway, the beach there is really nice. I guess Orange County knew how to do one thing right. Seriously, we went to Starbucks before the beach and all the girls in line were dressed like they were move stars... but they're not. The REAL movie stars don't even live in OC. None of them. I don't even know what kind of people live there... rich people? Probably. Someone who has seen more OC or Laguna Beach could probably answer that for me.

So, later in the day we saw the Surfaris (who wrote a little song called "Wipe Out" that you may have heard of) who Dave, the worship leader/Rebecca's husband/Jim's friend (what a title), is the drummer for. I bet you didn't know that. He also drummed for freaking Keith Richards a couple weeks ago. Dave looked like he was having fun, and it was enjoyable. I wore ear plugs because I have sensitive ears! (NERD ALERT!)

Ok, so after that it got kind of bad because Jim and I decided to put stuff back in the car and when we got back from that, every single restaurant or food place was on a huge wait. After a long, long, loooong time we finally decided to get cheeseburgers and roasted corn from these two stands. Those four things cost $17. Yikes. It was then getting really cold so I was really sad (and scared because i CAN'T get sick before this audition on Sunday). I wrapped myself in the sort of wet towel and we watched the fireworks on the beach with the others.

I'm not crazy about fireworks. I mean, they're ok, but Jim said they were among the top 10 things in LIFE, which I definitely don't agree with. They're always the same. And they're always disappointing because no one ever writes "Annie" in the sky with fireworks (something I've wanted to see since I saw the original Annie movie).

So, after that we went home. And we were all s-s-s-s tired.

Now you can call me "Aloe girl." I work tonight at 6.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July, everyone. Today we celebrate our independence from the aliens in that movie.

The last two days at work have been pretty good. I made a LITTLE bit of money (nothing to write home about... of course) but I mostly had fun, which, of course, is the whole reason I go to work. Today I made up a dance to "Start Me Up" which is just ridiculous but it made everyone laugh. It also made everyone think I was crazy.

I originally had to work on Monday (today) but I kept switching people until someone picked up my shift. Yay! Jim and I (and some of his Tribe people) are going to da beach. That'll be fun. It's not like I would have made any money anyway tomorrow. MAYBE $20 in the morning. That's not worth it.

I am getting headshots taken on Thursday! Hooray! I finally found someone who will do them for $150 and I actually like his stuff. These are going to be kind of an inbetween headshot... I just need something for a while until I can get the ones I really, really want. That probably won't be for a looooooong time (since they'll cost a lot of money) but I think these will do more than fine until that happens.

Jim's apartment is filled to the brim with fleas. In case you were wondering. It's disgusting. You'll just be sitting there and I flea will jump on you. Poor kitty. He's going to have to get a bath and a flea dip and Jim's gonna have to wash EVERYTHING in some kind of anti-flea stuff.

I got my haircut again today. I kind of had to. My hair grows so stupidly fast. I had to work at 4:30 and didn't get out of haircut place until 4pm, and somehow I made it across town in half an hour. If you knew what it is like to get from Silver Lake to Westwood you would be impressed. Especially during a holiday weekend.

Vince was over at the apartment. Vince.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Jeez, I spent the whole hour I've been awake trying to listen to Live 8 online and I finally gave up because AOL wouldn't work and I couldn't find anything else so I turned on the old, reliable radio and found the station and FINALLY am hearing u2 play "One." I think they are playing this late, too (well, obviously, I guess, since it started at 9am our time) so I think I only missed Paul McCartney... who is a bad person to miss, I know, but I'm sure SOMEDAY I'll be able to hear it.

I wish I was there. I want to go to London. So does Jimmy... but he's been there, and I have not. I would like someone to have an all expenses paid trip to London and the qualifications for winning are that you have to be me.

Oh man, this version of "One" is freakin awesome. Edge is great. Aww.... now it's "Stand by Me." God, I wish I was there! I would probably have fainted by now, though. Seriously. And now "Beautiful Day"! Yay! Thank GOD for this radio station!

So, last night Jim and I had some tacos and then we were sitting around and he was trying to get me away from the computer and hang out with him (which really just meant let him use the computer) and he pulled the chair forward and... I don't know how this happened, but somehow the chair fell backwards with me in it onto the ground. I hit my head on the edge of the desk and my foot on his bed on the way down. I laid down there for a while and it hurt pretty bad but I couldn't get up and I was laughing... through the pain, of course. Jim got me some ice for the bump on my head... and then of course he started using the computer. We later watched "A Mighty Wind" but it was hard for me to see it for some reason. I kept having to squint. It was probably too dark, I dunno.

Today and tomorrow I work at 4:30...hooray, I guess. Hopefully I'll make money for once this week.
Ugh. Work has sucked so bad since I got back.

Yesterday I only made $34 on a DINNER SHIFT. It was terrible. Today I walked with $40 closing lunch. I got stiffed twice today and had to close as a split. I also found out all this horrible news/drama about stuff that happened while I was on vacation and I just couldn't take the craziness of the day. When I got my second stiffing (from two DOCTORS. They probably didn't mean to, they took both credit card receipts so I'll never know if they meant to tip me or not) I opened the black book, saw nothing inside, literally fell to my knees and started screaming "Nooooooo!!!!!!!" I had tears in my eyes and Anderson and I chased after them but we never found them. I was SO upset. It was like a not-really-scary-but-still-pretty-bad nightmare. Chris and I only had an hour break before we had to come back on as breakers and Shari felt bad for us so she gave us a free meal. I had the new dish, chicken speidini or whatever it is called (I should probably know this) which is really good. It's just like the mixed grill, without the beef.

Michelle cut her thumb open while cutting fruit in the bar. It was so deep she had to go to the hospital. I told her I was surprised she didn't throw up. At Huron, Tara accidentally (obviously) stapled her thumb with the staple gun and she threw up. I think Michelle probably wanted to throw up after I mentioned it to her.

Sometimes I think I should stop reading so many people from Ohio's blogs because then I miss them.

Live 8 tomorrow! I won't be there!

I'm not gonna talk about the importance of the supreme court stuff going on, because if you know anything about me, you know how I feel about it. I think I'm too afraid to talk about it.