Sunday, June 28, 2009

wedding pictures

These last ones are our engagement photos taken the Friday before the wedding. In the picture where I am singing, the song is "Barracuda."

Saturday, June 20, 2009

this is an update

Ok. I know. Where did I go? Listen. It's hard to blog nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I've got plenty of TIME, it's just hard to get up the drive to actually DO IT. I don't know if I'll ever finish my honeymoon adventure. If I don't.... we had a wonderful time every single day at Disney World. We went everywhere and we had great food all over the place. I did the "American Idol Experience" at Disney's Hollywood Studios, I got on the 11 o'clock show, won my round and then competed during the finale at 7pm. I did not win that, nor did I think I would... the guy who won looked just like Matthew McConaughey and was a good singer. I had no chance. Disney World was hot but it did not rain at all the entire time we were there. It was a perfect honeymoon and we had a wonderful time.

So, I'm still in C-ville. We open this Thursday. Rehearsals have been going well and I think the show will be as good as "Oliver!" can possibly be. I am dancing a lot ("Oliver" dancing is not the same as, say, "A Chorus Line" dancing, but it's still fun) and I have made some friends, which is good. I miss Chris but it's been bearable. I like my roommates and I am able to go on walks every day before rehearsal so Ive been keeping busy.

Another thing I've been doing while here is re-organizing my music binder and finding new music for auditions. I have felt VERY on top of things lately. New headshots, new songs, I'm reading a couple new plays for monologues, new binder (my old one fell apart.. this one is made from recycled paper! Yay!), new drive to succeed in theatre.... yes. Now all I need to do is go to some auditions. I am thinking about the fall SETCs and I'm also going to try my darnedest to sublet a place in the fall in NYC and get my move on. We're still not sure about what Chris is going to do, yet... whether or not he wants to do another season here and whether or not he gets offered another season and whether or not they're good roles. He has the problem of needing health insurance because of his asthma so that's a big concern. I, apparently, don't need health insurance at all! I wish I still had it. I wish I would have been able to USE my dental insurance before it was taken away. It's such a bummer.

The other day (yesterday) the ensemble had to perform "Consider Yourself" at the downtown mall, a capella, for this local news station. It was live. It was kind of embarrassing because of COURSE a crowd formed and people took pictures.... and, you know, it's just kind of embarrassing to begin with. You can watch the clip here. I'm in the frame almost the entire time (in teal). At least I didn't mess up.

I am soooo tired today for the first time since I've been here. We had a sing through starting at 10am with the orchestra and I woke up at 8am. Since I've been going to bed so late (usually after 2am---we have rehearsal at night because of the kids) I couldn't fall asleep last night before then and consequently got less sleep than I have in weeks. I was walking to get coffee a while ago (at nearly 7pm) and I might as well have been sleep walking. I may have ACTUALLY been sleep walking. You know how sometimes you're so tired you're completely useless? I'm pretty sure you're technically asleep when that's happening. I was a zombie trudging down the sidewalk. Right now I am on my second (third?) wind while waiting for Chris to come get me since I have off tomorrow.

We got our professional wedding photos and they are awesome. I'll post some individual ones sometime soon (I PROMISE!!!) but here is a link to the entire album. You might have to register for snapfish but, you know, whatever. I made this awesome album using picaboo, a program I HIGHLY recommend. It took FOREVER to make (the program was soooo slow) but the quality is amazing and, get this: I ordered it on a Wednesday and it arrived at our apartment on Friday. It is a completely personalized book and hardcover and THAT'S how quick it came. I was amazed and then thrilled. I couldn't believe how good it looked. It's great and perfect.

Alright, this is all I can give you right now. I need to finish packing up some stuff to go home.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

a non-wedding, non-honeymoon post

I am going to do a real post now because i am already behind and I will be MORE behind if I try to make time to finish talking about Disney World first.

So, I am in Charlottesville right now, rehearsing for "Oliver" at the Heritage Theatre Festival. Our housing is alright---it's kind of prison-like (white, brick walls inside) but I've stayed in worse. At least there is free internet and I'm not making a "room" out of bed sheets (which I have done in actor housing before). It's also not far from the theatre... about a 5 minute walk... and that is good. My roommates are nice and even though there are not a LOT of people in the ensemble who don't go to UVA and haven't worked here before, there are at least 2, one of whom is my age and also married. So at least there is one other person here in the same boat as me. (There are also, what I call, "Legitimate Adults" but I don't consider myself one of them.)

I bought this little computer (an Eee PC) right after we got back to Staunton from the honeymoon. It is the first computer that I've ever personally owned. It's basically good for what I need it for (although it's hard to look at pictures on it) and I really actually NEEDED to have it since I was going to be leaving town. It was cheap (less than $300) and we used wedding gift money. It does not have a CD drive, though.... but luckily I also have my little, portable DVD player that my dad got me for Christmas a couple years ago. So, I am basically set for right now. (Although I am renting "Role Models" and trying to download it on itunes and it is taking forEVER. I want to watch it tonight but since it says 7 hours left, I guess that won't be happening.)

Chris and I went to see "Heart" play here in Charlottesville at the pavilion on May 20th. It was sooooo freaking great. They did all original keys and although Ann did NOT hit the G in Barracuda she was really close (and she shook her head in disapproval of herself after that). I was like "Man!! Why didn't they just lower it even half a step???" Chris said, "Because they're not ready to GIVE UP! On a good day, you know she still has that note." Plus, the song was really late into the set. She had to be tired. I was screaming the whole time. Crazy on You was the last song in the encore and I was so excited I jumped onto the chair. I KNEW they would do it... they did all the hits (and they really made These Dreams and Never sound WAY less 80s-ish, which was great) but since it was last it was extra special.

The Cavs did not win the eastern championship and everyone was sad. Chris gave up pretty early into the series against the Magic. I am getting pissed off at people who apparently just hate Cleveland to hate Cleveland who are now saying that LeBron James isn't a good player. Apparently these people have never looked at any statistics or read anything about basketball in their lives, they're just saying what they think is the popular thing to say. It's amazing that the Cavs won ANY games during that series since apparently everyone else on the team forgot how to play basketball. I would like to direct the people who say LeBron isn't good to this article. Seriously, you should read it. I know you probably won't since you tend to not listen to opinions that you don't want to hear, but you should. Maybe then you would stop sounding off your "I'm an idiot who likes the sound of his (or her) own voice" trumpet. It was LeBron James verses the entire Magic team.... and even when the Magic won, it wasn't by a HUGE margin. So, you know, shut up.

I really miss Chris! It's dumb... he's so close and I'm actually going to see him tomorrow (not to mention the fact that I can leave after rehearsal on Saturdays and go back home until Monday afternoon) but... today, June 4th, is our month-i-versary of being married. I can't believe I'm married. I accidentally called him my boyfriend the other day. I'm sure it will not be the last time. It's still hard to imagine that *I* have a HUSBAND. I mean, I was always a serial monogamist, but being married is totally different. And I actually LIKE Chris... A LOT! We have a great time together all of the time.

Oh man. We saw UP in 3D on Sunday night. It was beautiful and hilarious and wonderful. I cried during most of the movie. Especially because Chris looks like Carl and I like adventure. And because we're newlyweds. And because we're in love. AND because that dog is so nice and I understand metaphors. Man. If you're thinking about it, choose yes. It's so good. It's WALL-E good. It might even be BETTER than WALL-E... it might even better than The Little Mermaid. Or at least as good. Sometimes I leave the movie theatre and I can't talk about the movie for a while without crying.... then you know it's good. UP is about as good as a movie can get.

It made me want a dog even more, too.