Friday, April 30, 2010

Did you miss me?

It's 9:30pm on April 30th (day 1 of my half-birthday; as there is no April 31st, I get TWO half-birthdays) and I haven't blogged in 7 months! I can't say that I missed or did not missed writing because I've been so busy, facebook status updates have generally been able to fill the void. They were (/are) all I really had time to do, mainly because I can do them on the train or at work. Which is, if you're wondering, where I am. Always.

So, you all know I moved to NYC. I had a crazy job for a while and now I have 4 jobs. I have a lot of 12+ hour days.... tomorrow, for example, I start work at 9, have a callback during my lunch break, go back to work until 5, and then work another job from 6-9. My parents keep saying, "It's good to be working and since you're young, you can handle that." I am young (i AM!), however, I also haven't had a day off since April 4th. The last day off I had before that was March 4th. I have May 4th off (it's our anniversary!) and then.... who knows. 12 hours days + no days off = 0.

Most of the time I get home and I cry, "Why is it ALWAYS 9:30!?!?!?" Today I got home by 7pm and it was just... the best. I made dinner. It was shocking.

I stopped drinking milk at like... the beginning of September or something. It really made my skin better. If you're having skin problems, stop drinking milk and after 2 months, see if it's helped. It did for me. Now, though, I am growing increasingly more intolerant of it... even in the form of cheese... and it makes me ever so sad. It's hard to live this way. There's a Mr. Softee literally on every corner and Tastee D-Light's all over not to mention the fact that I LIKE cheese and always liked milk and now I can't eat them. I can only eat bomb pops from an ice cream place (which are $3--- that's an entire BOX at the store) and I don't really like soy milk. But I use it anyway, because I have to, or face the wrath of cow hormones flooding my system. Stupid cows.

So, if you're wondering if I LIKE New York I'd have to say yes and no. There are lots and lots of things that I do not like at all. I don't like that I am faster than every single other person on the street and that the slow people also stop randomly in the middle of the sidewalk or swerve right in front of me, or get off an escalator and just stand at the top and then are surprised when those behind them run into them. I HATE it when people eat on the subway. It's disgusting. If it's like a power bar or something with no smell and no liquid involved it's fine, but anything else is just the worst. The people who drive are all, and yes, I do mean every single one of them, insane. They honk their horns constantly, they don't obey ANY rules of the road... I'm surprised more people don't die. I don't like that no place to eat (except chain restaurants) has free refills on drinks. It's just stupid and petty. Along those same lines, every service person I've encountered in a non-chain restaurant is also a total jerk to everyone.

I DO like walking everywhere and I generally like the subways. I like them more in Queens since they're above ground. When I spend an hour a day or more in a dark tunnel it makes me feel like a mole person. I had a pretty bad case of SADD this winter. I like that I can find as many cookies as I could possibly want all over the place. I like that it's easy to buy organic food/"green" products. I like that, if I had money, there would ALWAYS be something new to do (sadly, this is not the case).

Having said that, I think about moving all of the time. It's just HARD to live here. Financially, weather-ly.... I don't know where I'd want to go but I just don't feel like THIS is my ideal location. Especially since the World of Disney closed. I do like the mass transportation, though. A lot.

One of the jobs I'm doing is this baby music class called Rockababy. It is so much fun you wouldn't believe it. We have the main set that we do all the time and each week there is a new theme (for example, last week was "Garden") which has related cover songs that we perform (like "I Heard it Through the Grapevine"). There is a story, dancing, rubber balls, instruments for the babies and, of course, bubble time. It's the best. I looooove doing it. My other jobs are not as fulfilling artistically or in my cute-o-meter, but one of them is at Fossil, which I also am really enjoying. I'm just a really big fan of the company and the products, so it makes it easy to want to sell them.

Chris and I are very happy with each other. This whole "marriage" thing has been great. We're poor as all get out (does anyone know what that phrase actually means?) and I don't get to see him as often as I'd like because of my 4 jobs, but even when the entire day sucks, it's always like, "well at least YOU are here to make me happy." It's funny to think it's already been a year since the wedding because it seems like it was just yesterday and forever ago, at the same time. I have some friends on their honeymoon in Disney World right now.... I am so jealous. Happy for them..... but so jealous. We're going to the Natural History Museum on our anniversary. I am also hoping Magnolia will be serving some red velvet cake that day.

Last but not least, I watched the entire series of Lost (thus far) over the span of 2 months, and I am really, really excited for each episode. I also watched the entire series of The Office (again, thus far, obviously), and it is the best.

Will I write again??? WHO KNOWS!!!