Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the worst year ever, in review

I decided to do a year in review because I have nothing to do at work and a lot of time to sit here, doing nothing.

At the beginning of the year, I had high hopes for 2008. I was on tour with the ASC and having a great time. I got to go to some places that I would never, ever want to go to again (Fairmont, WV and that horrible, smelly place in Illinois) and a few places that I think of literally every single day of my life (Sarasota and the Florida Keys). Let me tell ya, there is nothing like a breezy 85 degrees in the beginning of February at night right next to the ocean. Oh my God. I miss Islamorada SO MUCH!!!

In March we went to Minneapolis for a couple of days and VA Beach (which was a nice area although it wasn't warm enough to GO to the beach) and our last stop on tour was the greatest hotel ever, in Rockville, MD. Chris and I went to DC for a day and that night I started watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. I realize this is a stupid MILESTONE, but I like the kids. They're funny. The biggest thing, of course, to happen in March, was at 12:01am on the 28th, right after Chris's birthday ended, when he proposed to me. The next day we went running, picked out a ring and then had to wait for a week before we could tell anyone, because the ring was getting resized (I have tiny fingers). I did, however, tell my friend Ben, and he was SO EFFING EXCITED!!!

In April we opened in residence at the theatre performing The Taming of the Shrew, The Merchant of Venice and Henry V. I was also, finally, able to tell everyone that we were engaged and that was great fun for me. I LOVED telling people. It was one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. NOW it's all old news... but THEN it was AWESOME! :) I remember April was a very environmentally-aware month for everyone in the world. "Being green" was HUGE and I wish that the economical mess wouldn't have trumped that state of mind.

In May I watched a lot of American Idol, performed 8 shows a week, went to Ohio for, like, 1 day, and went to Kings Dominion amusement park (which was fun because of the water park. The roller coasters were only so-so).

We closed our shows on June 15th and I had to say goodbye to many wonderful people (LIKE RAFFI!!!!). The next day Chris and I moved into our own apartment where we will stay until... March. At least, I guess. The apartment is super cute, despite having no water or counter space in the kitchen and limited hot water in the bathroom. I also started working in the box office here at the theatre to try and save some money for... you know... my life.

In July I started getting depressed over working in the box office. I eventually realized it was a mixture of being sad that my troupe was no longer together and because I was too close to the performing without doing it myself. I never got to go anywhere because I worked all day and there was nothing to do in Staunton. The entire summer was not a good time for me.

HOWEVER, it was over the summer that I ended up losing 15 pounds. I couldn't believe it because my activity level had decreased so much since my shows closed. A mixture of eating TONS of fiber (usually around 40 grams a day), cutting my sugar waaaaay back (giving up regular pop) and upping the amount of protein I was eating. All my pants stopped fitting so I kept having to buy new pants, which was totally annoying.

October was my birthday month and I threw a huge party for Halloween. It was great and October was relatively painless.

November started out good, with the Obama win, but it gradually fell apart, with my dad getting laid off from work and the theatre telling us they might not be able to make payroll for the last paycheck of the month. December was worse: the theatre laid off 5 full time positions (including mine... I got dropped to part time), dropped all but 2 equity contracts (including Chris's) and is now begging the world for $200,000 by January 31st... or else. Or else WHAT, I'm not exactly sure, but I can't assume it's a good thing. So, you know, if you have any extra money and don't want me and Chris to be completely jobless as of February 1st, please consider donating to the ASC. They do some good stuff. And if you want an example of HOW GOOD, watch this video.

The good thing in December was getting to perform the pre-show for Santaland Diaries with my friend, Chris Johnston. We played 5 songs, 3 from Sufjan Stevens' Christmas album ("Hey Guys! It's Christmas time!", "Come on, Let's Boogey to the Elf Dance!", and "Get Behind Me, Santa!") one called "Have Yourself a Bitter Little Christmas" by David Ford and "The Hat" by Ingrid Michaelson. My guitar playing has improved so much that I was able to accompany myself at a regional theatre with only one other person. I've never had a lesson and have only owned the guitar for 2 years! We had so much fun doing this show and even though I got hella sick at the end of the run, it was some of the best music I've ever done.

Now it's December 31st and there are only 8 hours left in the year. I just found out my Uncle Rudy died today, as if the year couldn't haven't gotten any worse. At the end of 2007 I was very sad to see it go... but 2007 was a great year. 2008 has sucked. MOST of the year was bad. I haven't been more excited to see a new year in a long time, if ever. If nothing else, it can't be much worse. BRING IT ON, 2009!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

i still like starbucks better than any other coffee shop

The week was crazy but the week is over. I still don't have a day off until Thursday but at least I can just sit here and do nothing for hours. If only I could come in at... like... noon and sit here and do nothing for hours. I worked more than 12 hours a day both Friday and Saturday. Every other day was 8-10 hours (depending on how much laundry I did) in split shifts, all days with my only break being to perform a show in the middle. I'm tired. I wish the touring troupe was still here. They were a lot of fun. They're on break now and then they'll go back on the road until April.

Christmas was fun. We went to Dan and Alex's for dinner and watched a marathon of Dogs 101 on the animal planet when we got home. The night before this guy who works for the theatre threw his annual Christmas dinner for people stuck in town and we got to take home all the extra turkey. Chris and I only exchanged stockings but inside mine I received WALL-E which was cool. I do love that movie. Mainly, Christmas was a day for relaxing and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I got sick on Friday. The sickness was, and still is, contained only in my throat. It doesn't hurt (except when I wake up) but it's totally mucusy and once in a while I'll have a bad coughing fit. This was bad timing to get sick since I still had 3 shows left of Santaland. Yesterday I was doing will-call tickets for Carol and coughed my face off. I knew that I would have problems singing. In the song "Come on! Let's Boogey to the Elf Dance!" I belt really high at the end. I don't know how high because I'm playing it on the guitar and not piano, but I'd say it's somewhere in the high F-G range. As I was singing I'm feeling my throat start to tickle and I'm thinking, "I have to get through these next couple measures and then I can cough. Also, if I can do this, it will be a miracle." I cut the last note short but I got through it and then I coughed and coughed through the ride out of the song and probably messed up the guitar because of it. Then I had to do the actual pre-show speech which was what made me almost lose my voice the last two days. I drank some water, popped a Halls into my mouth and coughed my way through it. Apparently it was charming. Anyway, I am sad to not be doing it anymore. I had so much fun with Johnston and now I just have the box office and that is NOT fun. Even though I was paid what can only be described as a "stipend" for doing it, it was the best thing to happen since June. Goodbye, Santaland.

I am going home in a week! I am happy. I will miss Chris but he'll be really busy anyway so he'll be ok. This will be the first time I've travelled without him since May 2007 (and we have travelled A LOT since then being on tour and living in the same town and all). It will be the longest I've been away from him since we stopped being long distance, too. AWWWWWW. But, yes, I am very excited.

The weather has been really nice lately and it makes me want spring for real, even though it's still December. It also makes me want Chipotle. The closest one is 45 miles away. Boo. Maybe I'll go to the cheap replacement, Qdoba instead. That's only 30 miles away. DAMNIT, Virginia! You suck so much.

Monday, December 22, 2008

my search for christmas

This last week was so incredibly long and this coming week will be even longer. Most of the week my day went like this: do laundry in the costume shop, work in the box office, do preshow, work in the box office, do laundry. After the matinees this weekend I would be working the gift shop, run into the theatre and start picking up trash, run backstage and move our seats and bells into place (the turnover is really fast between the end of the Carol matinee and the start of our preshow), run downstairs and throw the whites into the washing machine, go back upstairs and finish working the gift shop.

Next week there are only 3 of us left on staff... which means we are working literally the entire day. I will work from 9am-10:30pm the 26th - 28th just in the box office. There is only one hour of time where I will not be working, and that is from 4-5 when I am doing the preshow. We can't even take lunch breaks because there is no one to cover them. Why is it like this, you might ask? Because they fired or moved our employees into the positions of other fired employees right before the busiest season of the year and two people went on vacation. Now, the people who went on vacation... I mean, good for them. If I could leave, I'd go away too. But the firing and moving of employees just baffles me. Why now?? You could't wait THREE WEEKS? I mean, what if I would have said, "You're taking away my full time position??? Screw you! I'm not taking that kind of pay cut!!!!" and stormed off? They would have been left with TWO PEOPLE to run a business open from 9am-10:30pm that has 600+ people coming in and out of it a day.

Sigh.... so, as my dad said, "at least you're working." This is true. A lot of people are not working these days (my dad included). My mom slipped on some ice the other day and twisted her ankle. She has broken this ankle I think 3 times since 1999. My dad sent me a picture mail over the phone of her bruised and bloody foot. Thank you, dad.

I still can't make it feel like Christmas and I don't understand why. I am singing and playing Christmas songs every day, I hear Christmas music several times a day, I am right on the other side of the wall when Scrooge blesses everyone with the spirit of Christmas or whatever... I've watched my fair share of weird Christmas Carol adaptations. I have a tree (with butterflies on it!) and stockings hung on the fire place. It's even COLD today!!! And yet... it's December 22nd and it might as well be August 22nd. I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that I'm miserable. Lots of people are miserable at Christmas. I don't think it has anything to do with the lack of presents to give or receive.... that has happened several times, now. WHERE ARE YOU, CHRISTMAS?? I really do miss Christmas. I wish I could feel Christmasy.

Ugh. So, yes. I am miserable. Well, I've been under a lot of stress, you know? I already take things personally but now I am REALLY taking them personally. Chris decided to take that non-equity contract here. I'm not happy about it. I KNOW it was my idea in the first place but... I don't know... I guess I didn't think he'd make the decision SO SOON. I thought he'd actually REALLY think about it for a while instead of making the choice in about 5 minutes out of fear. He gets housing back which basically means I have to move away alone (if he takes actor housing) because they won't let me live there. There is MAYBE one other thing that could happen... they could give him an extra stipend or something to cover his half of the rent at our apartment. I would have to cover my half... but then I'd be stuck here. What if I got a job somewhere else? One of us would have to pay the other half of the rent (whether I was living here or not). I don't know what to do and it's making me crazy.

And I need to choose a song, a monologue and a dress. Soon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

i feel like i'm working summer stock

Thankfully, I was able to take over Emily's job in the costume shop. This probably sucks for Jenny because now she'll be re-training someone for everything, but I have never minded a costume shop. A long, long time ago I worked in the one at Kent. I promptly forgot everything I learned as soon as I left, but I relearned it a year later when I worked, for a week, mainly in the Huron Playhouse costume shop. I even made a whole pair of pants in there. They were Dan's in this weird Indian dance in Annie Get Your Gun and one night they totally split down the middle. I don't know if this was my fault, his, or both of ours, but it sure was funny. I took a long hiatus from costuming, but I was one of 2 costume people on our tour last year. Costuming and Props are the two worst jobs on tour and I had both of them. Both jobs involved a lot of cleaning up after other people and not knowing things were broken until <2 hours before a show starts.

So, I'm back, costume world. I can listen to music in the shop and if I had any hobbies anymore I could do those, too. I was trying to relearn how to use a sewing machine last night. After 6 or so attempts, I finally gave up. I think I will like the costume shop way better than the box office. What I already do not like is having to work a 12 hour day to make up the pay cut I got. I did laundry from 10:30-12, then I worked in the box office from 12-4, then I had Santaland from 4-5, then I went home for an hour and ate a microwaved Weight Watchers "Smart Ones" and then I went back from 6:30-11 to do more laundry. This was just yesterday. What is worse about this day is that yesterday was supposed to be my day off. Today I am ACTUALLY taking the day off. Hooray. I didn't sleep very well last night, but at least I have no further responsibilities. My other day off this week was supposed to be Friday but I'm already working in the box office from 6-9:30 and I'll probably need to come in before Santaland to do laundry.

I don't have insurance anymore so I guess I better not get sick. I never even got to use my dental insurance. I'm sure, based on how things have been going, that now I will get sick AND chip a tooth or something.

Chris is currently at an audition at the Barter Theatre. He hasn't auditioned anywhere except here in 5 years. Even when he worked at Porthouse with me he didn't have to audition. He said he was pretty nervous but that it went well. We had both talked about going down there when they had this call but after I saw the season I was kind of like "ehhh" and never made an audition time. Chris didn't either, but since he is equity he can just stroll right in and they HAVE to see him. If there's any perk to being equity, that's it. Well, that and the better pay. And the not having to work more than 8 hours a day. And only having to be an actor, not an actor/slave laborer. (You'd be surprised how many theatres can get their non-equity actors to do this.) ANYWAY, he is considering take a non-equity contract here, but I don't know. I mean, it was my idea in the first place for him to find out about it, but it's just so depressing here. I don't think I can watch more people that I love lose their jobs and the rest of us have to work 12-hour days to make up for it. Plus, you know, *I* don't want to lose my job. If we left and went somewhere else, people would still be losing their jobs, but at least I wouldn't know them. It's harder when it's everyone you know. So..... I just don't know. I mean, for right now, we have jobs through March. My biggest fear is that Christmas is going to be HUGE at all the theatres in the country doing anything even remotely Christmas-y. People WILL spend extra money to be able to go and enjoy themselves.... but then the January numbers will be lower than they've ever been at every arts center in the world and it won't get better until people have jobs again and can afford to do things. Who KNOWS how long that will be. I am afraid a lot more theatres will have to close and even if you have a job lined up for whenever, you never know if it'll be taken away from you or even if you start a season and the theatre is forced to close in the middle of it.

Chris and I have decided to celebrate Christmas in January because of our money problems. I guess we're leaving up our decorations until then. This month has not felt even in the slightest way like it is Christmas, so it's no big deal. I miss Christmas. I wish it felt like Christmas.

In much, much better news, the preshow for Santaland starring me and Johnston is awesome. So far, we have had only minor playing screw-ups, one broken string and we seem to be more funny than annoying (knock on wood!!!) which is all I can ask for. Yesterday I realized a few things:
A. I am very high strung ("MY PICK FELL IN THE GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!"; or the fact that I actually screamed when Johnston broke the string)
B. Almost everything I say is improv'd. If, while speaking and making everything I say up, I can pronounce a multi-syllable word without adding extra letters, syllables or just tripping all over the entire phrase, I consider my life a success.
C. You can't sing soprano and chew gum at the same time. You can, however, chew gum, sing in your belt, and play guitar at the same time.
D. Johnston and I should start a vaudeville act because we work really well together, we harmonize really well together AND he is the George Burns to my complete Gracie Allen-ism.
E. I don't think vaudeville is still happening

SOOOO!! It's been so much fun and I was only half kidding when I told the audience yesterday, "This is the only joy I have in my life right now." I still have my Chris, so it is one of two joys. Speaking of my Chris, he takes over the role on Friday. John has had some really great audiences so I hope they continue for Chris. Oh.. hahaha... I did hear, however, that someone walked out during the middle of the show yesterday, offended, told the box office that "[i'm] going to shut this place down!" and walked back into the theatre to see the end of the show. I mean, first of all, I tell them during the preshow that it is an offensive show and that if they are offended, do NOT tell the box office (because the box office doesn't care). And secondly, he's going to shut us down???? Not if we get to us first, man!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

worst week ever, this is not hyperbole

First there was my dad getting laid off on Thursday...

On Monday I heard through the grapevine that 4 people had been laid off in the main offices of our theatre.

On Tuesday the 5 or so people left in the main offices kept being really nice to me and asking if I was okay. It did not take me very long to piece together that my position was going to be eliminated. This was confirmed... luckily they want to keep me on part time. I mean, I had no choice. I could have completely screwed them over and left them with 3 people to run the box office, but I need the money. So, my pay cut is pretty extreme. I am HOPING that there may be a part time position in the costume shop that I can take as well... but that might have been eliminated, too.

While I was in my "official" meeting telling me I'm getting my pay cut by $2.50/hr (AND my hours are cut), Chris was in a meeting with the artistic director who told him that they needed to eliminate the Equity contracts. If they get rid of ALL of them they can never get them back so they're probably keeping a few... Chris is not included in that list. He's been here longer than the people who will probably get to keep them, but his is still gone. ACTUALLY, he would have had more seniority than all but 1 other actor in the company. 5 years and the most rewarding artistic experience of his life and instead of being able to leave on his own terms like he was going to at the end of next fall, now he is unemployed as of April 1st.

I mean, unless he takes a non-equity contract out of desperation, we have to move. We don't have any MONEY to move, but there is nothing for us here. I don't know that any theatre is in a good situation right now... but we can't stay in this awful town. I don't know what to do. As long as we have friends we have a place to live for a while... I just can't believe this is happening. I mean, theatre, as a whole, will survive. It's survived EVERYTHING. I just have to wonder if it will be a career or just a hobby for the rest of my life.

... and if I am going to be miserable because of that for the rest of my life.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

so sleepy at 3pm

The summer/fall season is closing right now at the theatre. Well, it was a good run. All the shows were popular and good so great job, everyone! Next week is the beginning of the madness. Well, okay, next week is actually going to be okay but the two weeks after that are going to be AWFUL. Two people are going on vacation for two weeks and Johnston and I won't be available from 4-5 any day because of Santaland. We are ridiculously short staffed for this month. And THEN... Johnston's last day is the 23rd and Emily will be gone the day before and after Christmas. It will be the 3 full time people working ONLY! I think we have something like 12 hour days for that week. It is not going to be fun at all. My only salvation will be getting to do this preshow.

So, speaking of the preshow, it will be fun for me. Today I was using Alyssa's guitar (it's a smaller guitar and I wanted to get a feel for it to see if I should get a short-scale guitar, too) and on the last song my capo was pulling the strings down (which I didn't see until, like, the end) and we were waaaaaay off tune. It sounded so bad. Luckily, this was just a dress rehearsal so it's not like it really mattered, but I still don't like that. I had been using Chris's guitar, which is a JUMBO guitar, and it has been hard for me to reach the end of the neck, really heavy and it also makes my right arm go numb from sitting over it. My guitar is better for me, but it's been here at our apartment and it's too cold to walk it down to the theatre. I'll be taking it down there before Tuesday of course, but I still think I might need a 3/4 length or something. I think that's why I play all my songs on the 3rd fret-- because it's hard for me to REACH the normal positions. I've been looking more and more at the Daisy Rock guitars online. I'm not in the market to buy a new guitar any time soon, but when I am, I really think I'd like to get a Daisy Rock. The body and neck are a lot thinner so they're easier for people with small hands to play. PLUS, they come in great colors and/or designs and one of the models comes with DECALS!!!! You know I love decals.

Anyway, again, yes, Santaland will be fun. Playing music has been the only thing to really get my mind off of some troubling events happening lately. Most of our songs sound really good and the ones that aren't really good are still good (except when the capo is pulling down on the strings. Then it's just... not good). I have a lot of fun with Johnston and I have more fun with the fact that I don't really have to censor myself with the preshow because nothing I say will be worse than what is already written in to the real script. My Chris told me he's really impressed with how much I've improved and how effortlessly I am able to sing while playing. I only received that guitar 2 years ago, I've never had a lesson and here I am, accompanying myself at a regional theatre. I mean, I'm no Chris JOHNSTON, but I'm doing alright. :)

So, on Thursday my dad wrote my siblings and I to tell us he got laid off. This is not good. My dad can't just get a job anywhere. He's got a bad heart condition (his first surgery was in his 20s and he's had many since then) so it's not like he can be doing any kind of lifting or being on his feet all day. Plus, you know, he's 56 years old... and then is the fact that there are no jobs anywhere to begin with. Ugh... it's really not good. Chris is really upset about it because he thinks my dad is like the nicest guy ever. My mom cried. I don't want them to move. I really love Huron and they have such a nice view. My dad really likes being able to watch the Lake from our living room. You know how some people are happy to be laid off because they can go on vacation or whatever? We're not those people. It's not good.

Times are tough. It's cold outside. I'd actually go back to the theatre and watch the end of Richard if it weren't so cold. Last night I finally watched the beginning of Close Encounters and I have so many unanswered questions. That kid is really adorable, though. That must be why the aliens abducted him.

I'm really in to the most recent Death Cab for Cutie album. I'm also really in to the idea that John Lennon, George Harrison, John Entwistle and Keith Moon play as "The Whotles" in Heaven.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

i'm watching the tree lighting on nbc!

I love Thanksgiving. I am so happy it exists. Chris and I left for Ohio last Monday, drove in Ginna's car to Bethesda, MD, picked UP Ginna, and then drove to Columbus for the night and Chris's mom picked us up on Tuesday morning. My sister got in late that night and we had my family's dinner on Wednesday, as we always do. My brother told us how he's either going to go to China or Chile to teach English as a second language and I guess he is going to Germany next year for some course before he graduates. That's CRAZY! I wish I could go... abroad.

On Thanksgiving proper I went to Chris's mom's house for deep fried turkey (if you are offered this TRY IT!! It is so effing good!) and then to his dad's side where I met, or at least saw, the 41 family members that were there and that I had never met before. Chris's grandma had 8 children (she's Catholic) and they've all got kids... and some of them have kids, now, too. So, anyway, I had only met only 3 people from that side and 38 more was a little overwhelming.

Unfortunately we had to leave on Friday but we were able to take our time and stop by my Grandma's house. I was so happy to go home, though. I hate being so far away from my family. It makes me really sad.

Sigh... so, on Saturday I was back to work. There is a Santaland dress on Friday and Sunday of this week (first preview is next Tuesday) so Johnston and I have been working a lot on music. We have 6 songs... some of them are better than others but they are all coming along really well. I've gotten so much better at guitar (than I was in June)! It's a good thing I practiced so much over the summer because we've been playing for like 2 hours during our rehearsals. I would have never been able to do it if I wouldn't have been practicing... my fingers would have hurt waaaaay too much.

Last night Chris invited our friends Pasha, Rick and Dennis over for wings and... Guy Time, I guess. They ate homemade chicken wings and watched Ocean's 11 and Boogie Nights. I, of course, emailed my 10-page play, Boogie Knights to Pasha and Dennis because... well, how could I not? It was my best achievement in life. A play about a time travelling knight who wants to learn roller disco. Brills. They had fun and it was ridiculously hot in the living room because of the oven and the guys.

I am watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 and they are at Disney World and I am crying. This episode is old and it was the first one I ever saw. It's actually why I started watching this show, even though the kids go nuts and Kate yells a LOT.... but still. It's DISNEY WORLD!!!! If I could say there were only two true good things in this entire world those two things would be Disney and Christmas. I don't care... it is just FANTASY at Disney! I love it.

On Monday Chris and I went on a little date! We weren't planning it... we never, ever get out so I suggested we get some coffee. We had coffee and some cake at the coffee shop... then we walked around downtown. We came home for an hour or so then went back out and got some pizza and then went to see Rachel Getting Married at the Visulite. During the dancing at the wedding Chris said, "these people are eclectic!!" Yes.... yes they were. I think it was good although it's not the type of movie you feel good or stand up and cheer after. I would have applauded the seats at the theatre, though... they were AWESOME.

Listen... did anyone else watch that Britney Spears thing on Sunday night? I know my die-hard Britney fans did... but did other people? I'm just kind of proud of her. If she can keep herself out of trouble than I think she can be forgiven for going nuts. I would have hated it if everything I did during a break up was on the NEWS. Plus, you know, she lost all that weight by basically giving up sugar. *I* basically gave up sugar and lost a bunch of weight, too. That and all the fiber I eat. But anyway, Britney Spears is no longer the worst thing in the world and I say, good for her!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

this might be the year i hate christmas

This has been such a mixed week. Alyssa had a sore throat last weekend and she and Greg asked if I would sing her music for Lear and Measure again (which of course I did). Last Friday was Lear and at about 6:45pm (show starts at 7:30) Greg came up and asked if I would sing at intermission. I was the house manager that night but luckily Solomon didn't mind if I left for a little while. There was also a proposal on stage that night AND my friend/Playhouse Manager, Nash, was fired. We were all pretty upset about this happening. He's such a cool guy that he took it all in stride, but I don't know anyone who was happy about it.

I guess the rest of the weekend was okay... I sang again on Sunday, Johnston and I started a couple new songs for Santaland preshow and Monday I had off. Tuesday things started falling apart with one of our reports (and our box office manager is on vacation), Thursday was the all-time worst day I've ever had at a job. Our school matinee was oversold by about 30 students and we had 50 standing. It was SO HOT in the theatre and there were literally kids everywhere--sitting on the banisters in the balcony (we had to get them off), in the aisles, some just sat in the lobby for half the show. Emily and I both had to sell drinks at the intermissions and we don't have enough staff anymore to have someone else in the box office so Kristie had to be at the gift shop (and she doesn't even work in the box office) while Mary, whose last day was a week ago (and who also hadn't worked in the box office in about 6 months) came in to help for free. Then, in the middle of the show, all this beer got delivered and then 7 boxes of t-shirts for me to inventory, fold and put away. As soon as the show got out I had to go talk to tech support for the problem we were having with our reports but I had NO IDEA what to do because I don't know any of the information they needed. I kept having to call other people to ask questions and get info. It was so stupid. When Christina got in she was on the phone with tech support and I had to start the t-shirt inventory. I couldn't take a lunch and I was there for half an hour longer than I was scheduled and I was so sad and tired. I had to finish the shirts the next day (which started out as a GREAT day and then ended up just as stupid and ridiculous as the day before, in a completely different way).

So, yesterday, my Chris, Johnston, his fiance Lindsey and I all did this silly caroling thing in downtown for the Holiday Open House. We dressed in costumes from Christmas Carol and sang very religious carols (and some not-so religious carols) and all of this was happening a week before Thanksgiving. It was freezing outside but Chris and I bought long underwear and we had a ton of layers on from the costume so except for everyone's toes, we were mainly okay. We sang for about 2 hours and then I couldn't speak in anything but my head voice again. It was fine, though... no one made fun of us and children seemed to like it. We saw Doreen, JP and baby Olive and Olive was starring at us like her life depended on it.

This week has been really cold and we can't use the heater in our bedroom because it just doesn't work right. You have to turn it up really high and then it will only run for a little while and then it will click for HOURS. I can't deal with the clicking at night so we just stopped using it. So, obviously, it's really cold in our bedroom. Like 60 degrees in the daytime, colder at night. It also doesn't get much sunlight so it never gets a chance to be warm. We need a space heater but we can't afford one. We also can't run our humidifer because it's a cool mist and it makes it even colder.

I bought my Christmas tree this week. I got it for $25 from Target. It's not very big but I think it will be okay. I want to do blue, silver and gold/"champagne" ornaments only. We set it up but it's just sitting in the corner where the guitars used to be until we get back from Ohio on Friday. I won't start really decoarting it YET... although I will start listening to Christmas music as soon as i-tunes finishes installing the new version.

Tonight is the usher/actor Thanksgiving and I am really excited!! I know the ushers a lot better from working in the box office and in all honesty, that has been the only rewarding part of working in the box office. So many of them are just nice and funny people who are really supportive of the theatre. I like them a lot.

We are leaving tomorrow for OHIO! Thank God. We're driving Ginna's car up to Bethesda, picking her up from her last stop on tour for this leg, driving to Columbus, staying at her parent's house for the night and then Chris's mom will pick us up in the morning on Tuesday. This way we are able to only have to rent a car to get back to Virginia and save some money but I do wish we could have left today after the matinee and get in really late instead of getting in on Tuesday. Originally the Thanksgiving break seemed a lot longer. We have to leave on Friday but we can go at a reasonable time and still stop by and visit my Grandma. I won't be able to go home for Christmas (the reason why isn't even worth it anymore) so I'll have to make the best out of Thanksgiving.

I'm just loads of joy right now. Well, I did have a conversation that went like this today:

Chris: Are you quackers for crackers?
Me: No
Chris: Are you crackers for quackers?
Me: No.
Chris: Are you crackers for crackers?
Me: No.
Chris: Are you quackers for quackers?
Me: No.
Chris: What if I'm a quacker?

Friday, November 14, 2008

finally blogging

So it's been almost two weeks and I guess I was busy. It sure would seem that way based on how I have just been unable to find time to write something. Let's start with yesterday and g backwards in time.

Yesterday Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia came to visit the theatre. Everyone was a little bit crazy. We had a school matinee that morning and as soon as the kids got out we were running around cleaning up the theatre, sweeping and vacuuming the floors, checking the bathroom to see if the kids had destroyed them (luckily they had not. they were remarkably clean, actually) and other things that annoy almost everyone. At one point while we were waiting for the govenator, Sarah was telling Mary what her job was going to be, which included leading the governor up the stairs to the Lord's Room. She was like "I don't want to do THAT!!!" I, of course, immediately said, "I'LL DO IT!!!!!!!!" So, I did. And let me tell you, the governor is really, really nice. He remembered my name at the end of the visit (and he pronounced it correctly) and he listened to everything I said to him. I took him up to the room and then I showed him how to get out at the end. I almost wish I would have been a little bit more "Alisa" rather than "robot girl who has to be calm while talking to the highest state official" because when he was leaving and I was back in the box office I was like "I have a schedule for you!!!!!!!" (a schedule of shows) and he laughed at me and said he'd come back. He was here earlier in the year to see Volpone so we believe that he will actually return. So, you know, now the governor and I are probably best friends. He is added into my famous best friends group along with Moises Alou when he played for the Cubs.

Oh, also, when the governor was here I couldn't help but notice how much he looks like actor/comedian Larry Miller (Best in Show, among other things). Compare these photos and see if you can even guess which one is Tim Kaine and which one is Larry Miller.

On Tuesday Chris's friend James and his wife Christine came into town and I was so excited to meet them. I have wanted to meet this "Jamesy" for so long because I keep hearing these hilarious stories about him... and not only do I hear them, but half the time I think the idea is so brilliant that I steal it and use it myself (like when I convinced Raffi that "Mother Smucker" had come to see our show on tour in Orrville, Ohio--STOLEN!). Anyway, I really liked meeting both of them... Christine is so pretty and James did not let me down in the high expectations I had.

Last Sunday I did a staged reading of the play Look About You (by Anonymous), which is the most confusing read of all time. It did not help that we didn't get to read the play until Saturday night and when we started blocking (I say blocking lightly because, since it was a staged reading, blocking just includes walking up to a music stand and saying lines) we were all like "What IS THIS PLAY????" Fortunately when we actually performed it it made a LOT more sense. Never read this play. Go see the play but don't read it because you will just be confused. It's a Robin Hood play... and *I* played Maid Marian (aka, Lady Faukenbridge)!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I think they're planning on doing this play in 2010 at some point. Chris was really funny in it, and so was Emily, whose character had a horrible stutter. Scot was in it too and he wore the most ridiculous, hilarious costume so everytime I looked at him I laughed. He had coke-bottle glasses, a fake moustache, a cape, a black bowler hat... he just looked like he was going to tie me to the train tracks in a silent film. My character didn't really do anything interesting until the second half when she asked Robin Hood to disguise himself as her and she dressed up as someone else... and then hilarity ensued. Sunday basically felt like it was a non-day. I was so tired during our blocking rehearsal that I felt like I was asleep the entire day.

On November 4th, as you all know, we (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop reading if you do not know who won the presidency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) elected Barack Obama as president (along with Mark Warner, who I have ALSO met when he came to the theatre, to the Senate for VA). It was a good day for everyone... everyone except the republicans, but really, I don't know how anyone could have been SUPRISED. I was happy that Virginia was blue and that Staunton was blue, even though every county around was red. I was even happier when North Carolina and Indiana went democrat because it was like a blue melt, starting in Maine. As soon as Ohio went for Obama I knew it was over and I am glad that every county or city I've ever lived in voted democrat. Chris and I went to vote at about 10am before I went to work and then we got our free coffee from Starbucks. I don't think 10 minutes would pass without me thinking about the election that day. More than anything else, I just never wanted to hear about Sarah Palin ever again, which of course has not happened. I really need her to disappear. She's driving me nuts. At least the CNN poll asking if she should get her own TV show was like 89% NO, 11% YES. In some ways, I guess the main reason behind my voting WAS to never hear from Sarah Palin again... and so in those respects, perhaps I lost. We're ALL losers, though, in a country run by Sarah Palin. Anyway, Obama won and I watched his speech, and Chris cried and we were so happy... AND I ate whole wheat pizza from Papa John's (5 grams of fiber a slice!) and drank some diet Dr. Pepper. Also, I could not be happier that the election is OVER. THANK GOD!

Everyone has been weighing in with their opinions (who asked you anyway????) about what kind of puppy the Obamas should get. I think (because I am a hypocrite) that they should get a Bichon Frise. I also think that *I* should get a Bichon Frise. I have decided that it is 100% the best dog for my life. First of all, it's hypoallergenic and Chris is allergic to dogs. Second, it's not a barker. Third, it's a lap dog but still playful. Fourth, it's TOTALLY CUTE. Fifth, I still think I would name him Barkley, even though he's not a barker. Sixth, I want one. Seventh, it is a small dog. Eighth, the King of France used to wear Bichon Frises around his neck in a basket like a necklace. That is totally WACK. Therefore, I would like one.

How could I NOT want this dog??? Look at his FACE!!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

a newfoundland dog can grow as big as a baby elephant

My birthday was a lot of fun. Chris and I went to Roanoke which for some reason everyone thought was like 3 hours away but it's only 1.5. We went to the Olive Garden and other such amazing places like the mall and target. There was a puppy store in the mall and HOLY CRAP did they have adorable puppies in there. We later went to Petsmart and I got to pet some kitties. I think whenever we do get a cat and dog we'll get young adults so that I don't lose my mind. I pet a big kitty named Annabelle. Chris thought I said her name was "Animal" which is now the name he wants to give a pet. After we got home we went to the gelato place and I got a big brownie sundae of which I was able to eat less than half. I felt like I was going to go into a sugar coma. I put it in the freezer.

Yesterday Chris and I helped judge a high school theatre competition. It was actually a lot of fun. A couple of the schools were AWESOME and it was just kind of nice to see something other than an ASC show. A proscenium stage??? Whaaaaaat's that? Anyway, it was fun, some of the kids were really good actors and we made $75 and got to eat a free sandwich.

Right now I am lobby sitting while the kids from the college hold their auditions in the theatre for their grad projects. This kind of thing always sucks because you can't not get bored. I'd probably just be sitting at home doing stuff online but at least at home I can play the guitar or something. There is, however, an adorable child here who has endless things to say. Her parents are British and she has this really high voice with a hint of an English accent. She really has a lot to say to her mom. It is really funny. Her mom is kind of having a meeting with a student and the little girl keeps telling her she's going to leave. "Bye, mom. See you tomorrow!" She speaks really well for a 2-3 year old and it's just really funny.

I am super tired right now even though I slept a ton this morning (thank you, daylight savings). Probably because I know how bored I am going to be until I get out of here. We have to go shopping tonight because we kept putting it off.

I can't WAIT until Wednesday, when the election is over. If there is anyone on earth who will miss this hellish time of year they are insane. I hate how every other commercial is an attack on some candidate, I hate getting mail telling to to vote for McCain (yeah right), I hate hearing about the scams going around... like the people who sent stuff out saying that democrats vote on November 5th and Republicans on the 4th. Everyone is so mean to everyone else and I just hate it. I can't wait until it is over.

Chris Johnston and I are doing the preshow music for Santaland Diaries and I am now on the quest to find music. It is hard. Sufjan Stevens has a pretty good Christmas album and you know I will of course push for "Father Christmas" by the Kinks but finding songs that meet my requirements for awesomeness is difficult.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

rocky horror

Remember those years I spent all of October immersed in one thing: The Rocky Horror Show?

That was the best. The most fun, the highest energy, the most INSANE time of my life.

Look at me in this picture, all of 19 years old and with my natural hair color.

Every time I tell someone I've done that show three times they ask who I played. I say, "Janet. I always play Janet." They reply, "Janet!?!??! I would never think to cast you as Janet! Definitely Magenta... or that other girl....uh..."

"YES!!! You'd make a PERFECT Columbia!!!"

It'd be interesting to see how I'd be cast now. I still can't imagine playing anyone else in that show. It's also one of the few shows I could do.. like... forever. I don't think I could ever get sick of it. It's too weird and funny... and since there are new audience participation lines all the time it changes often.

And it was a GREAT way to spend my birthday.

Happy Halloween to every one from those casts and to you, blog reader.

And YEEEEEHAW---only 2.5 hours until my birthday!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Halloween party was awesome!! We had a great time. On Monday morning Chris and I ran around to get the donuts and a couple other last minute things (like dinner for us later). After we got home we cleaned and set everything up and then were putting on our costumes until the very last minute when Jenny and Eliot came. Eliot was dressed as a kitty ("Succotash" to be exact) and Jenny came as that woman who carved a backwards B in her own face and blamed it on a fake attacker. Ella was REALLY excited to start bobbing her apples but I had to keep telling her to wait. We couldn't bob for apples with only 3 people there! Greg (my birthday buddy!!) and Alyssa came next since she had to go to a dance class at 8pm and soon after Doreen, JP and baby Olive followed... and then EVERYONE ELSE followed!!! I made them play the game where you eat a donut without using your hand, a pumpkin cake walk and then finally Ella was able to bob for apples. The food was in our apartment and games were in Scot and Kate's downstairs. The party only lasted about 2.5 hours but that's how I like it. My parties are like 50 minutes of extremely high energy and craziness sandwiched between regular socializing. I was EXHAUSTED when everyone left! It was great, thuough. Here is a spooooooky picture of me in my first costume, dead maid. I changed into Sexy Dinosaur halfway through the night (Sexy Dinosaur costume is now too big for me, just like all my old clothes.)

You can see all the party pictures I took (and some Alex took) at my flickr website.

SO!! What else.... we have not won the McDonald's Monopoly game although we aren't really trying as hard this year. I got addicted to that game in 2005 when I was sad over the break up, didn't own a refrigerator so I couldn't go shopping and had only $5 a day to spend on food. Chris actually won a pretty big prize one of the first years it was out so he has liked it since then. While on the road last year we played a lot since we could but this year we just never have the chance. Oh well. Even though McDonald's is now mainly trans fat free it's still not GOOD for you.

Now that my party is over I feel like Halloween is over, even though it's still 2 days away. OOOOOooooooohhhhh, two days until my BIRTHDAY!!!! YAY!!! As we all know, my birthday is the best day of the year for me and everyone else. Look how everyone celebrates it!!! Martha Stewart is CRAZY about my birthday!! She taught me how to make a paper wig today. Man, the Halloween mix I made for my party was SO AWESOME!!!! I had a ton of great classic songs (like the one featured at the bottom of this post) and some you might not be expecting (like "I Wish I Was a Girl" by Counting Crows). I was so proud of that Halloween mix.

I have to go to work tonight (I was thankful to be able to sleep in), tomorrow morning and then I have off for my birthday. On Saturday Chris and I are judging some one act play festival in Lexington or something. I have no idea what I'm going to be doing, really, but I know they're giving us $75. We HAVE to make it home for Thanksgiving!!

The Milwaukee Shakespeare Theatre closed abrupty yesterday. I guess one of their main contributors pulled out because of the financial crisis. This made me really sad. It looked like such a great theatre. Plus, you know, it's terrifying. At our theatre, and most other non-profits, tickets sales only cover 60% of the operating costs so we depend on donations.... that's not good in these rough economic times. I mean, it's probably not good to be a theatre at ALL right now. At least we have the pull that we are the world's only recreation of the Blackfriars and we're the only company in the world performing plays with all the original staging practices that Shakespeare used. That's a draw, right??? RIGHT????

Ok, go get a pumpkin and have some fun celebrating my birthday. BOOOOOO!!!!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

lobsters are messed up, too

Chris has been working out like a maniac to get into "Talbot shape." He's playing this character in 1Henry6 that's all... a warrior. From what the scholars say the character of Henry V may have been based on Talbot (the Henry 6's were written first). So, you know, he must be some kind of great speaker and totally bad-ass. Anyway, that's obviously Chris to a T but that cuddly bear still wants to become super buff so he works out all the time. He'd already lost a bunch of weight because I make him eat so much fiber. The other day he started to look sick and I can only assume it's because his immune system was too tired.

I'm watching I Love the 80s 3D: 1989 right now. They just showed The Little Mermaid and I realized something. You know how she dies in the original version? That's a story that was REALLY ahead of it's time. She gives up her voice for a man and then she DIES. I always found the story of Jessica in Merchant to be very similar to that of Ariel... not the Disney Ariel, but the other one. I still do love that movie, though. You know it will probably always be my favorite movie. She taught me how to SING!

We got a new desk at work and it's nice. I stress out in this job a lot. I don't remember EVER stressing out while on tour. The only time I DON'T stress out is when I'm bartending but even then, if I haven't eaten enough I get the shakies. So, anyway, I stressed out today when we finally were able to turn the phones back on (we had to get all the messages, put everything BACK in the desk, people were coming in and calling on both phone lines), I stress out if I feel like I've bothered anyone, I stress out about money, the size of the audience, having enough time to set up... I hate it. I wish I had a hot tub so I could just relax after work and forget I went there all day. Man, is THIS why people drink? I won't start drinking. I'll just start twittering more or something.

My birthday is only 9 days away!!! Ooooooh!! Or should I say BOOOOOOOO. I'm excited. I think we're going to Roanoke. My party is on Monday and I am also totally excited about that. Our apartment is the coolest Halloween apartment EVER!!! When I was little I was deathly afraid of the song "Thriller." Apparently once my dad played the song when we were going through a car wash and both things freaked me out a lot. I used to call the car wash "Thriller." Anyway, now I think it is the greatest song ever written.

What is UP with those Burger King Steak House Shroom and Swiss commercials? God, they're so weird. Burger King has definitely gotten funnier over the years but they also don't make any sense. Maybe that's the point.

I watched part of Signs the other day and was simultaneously freaked out and totally crying my face off. I always liked that movie... I really like movies where things mean something (like why Culkin boy has asthma or why tiny Abigail Breslin left glasses of water everywhere). I am also terrfied of aliens. Well, I used to be a lot more terrified of them. Recently I have truly seen how things on this earth are FAR WEIRDER than anyone's image of an alien. Even a regular FISH is weird looking than a movie alien. Anything from the sea is so messed up and freaky that I almost wonder how much weirder real aliens could be. Regardless, I don't want them to come here and kill me. There's no way we're the only planet with living organisms on it in the universe... but I sure don't wat to meet any other ones. Spooky.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

debate schmeschmate

I was angry at work on Saturday for a couple of reasons but it made me not a very nice person. One person's tickets were completely just... LOST. They'd been paid for, it was clear a reservation had been made, just not for the performance he was supposed to attend. I was nice to him. I was also nice to the school group who wanted to change every thing at the last minute. I started to get really irritated by the old lady taking advantage of the student rush ticket (you can get 2 tickets for one student ID) who demanded to be put in the best seats even though we had a bunch of walk up ticket buyers (we had 50 that night) behind her in line who were actually paying full price. We were running out of reserved seats. If it had been a small house I wouldn't have cared if they had good seats, but why should we sell a seat for$11 if we can sell the same seat for $35 when there are only a couple seats left? Ugh. Anyway. I was mad.

Last night Chris and I ventured out to karaoke with Nash and Pasha. It was pretty funny. Chris Nash did "air fiddle" to "Ants Go Marching" by DMB. There was a lot of interpretive dance going on in front of the stage. There were only like 20 people there and they all wanted to interpretive dance. Or rap. God, it was funny. Their song list was GREAT, too. They not only had every Pat Benatar and Heart song I could ever want to sing, they had the entire soundtrack to Hair!! I sang "Invincible" by Ms. Benatar and Chris did not sing... although he said he might next time. Pasha sang his apparent standard, "Brown Eyed Girl." It was fun.

I am, of course, not watching tonight's debate. Why on earth would they schedule a debate during the same time as the FINALE of Project Runway?? I don't like debates anyway. They make me uncomfortable. It's not like I would ever change my opinion by watching one, anyway. As long as you're a republican I'm not voting for you. Anyway, I am so excited for the finale!! I hope Leanne wins (obviously). I do like her collection the best. I liked Kenley's too (and Jerrell's but that's a lost cause) but she is just too mean to win. If Korto won I would only be disappointed that I didn't win $65 from the work pool. I really love Korto. She is awesome. But GO LEANNE!!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

teena brought me candy called "creepy peepers"

I'm house managing tonight which sucks because A. It's the longest of the 4 shows AND there is a talk back and B. I am going to have to watch the late episode of Project Runway. I'm also going to be totally alone in this lobby for the better part of 2.5 hours.

My throat is starting to feel swelly. I hope I'm not getting sick. It wouldn't really matter if I was but no one WANTS to be sick. My body hurt all last night for no reason but I attributed that to paper-cutting fatigue (which is what I did ALL DAY at work yesterday, making invitations to the Halloween party). I have been doing a lot of physical work today.... so much so that I didn't sit down until I had been here for over an hour and a half and then I forgot to print the will call until 10 minutes before the lobby re-opened.

On Monday Chris and I went to Charlottesville to go to the Halloween store. It was great. I twittered about this but I did a search for Halloween stores in Virginia and there are only 15. In Ohio there are over 60! That's ridiculous. There's also about 7 times the amount of Haunted Houses in Ohio. Why does Viriginia HATE FUN? I'll tell you what Virginia does not hate... potato donuts. We finally made it to Spudnut in time (they close at 2pm) and got to try a potato flour donut. Man are they good. And it was only $1.80 for two. PLUS... you know... I'm sure there's more of a nutritional value because it's made from a POTATO. Yes... that's how I justified it to myself.

I got to sing for the old folks again today in a workshop (PS- "old" is not someone is his mid-30s as a certain anonymous jackass commentor likes to think. "Old" is 70-80.). I like singing. I especially like singing Johnston's version of the "lullaby" from Midsummer. We sound GREAT and that song is awesome. I was so proud of myself for coming up with my harmonies on the spot because they are... very contemporary and complex. I am really good at coming up with contemporary melody lines, though. If I could use someone else's words and someone else's chord progressions I could be a killer melody-line song writer. I don't think that job exists, though. I think too many people can already do all three a lot better.

Sometimes I think about writing a book about how much working at the OG sucked. I mean, yeah, most jobs suck... but that job REALLY sucked. Especially when I moved back to Ohio. In California I didn't get tipped more than 15% but at least I wasn't completely freaked out by all the customers AND my coworkers. I was like the only person who worked there who wasn't drunk and on drugs all the time. I still really like that restaurant, though. If there was one closer than Roanoke I might actually go once in a while. I haven't been to the OG since Duluth in March!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

i'm using bad language to make a point

So, anonymous comments had continued so I had to stop letting anonymous people make comments. Great job, you ruined it for everyone. Also, let me just say one thing: I don't care if you make fun of me (well, I DO care but I'm not going to delete the comment. I'll just stoop to your level and insult you back) but when you insult my loved ones there is a BIG PROBLEM. This is why I am a hitter--- because when I get mad I get REALLY, REALLY mad. Not once, but twice? Come on, dickweed. Grow some fucking balls and get over yourself.

etc etc etc

I got to sing once more this week for Alyssa but otherwise it's been a pretty boring week. They started renovating the lobby. The painters were there on Tuesday (and every night after the shows were over) and on Wednesday we got new shelves in the gift shop. They are really nice and they'll be even nicer when they have handles on them. My new shirts are selling really well which is good and bad. I obviously want them to sell but I do not want to run out of them right away.

I started decorating for Halloween and it is very SPOOKY in our apartment. Kate has done some very scary lights outside, too, which is awesome. I just want Halloween to last forever!

I did not watch the debate on Thursday because it would just make me angry. I did watch the SNL debate which was of course hilarious. Right now I am watching The King and I which is also hilarious. I mean, maybe I'm not laughing outright per se, but I am feeling the humor inside me, and isn't that good enough? I really do want to play Anna some day when I'm older. No one seems to do these shows, anymore. Rogers and Hammerstein shows. I mean, except for the racism and/or sexism that is in them they're really very good. Smart and funny scripts, great songs... I don't know why I am trying to justify Rogers and Hammerstein to the world. I think they've proven themselves already.

Project Runway was really disappointing this week. I HATE that they did not just get rid of Kenley. I mean, come on. It's just going to make the eventual elimination worse for whoever it is. I am getting excited about the finale. I am especially excited because I have Leanne in the work pool and if she wins I win... you know... $5 from the other 12 people. Considering I was 9th to choose I think I got a really good contestant.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

exciting and cold

This week has actually been exciting. It started out pretty much horrible but it got a lot better. On Wednesday I had to trade shifts with Solomon which left my morning open which meant I could sing at this workshop for the Elderhostel group. I was happy just to be singing. That evening I found out Alyssa had slipped a disc in her back and might have to have an understudy go on. She still was able to go on as Viola in 12th Night and her roles in Richard but she had to miss Measure and Lear. Alyssa sings a lot in the preshow/interludes of those shows so I of COURSE mentioned to Aaron if they needed someone I would love to do it. They did need someone and I got to sing and I was so happy. I mean, obviously I didn't want Alyssa to be in excruciating pain but I was happy to help out and again, just happy to be singing. Her understudies did great in the roles, too. Lesley got to go on twice as Cordelia. I love it when Lesley is in shows... I just think she is so talented.

Anyway, so ALSO on Friday Johnston and I did our "gig" at the hotel next door. We were in a small ballroom next to the bar and between the bar and the room there were probably 100 people. We were doing this strolling minstrel thing but only people right next to us could hear us because it was just SO LOUD. Rene was in the bar after the show and he didn't even know we were in there singing. Our set was about 25-30 minutes and we did it 3.5 times in 2 hours with really quick water breaks between. I have never sung that much for that long in my entire life. I could have kept singing but MAN was my speaking voice gone! I could only speak to people in my head voice after it was over. I'm a soprano and Chris is a tenor and we both have much, much weaker lower registers so obviously everything we were singing was really high. It was pretty funny. I was exhausted after it was over. My legs hurt, I couldn't speak normally and I was sooo tired, but overall I think it went pretty well. A lot of people complimented us afterwards (and some even started talking to us mid-song) and we made a nice chunk of change so it was worth it. I'd like to do more stuff like that with the hotel so hopefully they will have a need.

My t-shirts for the gift shop came in and they are AMAZING!!! I was so happy. We've already sold a bunch even though they are more expensive than any other clothing items (except hoodies). Every one in the company loves them. They just look super cool. I am very pleased with how this turned out. If I am ever able to order anything new in the gift shop I want to start with the company Immortal Longings. They sent me this AWESOME sample pack (which included a Viola card (that we gave to Alyssa as a get well card) and a Cordelia card (which we gave to Lesley as a thank you card) ) and I totally love them. The drawings are just so pretty.

I've gotten two mean comments from "Anonymous" recently. It's kind of annoying because I'm left wondering: who is this person? I really doubt that anyone I know is secretly that mean. Plus, why on earth would a STRANGER take the time to insult someone they don't know on the internet? Why NOT put your name? It's not like I'd know who it was anyway. And if I DO know the person they clearly don't want to be my friend anymore so why not let me know that so I can erase them from my memory and leave them alone? Plus, if they hate me so much, why are they reading my blog? I mean, come on. Get a life. I don't read Angelina Jolie's blog. I don't like her and therefore I do not care what is going on with her. Anyway, so I've been thinking about, you know, my ENEMIES. I've only had one real enemy and I don't think we're still enemies anymore because those events are like 7 years old. I'm pretty sure the statue of limitations has cleared us of enemy-dom. We also appologised to eachother. That helped the situation. The only person who I have offended deeply enough to want to be this mean to me is Sarah Palin. Sarah, I'm SORRY! I can't help it. I know I'm being a hypocrite, you're just... so.... not presidential material. That's the best way to put it: She's just not presidential material. You don't have the chutzpah. I don't look at her and think, "WOW! I sure respect THAT WOMAN!" I look at her and think, "WOW! You're in way over your head!" So, anyway Sarah, stop leaving me mean "anonymous" comments on my blog. The joke's getting old.

My birthday month begins on WEDNESDAY!!!! I bought some decorations at Target in the dollar section. I am so excited. I can't wait. This is gonna be ONE SSSSPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOKKKKYYY MONTH!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

it's finally fall

Chris is in a really bad mood because he doesn't have any money. I told him, "as long as you're an actor you're never going to have any money." I mean, it's TRUE, is it not? Acting sucks. It is so expensive. Any kind of good headshot session costs at least $250 (and that is a BARGAIN), reproductions are at least $100, joining the union costs I think $1100 (plus dues twice a year), you have to buy nice clothes for auditions, if you go to an audition out of town there's travel+hotel+food+registration fee (like UPTAs) and then there's the fact that no one will pay you any money because half the theatres are not for profit and if they're not they have really low wages because there will always be someone who is willing to act for hardly any money and horrible treatment (see: The Barn). This is assuming you take no classes of any kind and do not have a subscription to Backstage. Then there's the staying healthy because you CANNOT just call off work and having no schedule leeway to do anything else. And, if you want to have any kind of real career, you have to live in a big city with rent that is sky-high. Yes, my friends, acting sucks and I would recommend it to no one. It's a lot of fun, though..... you have a LOT of fun.

Chris Johnston and I are singing at this thing on Friday for the government of Virginia at the hotel next door and it is going to be really funny. Funny for ME, hopefully not for the people who are attending this conference. I guess, since we work at a Shakespeare theatre, they assumed we only know Renaissance music, so that's what they originally asked us to play. We, of course, don't know ANY Renaissance music so we had to use this book to find some and let me tell you... Elizabethan music is TERRIBLE! Sometimes people complain that we play modern music during our preshows and interludes but who in their right mind would want to actually listen to Renaissance music? So, anyway, we're playing a couple songs from this book (most of which are featured in at least one Shakespeare play), some original music Johnston wrote for "Midsummer", "Merchant" and "The Maid's Tragedy", one contemporary interlude song we did for "Merchant" and two random contemporary songs that we just want to do. We are going to be doing a "strolling minstrel" thing and I am just happy to be getting to sing in public instead of alone in the lobby of the theatre.

I am looking foward to winter when my face will be less oily. I've been using those oil blotting sheets because I have some serious excess oil. I don't know how I haven't been breaking out like crazy. Anyway, in the winter, a single drop of excess oil will be extremely welcome. My whole face is so dry in the winter that my nose starts bleeding.

I am so excited about my birthday coming!!! Scot told me today that if I wanted to, he and Kate would let me use their half of this house to have a two-story SPOOKY apartment party! Uh.... HECK YES I would want that!! I am totally excited. It is going to be such a SCARY time and everyone is going to have lots and lots of fun! Dollar General and Big Lots better be prepared for me to buy them out of their Halloween decorations.

It finally happened. After months of watching What Not to Wear every day on my lunch break I finally would rather wear a blouse than a t-shirt. They really do look better.

Friday, September 19, 2008

i don't have enough to blog about because nothing happens

I had to work all mornings this week. Most people would LOVE working 9-5 every day but for me it was like.... AHHHHHHH!!!! I started to get anxiety over the fact that I wouldn't be able to sleep past 8am all week which kept me awake at night. Next week is almost exactly the same. The worst part about this is that there is no one at the theatre all day now that the tour left and rehearsals for Richard II are over. Most days it's just me and one other box office person (and sometimes it's just me for hours). Hardly anyone comes in to the theatre to buy tickets in person so I see less than 10 people a day except on my walk to work. It makes me not want to wear anything even remotely nice. It's like, why should I if I'm not even going to see anyone? I could just wear what I'm wearing now (a hilary duff t-shirt, lol) and no one would know. Some days I started to sing in the lobby just because I was the only person in the theatre and no one would know. Now I'm LONELY. I just can't be happy at work, can I?

I got my hair cut on Monday again. I mainly just needed it shorter so that when it grew out really fast (as it will) it wasn't totally weird looking. And, you know, I didn't want it to grow into a mullet. I've fixed that, now.

I really want a ragdoll cat. They're such big, big kitties! Apparently they're the most dog-like of all the cats, so Chris would like it too (he likes cats a lot but he LOVES dogs). First I need to convince our landlord to let us have a cat in the first place, then I need to find a ragdoll cat in a shelter and then I will be a happy girl. Oh, and I have to somehow control the cat allergy Chris has. I just need a kitty.

The woman on What Not to Wear has naturally curly, red hair and hates it. WHAT?? Who would hate that? That's the best kind of hair in the world! I really watch this show too much. I mean, I guess there are worse things to watch (infomercials? anything on MTV?) but our TV is only on 3 channels: TLC, ESPN and Bravo.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

i wish i could buy pants in bulk

I hit my head really hard on the refrigerator like an hour ago. It still hurts. You never realize how fast you're moving until you hit something in the middle of moving.

Today Chris and I met Scot and Kate at Costco where I got Fiber One bars in bulk! I had no idea there was a Costco in Harrisonburg and we go there pretty often. Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut again since it grows so fast and if I am going to keep it shirt I need to REALLY keep it short. Right now I'm afraid it will grow out into a mullet. I cannot let this happen.

Today I tried to put on a pair of jeans that used to be my "skinny" jeans. When I bought them they were just the right amount of tight and so when I would wash/dry them they'd be slightly too tight and I wouldn't want to wear them, you know, every week of the month. I haven't worn them in a while and today I put them on and they were so big that I couldn't wear them out. A belt was the only thing to keep them up but the belt made them bunch in the front. I cannot believe those jeans are too big. I had worn a size 8 pants for the last... I don't know... 6 years and now not only am I swimming in a 6 but size 4 is even a little big in some cases. I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS. My physical activity level has decreased significantly since June, I eat all the time... so, listen up. Seriously, listen to me and Brittany Spears. If you want to lose weight and not, apparently, do anything at all (except 100 sit ups a night), eat as much fiber as you can and stop drinking regular pop. Cut that sugar down. I am going to WISH this worked for me again in 10 years.

It's above 90 degrees again today which equals horrible in our apartment. This is the only day for the next 10 that is anywhere near this hot and we haven't felt like this in about a month. Tomorrow it's supposed to drop like 10 degrees and another 10 the day after that and just hover around 70 for the foreseeable future. That will be nice. Today it's just sweat city.

Ginna's boyfriend Sheffield just got cast in White Christmas on Broadway. I was talking to him on Friday night after the Richard II opening. I told him he needs to change his name to "Broadway Sheffield." Change his resume and everything. I laughed a lot because he said something like, "Yes... I'll be the most presumptuous fuck in the world. 'Hi, my name is Broadway Sheffield and I'm here to audition for your show'." Speaking of Broadway, John is closing Hair at the Public Theatre... but the show announced on Wednesday that it's moving to Broadway in January! They said they'd take everyone, but John doesn't want to count his Broadway chickens before they hatch, so right now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for him. I talked to him on Thursday for a long time and everytime I do it makes me want to move to NYC. So, then I was talking to Chris about it and he said he didn't think Broadway was an impossible dream for him and I'm thinking, "THAN WHY DO YOU WANT TO MOVE TO DC!?!?!?" Anyway, since most of my friends moved to New York and I have three friends who have worked on (or are about to work on) Broadway and a fiance who thinks it would be easy for him to be on Broadway, I decided in the shower that we are going to move to New York when Chris is done in like.... a year. I'm going to UPTAs in February and I'll either get a job there or be sad in the B.O. but we totally have to save the money to do this somehow.

As I said, Richard II opened and it is a good show! I didn't know if I would like it because it's a history play that's not funny and there's no REAL conflict but I did. When I was bartending two nights this last week other people seemed to be liking it, too. Well, these rude kids on Wednesday did not like it, but I don't care what they think because they were forced to go by their teacher at the community college. The touring troupe left yesterday and Dennis is letting us borrow his car the whole time they're gone which is AWESOME.

Man, my head really hurts and it's making me sleepy. I don't like this.

Tina Fey looked, sounded and acted just like Sarah Palin last night on SNL and it was hilarious. I'm sure she just loathes her. Sarah Palin freaks me out, mainly. I think it's more the Alaska thing than the woman republican thing. I guess I'll never understand killing an animal and then posing with the bloody carcas for a picture. That's just gross. And I know, the meat I'm eating was alive once, but whenever I think about that it's really disturbing. I could never kill animals for a job let alone do it for FUN. I can't even handle raw meat to put it on the George Foreman grill. I just don't know what the "American values" are. I've heard people (Republicans) say that Barack Obama is just too liberal and that most Americans are somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum. But why? Every other big country is WAY more liberal than we are. Is it because American was founded by Pilgrims and Puritans? And why are "European ideas" put in quotation marks? I LOVE European ideas! The Beatles, IKEA, mass transportation, cars with really high MPG, marriage for all... why are we the last ones to get on board? And then, when we finally do, we act like we invented said "ideas" in the first place. How can the country that brought you the ipod be so behind in everything else? America was also founded by EXPLORERS (like my relative, John Ledyard and, you know, Christopher Columbus) who were looking for something new and exciting. Let's take THEIR example! No, not the native killing and gold stealing (which I am sure the Puritans and Pilgrims did, also) but the NEW and EXCITING example! Let's harness the WIND and let it blow us to freedom from oil!*†

*Amerigo Vespucci harnessed the wind and look what happened to him----he's got two continents named after him!!

†Also, after reading this paragraph to him, Chris said, "You should end with, 'So in conclusion, the wind and the republicans can blow me'." I chose not to say it myself but it was too funny to not include at all.

Friday, September 05, 2008

not my dream job. not so much, dennis.

A guy buying tickets just asked Nash and I if either one of us had been involved in shows here in the past. He pointed at me and I told him what season I was in. The man buying tickets said, "So you've given up your life's dream to work in the box office!" I sighed and said no and then died inside.

This week has been really boring. SMALL houses (like under 50 every night) and, of course since I mentioned how well it was doing before, low gift shop sales. Chris and I went to IKEA on Monday and it was fun. He bought the wardrobe (I bought.... measuring spoons) and put it together when we got home that night. It looks good and our room is already so much cleaner after hiding everything we own in the closet. Well, at least all the guitar cases, amps and plastic storage bins.

I was sad to see Stella get voted off Project Runway. She was so funny! I was happy that Leanne won for the second week in a row. She's funny, too, but in a completely different way.

Tropical storm (née Hurricane) Hanna is coming tomorrow! That'll will be.... wet and rainy. I guess I won't be going to the farmer's market again. I'll miss those magic cookies.

I'm so down on myself lately. My confidence is falling... ugh... and it took so long to come back! This is gonna be a long lifetime if I get this depressed every time I'm not performing. Maybe it's like a break up and I'm just not over it, yet. I bet that's what it is, for real. I spent a year with the same 11 people doing one of 3 different things every day and then all of a sudden they're ripped away from me and I'm doing something I'm not interested in. I bet if I were in another show it wouldn't be so bad---just like in a break up. I mean, this would explain how the three people from our troupe that went straight to the next tour cried at the company meeting... it's because they were sad about our troupe breaking up. I have to say, this revelation is actually amazing for me because I was afraid I was JUST SAD. Having found the similarities to a break up gives me hope that I will only be sad for around 6 months (it takes half the time you were with them to get over them) and that maybe after that I won't be sad anymore. God, I hope I won't be sad anymore. It's getting depressing.

Chris wants to cure my sadness by taking me to Ohio for a couple days at some point. I want to do it. I don't know if we can AFFORD to do it but I'd really like to. I always feel better when I see the lake.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

i went to work this week, too

I forgot this anecdotal story:
The other day this woman and her daughter came to exchange a t-shirt that was too small. She had the "Top Ten Shakespeare Insults" shirt in medium and wanted large but there were no larges left. I said we had the top 10 pick up lines shirts and the "We Do it With the Lights On" (the HOUSE LIGHTS!) shirt in large but she said they were from a very Christian community and that she wouldn't be able to wear either one of those shirts. I looked at the insults shirt (the first insult being "You are an ass") and said, "You're allowed to wear shirts that insult people but not shirts with Shakespearean pick up lines?" She said, "You just have to understand where we come from." I let her exchange the shirt for a more expensive book without charging the difference.

Today we had a company picnic. There was almost nothing I wanted to eat there. If only I made the choice to try more foods I wouldn't have that problem. There was some REALLY AWESOME cornbread, though. Chris and I brought 3lbs of cole slaw. Neither one of us eat cole slaw but it was at Kroger and we didn't have to put any effort into it. It's not like we can make anything anyway, neither one of us is skilled enough and we didn't have 8 hours for a crock pot chicken. I told him we should have brought Taco Bell.

The Virginia temperature has gone back to normal. I think it's supposed to get hot again later this week. Bleah. I enjoyed not having to run the AC at night.

So, as anyone following me on Twitter knows, I was watching the streamed Radiohead concert on Thursday and it was fantastic. I love everything they do. I've been listening to them all weekend because of the concert and I learned "Karma Police" on the guitar on Friday. I think I've gotten better despite taking an enitre month off from playing. Strumming is still hard but it's coming along. Strumming is like tap dancing to me: it sounds right in my head and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong but I know I MUST be doing something wrong. Especially with tap. That's why I don't tap and never will.

So, yes, we're all puzzled by Sarah Palin. I mean, basically, what John McCain seems to be saying to me is, "You are not pretty enough for me. I only want to be surrounded by beauty queens." My first reaction was, "HE picked a WOMAN!?!?!??!?!" It's just... puzzling. I mean, I can see why he did it for the election (and the only person who will NOT suffer from this pick is Hillary Clinton. She's going to come out of this situation looking amazing), but... I mean... HUH? John McCain reminds me of Grandpa Time.

The other night Chris and I went to Target, like we do whenever we're bored, and I found the EXACT SAME STYLE of shoes that I got at the Ross in the cheapo Target brand. I found the shoes that I bought on Zappos and they retail at $80 original price. YIKES. I mean, the real Steve Madden shoes that I got from Ross were cheaper than the Target brand, but you can bet I thought about getting the brown ones to go along with my teal ones. I didn't... but I thought about it.

My little gift shop has been selling really well lately (Knock on wood). Hopefully by announcing this to the world the sales don't plummet forever. The better the sales are the better I look, being the gift shop manager, and the more likely it is that my bosses will let me continue to order new things. I am going to get the final t-shirt designs this week and send them off to the printing guy. I can't WAIT until they get back.

I want to go on a trip. I wish I had money to go on a trip. I really wish I could take a trip to LA, actually. When I moved away everyone told me to visit and I said, "Oh, I definitely will." I clearly have not and it's about to be 3 years since I left. I wonder if my LA friends would remember who I am by now. Probably not, but there's still a lot of PLACES in LA that I miss. Like, lol, Koo-Koo Roo and Johnnie's Pizzeria.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

time of the season

It's freezing today! I'm exaggerating. It's not freezing. It is, in fact, 57 degrees which is not freezing... but that's HELLA COLD for August in Virginia! I like it right now. I'm sure I won't like it after a couple more weeks. It's raining and gray and messy outside. I wore my jacket and thank God I did. I could have worn a hat and gloves!

Well, I'm sure it'll go up to like 90 degrees again before fall is really here for good.

So, there's this new Ross in the town right next to ours and it's still clean and nice so it's, you know, a disount retail dream. Chris took me there last night to cure my sadness and they had these Steve Madden teal heels for $16. These shoes are amazing. Really. They are mary-jane and (as I said) teal and they fit perfectly and I can wear them with anything and everything. Steve Madden is an expensive brand. More expensive than *I* can afford. Oh, Ross. You're so good to me. Anyway, well made shoes are awesome. You never realize exactly how awesome until you have a pair. They don't hurt your feet like crappy shoes, they don't fall apart the next day.... it's a whole new world out there. A world with great shoes that didn't sell well and were sent to Ross. I love these shoes.

On Sunday Chris and I cooked a chicken in the crock pot and it was AMAZING! Just put a bunch of spices on a chicken, stick it in the crock pot, turn it on Low and 8 hours later you have the best, most incredible chicken ever. Chris tried to lift it out of the crock pot to put it on the broiler in the oven and it completely fell apart, that's how tender it was. We didn't even need a knife to get the meat off. CROCK POT CHICKEN WINS!!

Scot, Kate and Ella might move in to the apartment below ours and I really hope they do because that would be so much fun. It's a great apartment; there's a lot of rooms in it. Who wouldn't want to live there? No one. It's the best. Ever.

And this is for Phil: I went to school with a lot of goblins and elves. I work with a lot of elves and two goblins. Sometimes I get sick of the whole goblin/elf world but only because it's a tough life out there for a girl.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is the cutest little kid thing I've ever seen in my life. I couldn't help but post it.

Rylie Cate, daughter of United States' Christie Rampone, jumps from the podium in joy after her mom's team won the gold over Brazil in the women's soccer final at the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Thursday, Aug. 21, 2008.

(AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

i coulda been!

This morning I woke up to find out I had not been chosen to be Obama's running mate and I was SO DISAPPOINTED! I like Joe Biden---he is REALLY funny---but come on. It's ME! I say all the right things. I, too, am funny. I'm young and enthusiastic about life. I buy flowers on Saturdays. I get things pierced and change my hair color/cut on a whim. I can SING! Come on, Mr. Obama, with those kind of qualifications how could you say no? Man.

My hair is not cooperating today but other than today I have had a great hair week. It's weird having short hair again. I feel like I don't have ANY hair in the shower. Everyone says they like it and unless they're lying, that's a pretty good consensus. I like it, too.

Isn't it weird when things you're waiting for are over? You spend so much time thinking about it and then it's like... oh. Well, that's done. Oh man. I just quoted Shakespeare. Jen was saying how someone didn't want to vote for Obama because of his name and I said, "What's in a name? that which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet." That should totally be his campaign slogan for people who are racist and don't want to vote for him because of his name. SEE???? I am TOTALLY vice president material!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

maybe i can use my old headshots again

Ok, so I got my hair all cut off and here it is. I hope I don't look too much like a Swiss girl. This is basically the same haircut I had when I lived in Los Angeles... except... now I'm 25 instead of 22. Oh, and now my hair is red. I'm not wearing any makeup in this picture so don't judge me. Carmandy would not approve.

My massage was great. I love getting a massage. She also gave me three referral cards and the people who get them get 50% off and if everyone turns them in then I get 50% another massage. Since I got 50% off the massage I got the other day it would be great doubly great. I had so many knots in my shoulders and neck. It was really bad. I blame that mean guy. The girl who did my hair was really nice and I liked the salon and their incredibly reasonable prices.

Chris is giving a tour with Stephen and he just said (after naming himself and Stephen) "...and we are a couple--" (opens door for Jasmine) "a couple of actors. Not a couple...." and then I laughed a lot and some man on the tour said "Congratulations!" It was really funny. It was probably funnier to me than it is to you, dear reader, but seriously... if you would have been here you would have laughed a lot.

I was so happy that Shawn Johnson finally won a gold medal. She is just so adorable. She could win a gold medal in the adorable routine every day.

The phone has not rung in over 2 hours. Although I am sure it's going to ring any second now that I said that, that is a really long time for no one to call the box office. This is our slow season, though. August and September are worse than the winter, apparently.

We finally got our crock pot!! I am so excited! We also finally purchased a toaster! Wow, what simple kitchen equipment we've been living without. I still don't own a cook book but, you know, one thing at a time.

Yesterday I bartended and the bar had a GREAT night. $206 and there were less than 60 people in the audience. I, however, did not have a great night with tips: I made $8. I was happy that it was more then $5 but man... when you think about that it's crazy. That's less than 5%. Like I have said before, I don't mind if someone orders one thing and doesn't tip... it's when it's multiple alcohol drinks that it gets annoying and almost everyone who came up ordered mulitple glasses of wine or beer. Annoying. That's all... it's just annoying.

Someone finally called. It had been nearly 3 hours but someone finally called. Hooray for $80!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

the full moon was waning

Last night at work a man yelled at me because he was disgusted by the ladies next to him, with open toed shoes, who had put their feet up on the wall in front of their seats in the Lords Chair section. He refused to say anything to the ladies, he didn't want US to say anything to them, he just wanted to yell at me. I was more stunned than anything. It was like I was a cat and he picked me up by the nape of my neck---I just hung there and stared at him. This is, of course, without the soothing chemicals that get released in cats when they get picked up by the nape of the neck. In fact, since I obsess over everything, as Chris and I were at the grocery store later my shoulders started to hurt so bad that I wanted to cry. I'm getting a massage on Monday (I had a coupon!) and there couldn't have been better timing. Well, maybe, but this is really good timing.

The most redeeming part of last night was that my friend Chris Johnston had his first day in the box office and it was so good to see him. He told me all about the modernized production of Twelfth Night he just did in Utah... where the soliloquies were done with CELL PHONES. This is apparently the "new" thing for Shakespeare--- soliloquies said to an imaginary person on a cell phone. Someone called us once telling us about this Othello she saw in Norfolk or something where it was set in South Africa and they used cell phones for the soliloquies. She said she LOVED it. That poor woman. These poor PEOPLE. I mean, what are they THINKING??? Ugh. It's so easy... and yet, so easy to completely screw up.

Oh.... anyway... oh. So this massage. I'm really excited. I'm also getting my hair cut which is also exciting. I don't know what I want to do with it... I just want it to be cool. I haven't had COOL hair in a while. I think a lot is going to have to come off since dyeing your hair every month is not the best thing to do to hair. I'm going to research hair when I get done blogging.

So. Michael Phelps, eh? It was just meant to be for him. Everything fell into place for him exactly as he needed it to. Sometimes things are meant to be and sometimes things are not; this was meant to be. No silver medalists should feel bad that they lost to him; IT WAS MEANT TO BE FOR MICHAEL PHELPS. It's not their fault. I'm sad the swimming is over. It was exciting. It was also exciting watching the women's individual gymnastics. I cried a lot. I was watching those two American girls doing their floor routines, heat swelling inside my chest as if I could send them positive thoughts over the TV and half the length of the earth.

I have to do dishes and I do not want to.