Monday, March 04, 2013

stupid Smarch weather

February got weird after my last update. My callback went effing GREAT and although I didn't get cast, I can honestly say that it had nothing to do with ME, because I killed it. Somehow the sides I ended up doing were the only sides I DIDN'T get before the callback, but I spent some time with them and the scene went great, my accent was great and I sing that song all the time, so it was great, too. I said to myself before I went in, "No matter what, I get to be Audrey TODAY." So, it was nice to "be" her for 5 minutes.

Later that week I got the flu. During the blizzard. Which was kind of ok because there was nothing I had planned on going to the next week anyway. As soon as I got over the flu, I had a cold for like 2 weeks, but I still went to auditions (including an EPA where I had to work the whole day and I ran in during the last 40 minutes and ended up still being seen as the last alternate). I also had my Improv 101 graduation performance which went GREAT. I was happy with everything I did. I started Improv 201 this last week and I am excited to keep spending time doing this.

Last week I squeezed in 3 auditions on top of 25 hours of work-work, 7 Rock-a-baby classes, the Improv performance, improv class, choir rehearsal and our tax appointment. I would have liked to have gone to more than one of that day of crazy auditions, but unfortunately everything was up to like the 70th alternate by the time I got done with my class (and then I had to go to work). This week is much easier for me since there's nothing I am really right for, but next week it'll be back to the crazy with at least 5 auditions I'd like to go to.

Right now I am just excited for winter to end, because I only like winter during Christmas, and I am looking forward to start looking for a new apartment. Chris and I just hung up a bunch of pictures on the wall today, even though we plan on being out of here before August (and hopefully much sooner), but we'll have SOME time with them. Also, when I say "Chris and I hung them up" I really just mean that he alone hung them up. I did offer some guidance... but even that was minimal.

I have been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin lately. They're so good they make me crazy. I just don't understand how they are only FOUR PEOPLE, only two of whom are playing melodic instruments. They have so much sound. We've seen the Monkees 3 times, and they had like 10 people in their band on stage... and they didn't make as much sound as those 4 men. It's amazing.