Sunday, February 22, 2009

i need pancakes before i ride the train

I'm at work lobby sitting and these two boys who were here for a show just spent a great deal of time talking to me about Mormonism. First of all, I'm 98% sure the more talkative boy was gay. Second, as I told them, they're not going to convince me to suddenly become a Mormon. Third, I don't like talking to strangers. Fourth, I REALLY don't like talking about religion to strangers. Fifth, I'm at work and I've been here all day and week and I haven't been off since Monday and it's within the last 2 hours that I'm here. FOR REAL, don't talk to me about becoming a Mormon right now. The talkative guy asked "what's the raddest free souvenir you've got here?" I gave him a pen. He gave me a tract.

So, other than THAT, not too much has been going on. I'm working all the time, whether it's in the box office or the costume shop. I've also been babysitting the delightful Harrell children this week (and the kittens) in exchange for dress alterations. We bought some wedding stuff this week (candy and napkins!). I ask Chris about everything involving our wedding. I even asked him about the dress. I mean, he always says the same thing ("whatever you want, baby!") but I still feel the need to ask him. I think we're going to look at rings tomorrow and, if nothing else, get our correct ring size and then possibly order them online.

I've been having crazy dreams lately. My most common re-occurring "bad dream" is that somehow I never graduated college and I have to go back and take another class. I am always SO relieved when I wake up. That would be HORRIBLE!

You know, I bet the Mormons chose me because they sensed that I don't drink. I am so unapproachable and miserable right now that I can't see why ANYONE would want to talk to me.

I am going on a train to New York City in a couple weeks! I am SO excited!! It's gonna be great. I'm going to see John in Hair on BROADWAY!! AHHHH! My first friend on Broadway. I'm also going to watch him introduce the KSU showcase--twice--but that's a technicality. He needed a date. I am in the process of hoarding magazines to read on the train. It's a long trip. I could have gotten a flight for slightly cheaper but I would have needed to find a ride to DC, which is two hours away. The train station in this town is literally 2 blocks away from me and I can get a ride all the way to Penn Station. That is great. I mean, maybe I really should not be excited about riding a train, but I TOTALLY am. Probably because I've never ridden one before. I'm also scared. What happens when you get on? Where do you put your bag? Exactly how late is the train from Staunton to NYC going to be? I have so many Amtrak-related questions.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

we were the "skip to my lou" players

I am on hold with Disney right now to add my flight information to my trip. They are the only company I don't mind holding for. Last week I was talking to the dinner reservation people and the guy was SO nice. Every time he was confirming a letter he'd be like "D as in Dumbo, E as in Eeyore" (etc, etc) and I was like... GIGGLE. Seriously. I am excited.

Over the weekend I went to UPTAs in Memphis to audition for a bunch of theatres. I was supposed to leave Charlottesville at about 1pm. We got on the plane but then they had us de-board because there was a screw stuck in one of the front tires. They had to call in people to assess the situation, which took about 45 minutes and then, since they couldn't fix it, they had to call another airport to send a jack down strong enough to lift up the plane which took about 2 hours of waiting and one hour of fixing. I was at the Charlottesville airport for FIVE HOURS before my plane was able to take off and it is NOT a big airport. There isn't even a real food place inside... I had to eat a bag of pretzels and a couple pieces of string cheese for lunch. We didn't get out of there until after another plane from charlottesville, on the same airline, had already left for Charlotte. I missed my original flight to Memphis and had to go on the later one, which didn't put me there until after 9pm, central. Worse things have happened, but I was REALLY ready to get out of the airport.

Saturday was my audition and I figured it was going to be an easy day. The auditions last until like 4pm but mine was at around 10:30am so I thought, once I was done, that I would be able to chill until the dance call at 5pm. I have never been more wrong in my life. Ali (I was staying with Ali and her girlfriend, Natalie) and I got back to the hotel and no callbacks from our group were up yet, so we went back to the room for like 20 minutes. I changed my clothes and then we went back down to check. I feel weird talking about this because I not only got more callbacks than I've ever gotten from a unified audition in my life, I'm pretty sure if you combined all my callbacks from OTAs over the years and UPTAs in 2007, you would still not reach this number. I was obviously HAPPY but then I realized that a lot of places were starting callbacks before the dance call (I thought they'd still be watching people audition--apparently they were not). I spent the first 45 minutes after writing them all down running around like a crazy person, trying to sign up for as many as I could. At one point I forgot we were in central time and I RAN back to the room to change into my dress, thinking I only had 15 minutes total, but I was wrong, I had an hour and 15 minutes. I changed, arranged my "callback itinerary" and started going to talk to people and/or do whatever they asked me to do. I was only able to sign up for 11 places. That was seriously the highest number I could manage without possessing the power to stop time, which I don't have (yet). This was less than half my callbacks and even with the 11 I signed up for, I could only make it to 9 of them. Some of them were places I've been interested in for a LONG time, some of them were new to me but I was still really interested in them, one of them I should have never gone to because the woman was the DEVIL. It was the most embarrassing callback ever and she was just one of those EVIL casting people who is completely all about appearance and ridiculousness with no concern for anyone but herself and I amost walked out of the callback more than one time. She was evil. I also got called back for two asian roles in the same company (the king's main wife in The King and I and the mean lady in Millie). I don't know what it is about me that is saying "asian" (the red hair? the fair skin with pink undertones?) but if I was offered those roles, you know, I'd take them. When would I get another chance to play Lady Thiang in The King and I? NEVER!

Anyway, between my callbacks there was also a dance call that went fine. I say "fine" because I did it perfectly (after practicing it for 30 minutes) but it was so easy that I doubt it mattered that I did it perfectly. Ah, the "movement" call. It was performed to the tune of "Skip to my Lou" and it was about1 minute long. In all reality, I loved it. There would have been no way I would have been able to do the real dancers routine. It was INTENSE. Not only was it intense, you also had half the time to practice, and, I would never have gotten it right. I'd rather be perfect with "Skip to my Lou" than to seriously mess up something in the REAL dancers dance call. Ali did the real dancers routine and the tap routine which means she had approximately no time to practice outside. Ali is an amazing dancer (she once broke her nose because she kicked too high). I am not. I should have added a pirouette into "Skip to my Lou", though. I can do some things really well in dance... I just can't do them altogether without ample practice time. Callbacks were posted again after the dance call, but I never had a free second to go down there to see if anyone added me (I REALLY DOUBT that they did anyway).

So, I was at callbacks until 10pm. Ali ordered pizza for us and thank God she did because the only time I had open to eat it was WHILE I was changing into my leotard. Not a good time to eat, but it was all I had. I was exhausted during the whole second half. Everyone was. There was a point when me and a couple others girls were waiting outside for this one place and we were just like... blobs. I was able to joke with a few of the casting people (whether they were directors, education people, whatever) which made me happy. There were a LOT of places I would like to work. I hope I get a job. Callbacks are nice but without any offers it doesn't matter. I got called back for Dollywood, but I wasn't able to get to the callback (that, and for Busch Gardens). I wish I would have. How COOL would it have been to work at Dollywood? I know that is some people's idea of Hell, but I bet you'd get to meet Dolly Parton and she seems like a NICE LADY.

The next morning I had to wake up at 4:15 to get to the airport for a 6am flight. I snuck out of the room, as not to disturb Ali and Natalie because they looked so peaceful, and went on my way. Luckily there were no flight delays and I got back on time at 10:48am. Ohhh. I was so tired. I was also so HUNGRY and Chris took me to McDonald's.

The NEXT day (Monday) Chris and I drove up to Silver Springs, MD so I could audition for the DC League auditions. I did the same package I did at UPTAs, wore the same dress, and also ran into my friend from the Huron Playhouse, Eileen Earnest. I hadn't seen her since 2004 at the latest, and she looked great. We were in the same group, too! At this audition you basically performed and then left. I was the first person in a long time to sing with accompianiment. For some reason a boy a few spots ahead of me sang "The Street Where You Live" a capella. I started wondering... if you are a singer in DC, you must not have that much competition, right? I still don't know the answer to that. The theatre was a very "dead" space... I felt like I was singing into a brick wall. It was also horriby dry. DEAD AND DRY, the best place to perform. So, I auditioned, a girl checking in the auditors said, "Congratulations!!!!!!" as I was leaving, and then I changed back into my regular clothes and we went back to Staunton, trying to find pet stores in NOVA along the way. We were successful... but they were either closed on Mondays or out of business. I just wanted to see some puppies. We saw a bunch being walked in Silver Springs. One had a stick in his mouth and he just looked so proud to be carrying that stick.

So, now I am DONE with auditions for now! HOOOOOORAY!!! It was fun for a while but I am really glad I don't have any for the foreseeable future. I feel like I've been waiting for these for so long. I registered for UPTAs in September or something! I would go again. I like UPTAs. I'll like it more if I get a job (or jobS) from it. If I don't, though, although maybe not OKAY, I will still not fret too much. I've still got YEARS until my prime casting age!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

i have nothing to eat and no clean clothes!

I think Chris is finally feeling better. He was pretty miserable all week long. I am so looking forward to being able to sleep in my bed again. The couch is fine but the bed is better.

I got my driver's license back this week! I had to re-take both the written and road test because it had been a year since it expired. I was more nervous than I have ever been in my LIFE! If I failed it would have been so embarrassing. I'm 26 and got my driver's license like 9 years ago. It would have been really stupid if I failed. Luckily I passed both and now I can drive a car and I feel so free. I drove and got just my bangs cut for $8 at my hair place and THEN I got an iced tea. Seriously, if you've been having someone else drive you around for the last year (when you were fortunate enough to be borrowing a car) and then you can suddenly do it yourself it feels AWESOME. Yesterday I drove all the way to Williamsburg (3 hours) for an audition. On the way back I stopped in Charlottesville for another audition. I was SO TIRED! Actually, okay, so I had a little bit of time in Charlottesville so I decided to buy some yoga pants mainly for the dance audition at this theatre. I knew, if I was just wearing tights and a leotard, that I would look ridiculously over-dressed (which is true: I would have). While I was in the dressing room I was so dizzy from not eating and driving 5 hours that... well... I don't know. I was just really dizzy. I can't think of any imagery to go along with that statement. Anyway, I was dizzy, but then I ate and I was better. Both auditions were fine... the dance audition was so funny. Yes, if you're auditioning for A Chorus Line or some other hugely dance-based musical, the dance call is probably going to be hard. It is NOT going to be hard for Oliver. When you think about it, it is just such a silly thing to do and an even sillier thing to get nervous over. I did make a friend at the auditions. Her name was Philena. We were like the only two people who didn't go to UVA at the dance call. I usually end up making friends in auditions or lines for things, which is funny to me because I generally think I look rather villainous since my hair is dark (dark hair = villain).

Today is the Super Bowl. I am happy that Jennifer Hudson will be singing. I hope she's okay. I know she isn't. She couldn't be. However, I hope that she is able to find things in her life to make her happy and that the rest of her life is tragedy free. Today is also PUPPY BOWL on the animal planet!!! That's gonna be a great game!!

The theatre made it's January goal of $250,000! Hooray!! Now we move on to what I consider the hard part: the next four months of $100,000 goals. These will only include donations and since I feel like everyone who is going to donate a lot of money already has already donated it's going to be hard. I just don't think the name is out there enough. I wish we could get on I don't know why we're not. I wish I had people donating money to ME. I'm a valuable resource, too.

Next weekend I am going to Memphis for the United Professional Theatre Auditions. I am staying with Ali, who I haven't seen in a year and a half, and I am EXCITED! I get back here on Sunday and on Monday I am going to the League of Washington Theatres auditions in Silver Springs, MD. There will be 96 theatres at UPTAs and like 50 at LOWTs so I really hope I get a job SOMEWHERE. If I don't... well... oh well, I guess. I have a lot of competition being an average height, white, belter. Given the fact that I am not a professional dancer doesn't do me any good, either. PLUS.... I'm not blonde. I could be blonde, but I decided I probably shouldn't be blonde again. I am funny, though... and I CAN play the guitar. I can also sing a song in ANY KEY. I am a valuable resource if not, maybe, unique upon first appearance.