Thursday, April 25, 2013

finally spring

In the past month I have been to the doctor 3 times because I was sick. THREE SEPARATE TIMES IN A MONTH!!! :(  It has been really crappy. Obviously. This last time has been the worst, though. I have had laryngitis for a little over a week, now. I am slowly getting better, but I missed 4 R-a-B classes last week and a couple auditions I wanted to go to. I saved my voice for our concert at City Treehouse, which went really well, but it has been a very slow recovery. And since my voice is my LIFE, it's been really emotionally upsetting, too.

I should be very proud of myself for the auditions I have gone to, though. There was a week where I went to an audition every single day (and with two daytime jobs, that's pretty impressive). I have kept track of everything: who, what, where and when. And sometimes why. One day I had to literally run to make my appointment on time... which was not the best idea since it left me flushed and winded when I actually sang... but at least I went!

Audition season is over, now. I have missed a few lately because I was sick, but I have some important ones coming up, too.

I had my graduation performance for Improv 201. The class was a lot of fun. A couple of us from my 101 class also performed with some of the "professional" team members at a show in March, too. It was fun but REALLY intimidating. I was the only girl on my team and scared out of my mind. I did okay, though. I am going to start taking musical improv as soon as possible and hopefully start 301 before summer.

This Saturday I'm performing with Rock-a-Bay at the Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair. There are a lot of awesome things going on, and I'm excited to be a part of it. I am ALSO excited to sing some Led Zeppelin there!!

I am MOST excited about this jar of speculoos that I bought....

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